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This site is not officially associated with Adidam. The primary official sites for Adidam are www.adidam.org and www.adidasamraj.org. ADIDAM is a trademark of The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd, as Trustee for the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.

The perspectives or commentaries that you find on this site represent the viewpoints of the individual authors (presenters, interviewees, etc.) or our editorial and review staff. They should not be taken as an official viewpoint. The only voice truly representative of the Teaching of Adidam is that of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. For this reason, we have included, with permission, some of Adi Da's own Teaching on this site so that you can know what He has directly said about a variety of subjects. If you find the materials on this site interesting, or you are moved by Adi Da Himself, we encourage you to deepen your exploration of Adi Da, His Teaching, and His Work altogether click here for what you can do next.

What this site is

web staffThis site provides personal perspectives about Adi Da Samraj and Adidam: stories of personal interactions with Adi Da, as well as expository pieces sharing personal insights into some aspect of Adi Da's Teaching or the Way of Adidam. This site is designed and managed by a group of Adi Da's devotees, and is greatly benefitted by the contributions of hundreds of other devotees and appreciators of Adi Da. As we elaborate in our introduction, the purpose of this site is to bring a living dimension to Adi Da Samraj's Teaching, principally through the devotee's story of his or her relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the practice, and the worldwide gathering of devotees.

Part of this site focuses on that period of Avatar Adi Da's Work with devotees roughly between 1973 and 1986 we often refer to this period as Avatar Adi Da's "Teaching Years". We offer extensive materials about this period on our site because the unconventional "Crazy Wisdom" Work Adi Da engaged in with devotees during this time is often misunderstood. We hope our site will help clarify such misunderstandings.

Avatar Adi Da SamrajThis site also includes many stories about Adi Da's more recent Work with devotees (including after His human lifetime), which is of a very different nature: It is "Blessing and Revelation Work", rather than "Submission Work". The key difference is that, during His Teaching Years, Adi Da "submitted" to us becoming like us to reflect our tendencies to us, with the intent that we would grow in self-understanding and the impulse to self-transcendence.

After 1986, and increasingly so ever since, Adi Da made it clear to devotees that His Teaching ordeal of assuming our likeness was no longer necessary or appropriate; and that all of the diverse kinds of conventional human seeking (money, food, sex, etc.) and unconventional human seeking (spiritual experiences) are fruitless, in that they do not (and cannot) bring about Perfect Liberation, Enlightenment, or Happiness.

Today, the practice of Adidam is simply the fullness of the traditional relationship to the Spiritual Master that was taught by Adi Da from the beginning: recognize and contemplate the Guru, live by His Instruction, and thereby receive and be transformed by the Divine State He is always Transmitting.

Premier Adidam news resource

If you are wanting to find out what's currently happening in Adidam around the world, the Adi Da Up Close site is your most current and comprehensive resource. We gather together for you in one place (usually right on our home page):

Retreat in Windham, New York
Retreat in Windham, New York
Danavira Mela Celebration in Auckland, New Zealand
Danavira Mela Celebration in Auckland, New Zealand

Communication of a new spiritual tradition

These days, if you are wanting to find out more about one of the world's great religious or spiritual traditions (Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, etc.) either as a current member or as someone interested looking in from the outside there is a wealth of information available on the Web about every aspect of that tradition, down to the last detail: every holy place is available in pictures, videos and words; every aspect of the practices or rituals is posted; every sentence of every sacred text has accompanying exegesis from the best scholars and practitioners of the tradition; and countless common questions are answered.

We believe Adidam deserves no less in terms of Web resources and tools both for supporting the deepening of practice in current devotees and for supporting the needs of non-devotees interested in that possibility, and learning more about it in-depth. Thus, one major intention behind our site is to develop a resource that provides a comparable, "world religion" level of support for the new spiritual tradition of Adidam the vastness and profundity of Adi Da's Teaching, and the subtlety of the actual practice of, and growth in, the Way of Adidam demand such a tool. The Way of Adidam is simple in principle and at heart, but extremely detailed and sophisticated in practice, especially over and against the always competing egoic communications of the world and our own egoic patterning.

To create such a resource is a tall order! But we've made what we believe is a good start, and will be constantly adding to and refining this resource over time.

The Adi Da Up Close site being cited in a talk at a recent Religion 
                        and Transhumanism Conference
The Adi Da Up Close site being cited in a talk at a recent Religion and Transhumanism Conference

Funding this Site

The Adi Da Up Close site involves a lot of human labor. At the current time, all labor is through the gracious efforts of volunteers. In addition, maintaining this website involves web hosting costs, domain name registration costs, and other maintenance costs. One of the ways we partially defray some of these costs is as an "Amazon Associate". If you follow a link on this site that goes to an Amazon page, and then make a purchase, we earn a small commission.

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Copyrighted materials used with the permission of The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd, as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam. All rights reserved. None of these materials may be disseminated or otherwise used for any non-personal purpose without the prior agreement of the copyright owner. ADIDAM is a trademark of The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd, as Trustee for the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.

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