There Is No "Other"

Dennis Regan

Dennis Regan lives in Sydney, Australia and has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1984, when he read Adi Da's book, Scientific Proof of the Existence of God will soon be Announced by the White House!.

Dennis ReganIn Sydney, at 1pm on Thursday 27th November (2pm Fiji time), I had finished a business meeting and lunch at Barrack Street, in the financial part of the city. These business meetings/lunches occur every Thursday.

Normally I would have caught a train straight home to the northern leafy suburbs where the local Adidam Centre is situated. But at this time, a great peace descended on me and on the whole city, it seemed, and I was urged by a compelling impulse to walk to Martin Place, a large open pedestrian plaza, where people were walking, sitting, gathering and having lunch. I sat down and became aware that there was no "other", just equanimity, Love-Bliss Happiness. Even the elements were becalmed, the sun was warm, not hot, there was no wind, a stillness. There was no me, no other, but rather a matrix of Blissful Conscious-Light. I sat there for two hours feeling a descent of this Light into the body. I was not motivated to move, in some sense unable to move. I recognised this feeling and descent as Beloved Adi Da's Grace-Given Divine Presence, suddenly Given by Grace, unearned and unexpected, but then again, occurring in the midst of my practice of always simply turning to Him and invoking Him.

After two hours, I got up and walked to catch the train home, because there was no reason to stay, no reason to leave. It made no difference. Adi Da's Presence was All Pervading Love-Blissful. And it remained so as I travelled home. At 4.30pm Sydney time, I received a phone call from another devotee in Australia letting me know that Adi Da had relinquished the body at about 4pm Sydney time. From that time, I gathered with other devotees and participated in the world-wide vigil.

Even though there has been great sorrow and tears, I feel nothing changed. In fact, I feel a magnification of Beloved Adi Da's Presence almost as though now that He is Released from any concerns for bodily existence, He is now most fully the All-Pervading Spiritual Presence and the Inherently Perfect State that He Is.



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