An Open Letter in Praise and Testimony of Adi Da Samraj

Dan Sleeth, Ph.D.

Dan SleethDan Sleeth has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1983. He has worked for many years in the field of human services as a mental health provider. Dan earned a MA in general psychology and in counseling. After receiving his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he wrote The Integral Ego as a vehicle for considering the non-dual perspective possible in the clinical therapeutic setting. Dan has served Adi Da in many different capacities, including public outreach, regional manager, and ashram manager, as well as through his writing and advocacy.

From the editors: The following is Dan's correspondence with an adamant critic of Adi Da, who had read some of Dan's material about Adi Da on the internet and written Dan about it. Feeling this person's apparent sincerity, genuineness, and concern for Dan's welfare, Dan responded candidly and directly. There are three letters of response, presented here in chronological order (comprising Dan's half of the correspondence).

1. Why Adi Da Should Be Taken Seriously Since you have challenged me to make the case that Adi Da is someone who should be taken seriously, I will do my best to explain at least why I do. The legitimacy of Adi Da's work can be summarized rather easily, in three colloquial propositions: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; the truth that sets the heart free; the truth that explains every aspect of reality. If you were to stop right now, you would have all you need to understand why I hold Adi Da dear. But, in that case, you would never know the reasons why I came to these conclusions.

2. On Only Legitimizing "Kinder, Gentler Gurus" That you should prefer kinder, gentler Gurus over challenging ones is certainly your prerogative. One size does not fit all. Gurus who are confrontive are not for everyone by any means! However, you cross a line of impropriety when you go beyond labeling Gurus merely those you don't like, to labeling them inherently evil or to be avoided.

3. The Hero Of Giving You write: "One gets all these other demands: that one worship, love and serve the personality of Da, that one give most or all of one's time, energy and money toward Da and his organization. Also it seems one is at the whim of Da and his cohorts." In my mind, if any legitimate cases of real exploitation had ever taken place as opposed to situations in which one is simply confronted with more demand than they expected or wanted much more would have been made of it after all this time. As for claims that Adi Da is getting rich off of His devotees: devotees stay in His company precisely because of the extraordinary gifts they continually receive from Him. They are utterly grateful for the opportunity to gift Him in return and in all kinds of ways: personal service, as well as financial contributions to support His great work of liberating all beings. Also, what often gets overlooked in criticisms of Adi Da is an obvious financial reality: it costs a lot of money to do this kind of work!

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