A Descent of Blessing

Marylu Miller

Marylu Miller has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da since 1998, and received His Darshan in Los Angeles in 2000. She is 60 years old, works as a homeopath, and serves the Adidam community of devotees as her area's Radiant Life Clinic representative.

Marylu MillerMarylu:
It was the day before Thanksgiving in Minnesota — November 26, 2008. A few nights before I had put up the Giving Tree and ordered special persimmon decorations for it. This was the first time I had done this. I usually prepared for this season much as most folks do for Christmas. Both of my parents had passed, and my six handicapped siblings were all coming to my home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I wanted them to feel the Spirit of Love and Happiness by having the tree already up.

I had just gotten home from work and my husband had just come in from his long day working as a carpenter. We were in the kitchen talking when, all of a sudden, an incredible feeling of deep peace descended on the whole place and into us. I stood still and looked at my husband and said "do you feel that?" Not being a feeling guy, when he said "yes", I knew the experience was true.

We both stayed right there for an hour or so and felt this extraordinary peace and happiness, not having any idea where it was coming from. However, I knew it was Beloved Adi Da. I don't think we even ate supper that evening, but just went to bed later. Neither of us slept, as there was this deep feeling of joy that we simply basked in it. My husband got up once to see if it was the full moon because we often don't sleep on full moon nights. It wasn't, though. Throughout the night we just lay there, feeling the unusual peace. My husband finally got up at about 3 a.m. and I did an hour later. The entire house now felt as if Beloved Adi Da was there. The whole place was THICK with this peace I had never experienced in my entire life.

As planned, my handicapped siblings all came over that Thanksgiving day. We were all so very peaceful and happy with each other, a genuineness in connection with these innocent ones that we felt so fully. It was like our feet were not quite on the earth, peaceful and almost a little giddy.

Later, about mid-morning, a devotee from Minneapolis called. She had been trying to reach me since the day before to tell me about Adi Da's passing, but, for the first time ever, I had left my cell phone in the car and no one could reach me before then. Now on the phone, she read me the email about His death. I was so shocked and was pacing as she tenderly read it. When she was done she asked me how I was, and I repeated over and over, "We are all so happy here, so very happy." I kept repeating that, she told me later, but I didn't even remember. The feeling of peace was very palpable and did not change. But I understood then that Beloved Adi Da's Presence had magnified a hundredfold and all of us were experiencing His Loving Blessing and His Omni-Presence.

This feeling lasted for days within and without while I prepared to go on Pilgrimage to Naitauba for the first time. In my preparations for travel, I emailed my many siblings and was impulsed to tell them the complete story of how I came to Beloved Adi Da — which I had never told before — and why I would go halfway across the world to pay homage to Him. Suddenly all fear of speaking about Beloved Adi Da had disappeared. Later, on December 20th, I was even able to get out of Minneapolis to begin my pilgrimage to Naitauba during one of the worst December blizzards in memory.

With this experience, I can say now more than ever that Adi Da's Grace is a powerful Blessing that cannot be denied, and my faith has been deepened in a way I could never have imagined. All Praise and Glory to Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj, the Joy of my heart.



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