Fighting the Spiritual Master


This is an excerpt from a longer story. It illustrates the degree to which Adi Da was willing to do anything to serve His devotees' self-understanding, for the sake of their Realization.

The compassionate Master does not do for others everything He can do within the bounds of propriety. The compassionate Master will do everything, whether in the realm of propriety or not, for the sake of Awakening others.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

I will tell one story. It was told to me in great confidence, a confidence I am probably breaking by telling it publicly. I don’t care. The man is gone from this earth as the body/persona; and I just want to relate this one incident, which seems to say something about Adi Da and the way that He taught.

In the early days when He was "Bubba Free John", an incident occurred in His ashram where one of His devotees, who was an ex-Green Beret, beat another devotee badly in a fight. Bubba had the ex-Green-Beret fellow brought to His house, and Bubba questioned him intensely about what had happened. Bubba told him that the only way he could do such a thing was that he did not feel what he was doing, the pain he was inflicting.

Bubba asked him if he would like to fight his Spiritual Master.

The fellow was ashamed and said no, no.

But Bubba wouldn’t let him off the hook and egged him on, to the point where they actually stepped outside and fought tooth and nail.

Evidently Bubba got the worst of it, and was rather smashed up afterwards.

But then He had the fellow come into His house again and discuss it. Bubba asked him if he could feel now what he was doing with his violent behavior. The man confessed he could — and that he was completely shattered by the realization.

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