Everything has Changed and
Nothing Has Changed

Lynne Thompson

Adi Da Samraj

The author is a devotee of Adi Da and a resident of New Zealand.

I was fortunate to be able to get on a plane and head over to the Island [Adi Da Samrajashram] and spend a few days there involved in the Vigil and burial of Adi Da's Body. I arrived in the group of devotees visiting The "Brightness" [Adi Da's Mahasamadhi Site] a half hour before the seventy-two hour interment period was over. Bhagavan's Most Beautific Murti Form sat in His Chair at the Door to the Building and it seemed to me that my own instantaneous gasp was echoed by all that had just arrived. It is hard to find words to describe the response to Him, but sufficient to say that in that moment I felt like a Deeper Installation of Bhagavan was Instananeously Given.

Thus begun a Most Blessed few days in the Vigil Circumstance. Time spent moving mainly easefully and desirously between Joyful Submission [our retreat quarters] and The "Brightness". I consider this Auspicious Occasion to be the most profound in my life, even as I am still struggling to find words to correctly explain what that means.

I know on some level something has very much changed in my Recognition of Bhagavan, something has come home in His Mahasamadhi. It became more and more obvious as I spent time at The "Brighness" that His human form is Entirely Outshined. There really is No Centre.

As the days went on I did not need to be at The Brightness to feel the same Radiant Expression Pressing Out As The Heart Of All and All. He Simply Is, and this is even more patently So. My feeling of "Everything has changed and nothing has changed" has become more and more a sense of nothing has changed except a profound magnification of the Divine Siddhi [Power] here and everywhere.

Moments of human sadness have continued to come and go, and they seem to be just part of the continuous stream of the Feeling Of Him: no thoughts in particular, just the Sea Of The Great One.

On my final walk up to The "Brightness", as I walked along the freshly mown grass path to Bhagavan's Resting Place, I was entirely overwhelmed by the feeling of walking down the path of the Most Holy of Holy Places on the Earth. This humble building with a relatively small group of devotees sublimed in a gentle chant that had been continuous for days, was invoking and also Being Radiated Thru By The Great One. It was the Most Radiant Sight I have ever Seen or Felt, tangibly and at The Heart.

At this point in time, it seems that a large part of me is still on the Island and in that Place with Him, the Almighty Shining One.

Can you Feel Him
Echoing thru time and space and beyond all and All?
Resting Samadhi Full
Birthed Now, Here In Full Glory
Goneing the you's and me's
Even Now Most Bright
And Only One
Love Only Sublimed
In The House With No Walls
And No Altar Icon To Distract
Heart Of Heart Of One
With No Centre Drop Of Ocean
Holy of Most Holy Horse
Gone Bright Beyond To Here.



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