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The Spirit and Spiritual in Adidam

Leroy Stilwell and Laura deBaun

Leroy Stilwell has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since 1976. He is one of the founders of this website. You can read his biographical information in the About Us section.

Laura deBaun has been a devotee since the early 1980s. She is a marriage and family therapist. Her principal services in Adidam includes caring for Holy Sites at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary.

Leroy Stilwell and Laura deBaun

Often one hears people use the word "spiritual" to refer to many different things, for instance: a reflective walk on the beach, a  singularly ecstatic orgasm, a philosophical or poetic feeling, a devotional religious sentiment. Particularly in this section on Spiritually Empowered Holy Sites and Objects, it is important that we make clear how in Adidam (and on this website) we use the word "Spiritual" in a particular (and precise) technical sense. This article provides more detail.

An Empowered Place or Object is where one can contact the Spirit, Spiritual Force or Power, or Spiritual Transmission. In relation to a Spiritual Master, it is a Means where, or through which, one literally contacts that Spiritual Master. It is a Mysterious, but absolutely real process. Avatar Adi Da has made it part of His Work to establish such Empowered Places and Objects as vehicles to extend His Blessing and Transcendental Spiritual Transmission beyond the lifetime of His Human Body. In Adidam, one invokes Adi Da and enters into literal devotional and Spiritual Communion with Him. In that Communion with Him, an extraordinary process of conformation of the being to the Reality That Adi Da Is takes place.
Adi Da has given devotees many aids to entering into Communion with Him. In addition to the moment-to-moment practice and disposition He Gives, there is meditation, puja (or sacred religious ceremony), and service. In this section of our website, you will read stories that specifically illustrate the tangibility of the Spirit and Spiritual Process. These types of stories — and they are innumerable — demonstrate for devotees the singleness of Avatar Adi Da as Human Spiritual Master and Avatar Adi Da as Spirit. These stories epitomize, perhaps, the devotional relationship to Him, which devotion is fundamental to the Way that He teaches.
There are stories where devotees’ experience is described more in terms of perceived Spiritual Force and even spontaneous healings happening coincident with participation in a sacred occasion and/or being in an Empowered Temple.

And there are stories where one is moved beyond even the relationship to Avatar Adi Da as Spirit (or Divine Person), to unity, then utterly self-forgotten identity with Him as Self-Radiant Love-Bliss-Consciousness Itself.

All of these stories, then, point to what is meant in Adidam by “Spiritual”. The devotional and spiritual relationship to Adi Da is an infinitely more-than-remarkable relationship with Reality Itself, manifested through the deepest humanly-felt intimacy with the Divine Person, in the Person of Adi Da and Adi Da as Spirit and Adi Da as Transcendental Being Itself. Once a devotee is established in, and formally responsible for, the Spiritual relationship to Avatar Adi Da, He can do His Work of Liberating that apparent one.




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