Then the Necessity for the Physical Presence
of the Spiritual Master has Become Obsolete

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This talk was given by Adi Da in October, 1982. More of it can be found here. The list of things needing to be in place in order for Adi Da's physical presence to no longer be necessary is very similar to the list He gives on February 26, 2008, a few months before the end of His human lifetime.

In earlier times I was more likely to spend time with anyone, even sheer beginners, even people who hadn't even really begun. Because I was working to develop this Teaching and community and so on. Now I'm less likely to do anything like that. But it still is important for people at a mature stage of this practice to have contact with Me on retreats and so on, at My Hermitage. Hopefully, before I'm done, before My lifetime is over, the various means necessary for this Transmission into the future, including the development of mature practitioners and Awakened devotees in the seventh stage of life [will have been created]. This would enable the Transmission to be active and would not depend on My physical presence. At that level My physical absence [will not threaten the availability] of this Transmission.

Even then it should be presumed to be appropriate to keep My body in a Samadhi Site,[1] for the sake of this Transmission. It should be presumed that this Transmission will continue through My Agency, even after My death — because Spiritual Agency, once it's established, doesn't come to an end with physical death. But I will be functioning through the tangible Agency of those who are in this plane, capable of receiving it. And they won't even have any particular sense necessarily of having some association with Me in a subtle form, an astral form, that looks like I did during life and so on. But the Siddhi itself will remain obvious to them, continue to be obvious to them as it had during My lifetime, and the cycle will not be interrupted.

But in those days [after My lifetime], there should be all kinds of Agency, Sanctuaries, Empowered places, a fully developed community, a fully developed institution, educational and cultural institutions. There should be be Hermitages, places of retreat. There should be devotees, in significant numbers practicing in the mature stages. There should be a community of devotees practicing in the seventh stage of life. If those things existed, then the necessity for the physical presence of the Spiritual Master has become obsolete.

Until that time, the work that the Adept does in the form of His physical existence, or through the medium of His physical existence, is necessary and essential. And if there are going to be some who enter into the seventh stage of life, they must at some point begin to have direct personal association with Me.


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The "Brightness" (where Adi Da's body is buried) on Naitauba is that Mahasamadhi site.

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