Time To Return


Adi Da Samraj

I was a devotee of Love-Ananda for some time. I never intended to leave Him. But I got caught up in life. I just moved away from community to study, and from there I lurched from one crisis to the next. The more I attended to my crap, the more stuck I became in it . . . like quicksand. I always intended to return one day. Now He is gone (at least in human form) and I am wretched with grief.

I have decided to return to the community and re-affirm my vow to Love-Ananda.

About a week ago, I had a dream about Beloved Adi Da. He was giving Darshan and was walking through a crowd of people. He came to me and I was straining to turn to Him. He pushed me about a little, then I looked at His face and I saw a face within His face. The inner face was made up of triangles of light. And the inner face said: "Just notice Who you're looking at!"

It's time to return.



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