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Suddenly A Foot and Thumb Appeared

Alaya Gernon

Alaya Gernon has been a devotee of Adi Da since 2009. She lives in England, is an Interfaith Minister, heals people using vibrational energies, and provides spiritual coaching.  
The Bright Master of Peace

I had turned away from Adi Da in 1985, as I could not understand the workings back then. Since 1985, I engaged different spiritual practices which were are not at odds with Adi Da's View. But about a year ago, I realized, through reading Adi Da's The Boundless Self Confession, that all other ways are unnecessary, after Adi Da's Great Ruchira Dham Event in 2000. Since then, I have been turning to Beloved Adi Da Samraj; my attraction to Adi Da has never wavered. I have continued to study His ecstatic life and Teaching, and I hold a Murti. The gifts that I received simply contemplating a basic practice were undeniable.

I completed various Adidam courses (including the devotee course), and was in the process of becoming a devotee. I was heartbroken when He passed into Divine Mahasamadhi two days before I was to start the process. In the moment of His passing, I experienced a crashing yogic current whereby I could not walk for about an hour. A few hours later, I received a phone call from a devotee advising me of His Mahasamadhi.

I cried solidly for three days and nights — it felt beyond self. I then had the most remarkable experience. I had not been able to look at the Murti for a day or so — not properly, because I felt so upset. Then when I finally was able to do so, within minutes the Murti changed to simply light as it often does for me. Suddenly, within the Murti, a foot and and thumb appeared. The thumb then extended and burst into my third eye, and again I experienced a crashing current and fell back.

Since that moment, I have continued to turn to Beloved Adi Da and have had several remarkable 'experiences' which are astounding and a mystery. On reading The Boundless Self Confession, I can now understand totally what can only be described as a Great Sacrifice for the sake of all. This essay should be read by all who have ears to hear.

I could go on far more with detailing the Gracious Gifts of Bhagavan that this one has felt and received.

Thank you for this site — it has helped me a great deal to understand the history of Adidam. I do feel the 'bad publicity' regarding the past is simply misunderstood by the conventional mind. Understanding the 'crazy' days was also put into context for me by one of the great Sufi poets, Hafiz:

Tired of Speaking Sweetly

Love wants to reach out and manhandle us,
Break all our teacup talk of God.

If you had the courage and
Could give the Beloved His choice, some nights,
He would just drag you around the room
By your hair,
Ripping from your grip all those toys in the world
That bring you no joy.

Love sometimes gets tired of speaking sweetly
And wants to rip to shreds
All your erroneous notions of truth

That make you fight within yourself, dear one,
And with others,

Causing the world to weep
On too many fine days.

God wants to manhandle us,
Lock us inside of a tiny room with Himself
And practice His dropkick.

The Beloved sometimes wants
To do us a great favor:
Hold us upside down
And shake all the nonsense out.

But when we hear He is in such a "playful drunken mood"
Most everyone I know
Quickly packs their bags and hightails it
Out of town.

I was one who ran away not understanding, but now I re-approach, humbled.



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The Bright Master of Peace

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