Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Current Teaching
on Emotional-Sexual Relationships, Sex, and Celibacy

Below are two essays from Adi Da Samraj's annotated bibliographical work, The Basket Of Tolerance. In these essays, Avatar Adi Da comments about certain approaches to sexuality put forth in some of the traditional and modern religious and spiritual texts that appear in the bibliography. These essays communicate some of His most recent Instruction.

After a profound Yogic Event in 1986, Avatar Adi Da Samraj more and more profoundly shed His Teaching mode of Working with devotees. For the past several years, and most especially more recently, Avatar Adi Da has emphasized very clearly that the "consideration time" is over, and that we now have His Instruction, which it is the devotee's obligation to study and intelligently embrace. Together with Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Open Letter, Chris Tong's overview of Adi Da's Crazy Wisdom, and Anthony Costabile's overview, these three essays provide the background for understanding Adi Da Samraj's Instruction relative to sexuality. The comprehensive details of that Instruction can be found in His Dawn Horse Testament.

A Call to Freedom of Choice in Religion and in Sexual Practice "Truly, in a democratic society, every human individual must be free to choose his or her own form and manner of religious (or, otherwise, philosophical) commitment and practice. And, because sexual practice is necessarily based on the particular views associated with one's own personal, and (possibly) religious, or, otherwise, philosophical understanding, every human individual within a democratic society must be free to choose his or her own form and manner of sexual practice and sexual commitment."

Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da SamrajRight sexual self-Discipline Is Yogic, ego-Transcending, and Happy "[T]he progressive transcending of sexually related ego-bondage is a matter of self-understanding (and intelligent, voluntary relinquishment of the ego-based sex-mind), and also of self-disciplining control and conservation of sexual energy, and consistent, intentional conversion (or re-direction, or inward and upward reversal) of the (otherwise downward and outward) flow of sexual energy. This process of self-understanding, relinquishment, control, conservation, and conversion requires (and, more and more, magnifies) a profound and positive (and, altogether, right) change in one's participation in (or relationship to) the sexual (and emotional-sexual) process."




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