Incarnating My Pattern Here In Perpetuity

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
November 10, 1996
Land Bridge Pavilion
The Mountain Of Attention

Avatar Adi Da Samraj arrived at Land Bridge Pavilion at 5:10 p.m. on Sunday, November 10, 1996. He was wearing a black velvet suit and a purple silk shirt. He wore His hair loose around His shoulders. The Pavilion was full of devotees, who had come from all over the West coast for the weekend, in celebration of Adi Da's Revelation of His new Title, "The Ruchira Buddha". Adi Da graciously granted silent Darshan for the first fifteen minutes of the gathering infusing all devotees with His Blessing-Regard.

ADI DA: Mm-hm?

DEVOTEE: There's a question, Beloved, that I've wanted to ask You for a long time. And I haven't known how to verbalize it. You have sufficiently demonstrated to me that Guru is God. I know that my own Spiritual submission has fallen short. What I ask is, when Your physical Body takes Mahasamadhi and theres no longer the physical Incarnation of You as You Appear now in this Pattern I've always wondered how the direct intimacy to You, as Guru, will manifest physically for those who will be born after You have taken Mahasamadhi. Because I have observed that there is the irreplaceable Play between the Guru and the devotee that is the process.

ADI DA: Yes, of course, but the intention and purpose of My physical Manifestation here, conditional Manifestation altogether, is to transmit My Pattern, to establish it in the midst here through all kinds of Signs.

Twenty-five years ago something like that now isn't it? Twenty-five years ago it's still a relatively small group of people here the room full of you, hearing something or other, whatever it may have been, to cause you to come around to the Melrose Avenue Ashram, would have come there, and what of My Pattern would you have found there? Very little of My Word had been communicated. There was The Knee of Listening in manuscript there, and so on. Nothing much else. No other elaborate Instruction, Confession on My Part, no Leela. People had not conformed to Me to the point of accepting all different kinds of responsibilities even very practical ones.

Twenty-five years later there are still many things still lacking, but, on the other hand, you see how much more of My Pattern is manifested, independent of this Body, such that the process for devotees to that degree no longer depends on the continuation of this Body.

Other aspects of this process of the Revelation of this Way depend on the continuation of this Body. So I have Work yet to fulfill through this Bodily Manifestation, but some of the Work has been fulfilled. Some of that Pattern exists. You have an archive here overflowing with My Word and Leelas and so on. And all of you are a walking manifestation of My Leelas. [Devotees: Da!] And the gathering, such as it is, with all of its limitations, nonetheless, has, in addition to My Instructions, some degrees of conformity to Me, handling some responsibilities and growing in that.

In other words, enough has occurred to show you how My physical Manifestation here works. It is a matter of transmitting My Pattern, in forms that can be perpetuated. And the more this is done, the less is required of Me in terms of physical Incarnation here. Ultimately [my incarnation here] will be obsolete. From that point, then, there is the Mahasamadhi.

I will function through that Pattern that I have generated independent of this body. My Pattern will still exist. It simply will not be confined to this body any longer. And I will make use of the means such as the Sanctuaries (the Empowered Places). And of course there is all My Word of Instruction, the recorded leelas, and the leela-voice of devotees altogether. I'll make use of the Instrumentality of devotees in the advanced and ultimate stages.

All those who are functioning as part of the collective Instrumentality, will be able to serve uniquely. The Ruchira Sannyasin Order and the Lay Renunciate Order then all of them will serve within My Pattern which has already been Revealed. Devotees will be able to measure all of these individuals by simply looking to see if they are conformed to Me. Looking to see if their communication, their life altogether, conforms to My Word which I have already Given. My Word need not be invented after the lifetime of this Body. It's already Given.

The Play with Me will continue, then, in the form of the sadhana that all devotees do in this Sangha. The Sangha is necessary, along with the Realizer and the Word.[1] The Sangha is My Pattern emerging a pattern that is conformed to Me, through submission to Me. When it has integrity based on real and right practice, then more and more it is My Sign. It is a Pattern that coincides with Me that is virtuous able to Realize Me, able to serve anyone who comes into it, therefore, relative to the whole process of Realizing Me.

I will not be dead just as even now I am not in this Body or limited to it. I am even now here to be Realized as I Am. And so it will be then. My Spiritual Transmission of My Very Person will be continued through various means of Agency and Instrumentality. They will simply be vehicles for My Transmission of My Own Person, My Own Presence. And this will be obvious to devotees not a cultic invention. But it will not be obvious until this integrity is established, until there are renunciate orders, and the Sangha, the gathering itself, has real integrity, conformed to Me, fulfilling its obligations, and there are significant numbers of people practicing in the advanced and ultimate stages. This is urgently required.

The beginnings of this Way have had their quarter of a century. I'm not here to struggle with that any longer, and fundamentally, I have nothing further to Reveal about it. I have communicated My Pattern relative to that level of things and now you have to live it, individually and as a gathering. That, as I was saying earlier, is what is required of you all right now and from now.

In terms of My Own Work, I must be active developing Instrumentality and Agency. This means I need a body of devotees, level two and beyond. And I must concentrate in working with them, and they must fulfill their service role in the gathering. When that occurs, then other dimensions of My Pattern will be established here, and more of the service this Body has been Born to do, to accomplish, will have been accomplished.

My Leelas, the Leelas of My Lifetime of physical Embodiment will always be there to be told, to be recited, to be studied, to be rendered in artistic form even, and so on, forever. The culture of that, you see, is a culture that has the gift of My Design in that form. I needn't be here generating more of it. It needn't be repeated, you see. It cannot be repeated. But it also need not be repeated.

You must remember the serious purpose of this Way altogether and the reason to be serious to begin with. The nature of this conditional happening is very fragile, temporary only. You must not waste this opportunity. This Way must flourish. This is not utopia or heaven here. What great fortune that this conjunction has occurred at all and that there has already been this full twenty-five year Revelation. And that it is also continuing.

None of this continues forever, but rightly it should serve its purpose because all devotees in the future will likewise be living in mortal conditions. And it is not My Purpose to maintain a form of embodiment here that's forever consoling and so forth. My Purpose is to serve you in the realism of this event, so that you'll be moved to go beyond these conditions and enjoy the Realization of Me that cannot come to an end. If you are in My Company during My Revelation time, you're in My Company for the sake of Realizing Me. Altogether, that is your purpose. Your purpose of Realizing Me happens to coincide at the moment with My physical Embodiment here. That is your good fortune. Generations from now, there will be other devotees called just as well to do this sadhana seriously, but I will not be physically Embodied at the time. There will be other conditions which I have described to you. And those will be the conditions in which they will practice. But their purpose will be the same as yours must be now, which is that of Realizing Me and not taking this event for granted, not wasting it, but being serious, and understanding, appreciating, the mortal and limited nature of human existence and being moved profoundly by that, and be made profoundly serious altogether.

The passing of this Body, therefore, should not be looked at in terms of ego-based sorrow. It's not an event of that kind. Bodies die anyway. So there's no news about it. This Body's Appearance and, in due time, Its passing, are not bad news. This Body also coincides with ordinary, natural processes, so it has its time and then passes. But it is an event of great good fortune, great Gifts, great Transmission, that, if embraced and taken seriously, enable beings to be Liberated from unhappiness and limitation and to Realize That Which Is Happiness Itself. Then, in due course, there are no further embodiments, no more bondage or bewilderment caused by apparent dissociation with the gross human body or any other form, no more bewilderment caused by waking state illusions or dreaming state illusions or sleep state illusions.

You're not in My Company to realize utopia or any kind of conditional arrangement, but to Realize Unconditional Samadhi Which Is the Divine State Prior to waking, dreaming and sleeping, even Prior to the fourth state the Witness of the three Prior even to that. The Divine Condition Itself, in Which even this, all of this, is Recognizable. That is what you must Realize, this ultimate Samadhi and the Yoga of the seventh stage of life Ati-Ruchira Yoga, the Yoga of the All-Outshining "Brightness".

So you certainly should value My Incarnation here and the fact that you coincide with it. But you must embrace it as a devotee, one doing sadhana therefore not merely clinging to conditions for their own sake, but understanding that the purpose of this coincidence is Realization and the Transmission of the Pattern that makes Realization possible. Then, in every joint of time in the future, the Pattern I've Manifested will be continued under those conditions, enlivened by the living in that moment.

The human moment in and of itself, you see, is brief and carries its delights, but it is also poor, limited, mortal, passing. I heard President Clinton during his election campaign recently he turned 50 not long ago, some weeks ago speaking of some friend of his who said that it doesn't take long to live a lifetime. And President Clinton was reflecting on this, having turned 50 and realizing how quickly he got to be 50. It didn't take long at all. And many of you have been in My Company for nearly all of this last quarter of a century. It didn't take long at all. I can remember, as if it were very recently, times when I spoke to you all telling you of just such a time as this. "Twenty-five years from now you'll all be blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah" including all of the aging signs and all the rest of it. And now it's true. It didn't take long for that to happen. It doesn't take long to live a life. And you shouldn't take it for granted. You have to become serious.

So if you allow yourself to be moved, to be really serious with Me, then you make right use of this mortal time and are not disturbed about the mere fact of mortality itself. Because it is so, you should do sadhana.

You, self-contracted in the midst of conditions, feel disturbed, full of stress, unhappy and so forth, and so you sometimes get the notion of indulging yourself in this, that, or the other thing, to feel better and then, having found that worked at least a little bit, you want to repeat it and so forth. And so you develop habits of self-indulgence, which in their repetition become less and less pleasurable, more and more addictive, and stressful in the seeking. Rather than become addicts then, of anything at all, seekers, you should "consider" this seriously, the fact that you don't feel good, that simply in the midst of this human condition here, you don't just feel good. You're not just happy. It's not enough. It's all kinds of not enough. It's a lot worse than not enough. But don't make the judgement that because it doesn't feel good you should become addicted, a seeker after this or that fulfillment, pleasure and so forth. That's fruitless involvement.

But take the fact that's at the origin of all addictions seriously you're very right. All addicts are right. They don't feel good and they know it. And they want to feel good. And that's good. [laughter] But the method of seeking and addiction and habit, and so forth, doesn't achieve that. So rather than becoming addicted or reactive, neurotic and whatever else, you should be made serious by this fact that you don't feel good. And no kind of addiction or pleasure-seeking is going to make you feel good in the sense of Realizing Happiness altogether.

Allow this seriousness to generate the only choice that makes intelligent sense. And that is the religious life. Not the life of gleeful, cultic enthusiasm. I mean the life of real sadhana. That is the process, the serious and profound human process, that is about the Realization of Happiness. True, most profound Happiness, That Which Is Always Already the Case, that cannot be lost, cannot be destroyed True Freedom. The true religious life is about that. Not the merely consoling, ordinary, exoteric religious life and all the variations of cultism around it, but the real religious life is about this seriousness. It's not about show business, you see.

The real religious life is about the serious ordeal of life committed to Happiness. It's for one, for all, who cannot commit themselves to anything but Happiness and true pleasure, therefore. It cannot be realized apart from the sadhana of the real religious life. And it is not realized ultimately, apart from the Realization of the seventh stage.

This seriousness is the ground you should be standing on in My Company even while this Body lives, and after Its passing, or whenever you're not in My physical Company even while this Body lives. This is the basis of your integrity, this seriousness. It frees you, liberates you from a casual life. And because this Body is mortal like the mode of your own appearance here, all the more reason to be serious now and always, and, obviously, then, in the lifetime of this Body.

And you will notice if you haven't noticed already that it doesn't take long to live a life. And you shouldn't waste it. You should be here to duplicate My Pattern (Which is God-Realizing), rather than to replicate your own (which is about ego-bondage and perpetuation, the illusions of waking, dreaming and sleeping in the realm of opposites, of klik-klak which ultimately, and in its laws, is utterly indifferent to your concerns and objections about anything at all).

So this Sangha is principal means for the incarnation and extension of My Pattern here in perpetuity. It's not merely a matter of having My Word in the archives, therefore. It's a matter of the Sangha practicing the Way, fulfilling all aspects of the responsibility associated with this Way, and then there will be Instrumentality and Agency all of Realization.


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Adi Da is making an allusion here to the traditional "three jewels" (triratna) of Buddhism: the Buddha (the Realizer), the Dharma (the Teaching-Word), and the Sangha (the community of practitioners).

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