Just As He Had in the Dream

Petrus Faller

Petrus Faller has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1994. He lives in Freiberg, Germany and runs several companies: Booja-Booja, a British gourmet company whose vegan and mostly raw ice cream desserts and organic vegan truffles have received 45 awards in the past decade or so; and The Green Gorilla Surfs In Peace, a line of natural clothes, bags, caps, and perfume.

This story appeared in the book, The Eternal One, and was first published online here.

Petrus FallerAfter a sleepless night, I lay down in the early morning on November 27, 2008, to rest for a couple of hours before going to work. In a dream I suddenly saw Beloved Bhagavan sitting in front of me. He was moving His Body back and forth as if a cushion were disturbing His back.

I wanted to get up and help make His back more comfortable. But He gave me a smile that indicated there was nothing that could be done for His physical well-being anymore and that I should not get up to help Him.

I was confused by His response and slowly began to wake up. An inexplicable pain was catching at my heart and my whole being. How could there be no way to bring comfort to Bhagavan's bodily (human) Form?

In the midst of this mysterious feeling, I fully woke up. I looked at the clock, and it showed a few minutes after 6:00 a.m. German time, shortly after 5:00 p.m. at Naitauba.

Then, when I got to my office, I saw an e-mail message that Bhagavan had collapsed in Picture Perfect. Later I heard that Bhagavan had leaned forward and back in His chair immediately before His Mahasamadhi just as He had in the dream.

Bhagavan's Passing was an unexpected sudden moment of greatest meaning. And, yet, although everything has changed, it is obvious that nothing is different.



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