Empowered Places and Things
in Adidam


Introduction Introductory article by Leroy Stilwell. Describes how Adi Da Samraj Himself is the principle of Empowerment in Adidam; the purpose of Empowerment; and details about the nature of Spiritual Empowerment.

Leroy Stilwell

"Find Me Always Present": The Development of Sacramental Worship and Holy Sites in Adidam In 1978, Avatar Adi Da introduced His devotees to the realm of sacramental worship as a means to enter into Communion with Him whether He was physically present or not. In this excerpt from The Promised God-Man Is Here, Carolyn Lee relays Adi Da's Instruction on the secret behind sacramental worship: if we actively "bring our body-minds to Him" wherever we are, His Revelation will be granted.


The Empowered Sanctuaries of Adidam

Introduction Introduction to the Sapta Na Sannyasin Hermitages (Adi Da Samrajashram, Tat Sundaram, and Ruchira Dham) and the Ruchira Sannyasin Sanctuaries (The Mountain Of Attention and Da Love-Ananda Mahal).
  Adi Da Samrajashram The island of Naitauba in Fiji. Established in 1983, Adi Da Samrajashram is Avatar Adi Da's principal Sapta Na Sannyasin Hermitage. It is the primary place from which His Divine Spiritual Blessing flows to the world.  
Adi Da Samrajashram
The Mountain Of Attention
The Mountain Of Attention The first Ruchira Sannyasin Sanctuary established by Adi Da (in 1974). It was the principal site of Avatar Adi Da's Teaching Work from 1974 to the early 1980's. It is located in northern California.
  Da Love-Ananda Mahal The Ruchira Sannyasin Sanctuary established by Adi Da Samraj in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. It was the principal site of Avatar Adi Da's Teaching Work in the early 1980's, and a principal Ruchira Sannyasin Sanctuary where Adi Da has considered esoteric spiritual practice and spiritual initiation with devotees.  
Da Love-Ananda Mahal
Tat Sundaram
Tat Sundaram A small Sapta Na Sannyasin Hermitage located in northern California. Its primary purpose is to provide a private circumstance for Avatar Adi Da and the members of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order.
  Ruchira Dham Sanskrit: "The Abode of Brightness". The house on Lopez Island, Washington, where Adi Da was staying when the Ruchira Dham Event occurred on April 12, 2000. Now Adi Da's renunciate Hermitage.  
Ruchira Dham

Other Empowered Places

The European Danda
The European Danda The Spiritually Empowered Seat of Adi Da's Blessing in Europe. It is located in Maria Hoop, in the south of the Netherlands. Adi Da resided there twice, first in 1986, and then in 1996.

Stories from devotees

Because Adi Da not only Empowered the Sanctuaries of Adidam but also lived at each one for extensive periods of time, it is not surprising that devotees who were with Him there have many stories to tell of Divine Revelation and Blessing, miracles, love, and human and spiritual growth that took place at those Sancturies. You can read some of these stories in the following sections:

Indeed, anywhere devotees of Adi Da are located, you can find stories of His Divine Presence. Here is one not associated with any of the Sanctuaries:

Adi Da Was Really There: The Sacred Empowerment of the London Center Hall Avatar Adi Da has instructed His devotees how to invoke His Empowerment of sacred places by installing Empowered objects there. Keith Marsden and Leroy Stilwell tell the story of the Empowerment of the first London Adidam Center.

Keith Marsden / Leroy Stilwell

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