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Dissident Ex-Devotees

Questions about people who left Adidam.


Dissident Ex-Devotees and "Anti-Adi Da" Websites
Question: What about the "dissident" ex-devotees who express negative feelings about Adi Da and Adidam on the Web?

Brief answer: A recent independent study shows that most ex-devotees are NOT negatively disposed toward Adi Da and Adidam quite the contrary! However, a small number of unrepresentative (but very vocal) ex-devotees have created critical websites that are often mistaken for the "majority view" among ex-devotees. And as it turns out, even some of those most vocal critics are communicating a new and very different understanding of Adi Da these days.

Ex-Devotees and Recognition of Adi Da
Question: I know all religions and spiritual traditions have people that leave, so clearly it's not as simple as "if it's a true or real or genuine practice, everyone would stay". But could you say more about this point, in the context of Adidam?

Brief answer: Sure. The basic observation for traditions that have a genuine esoteric spiritual practice (from Catholicism to Adidam), is that there is a correlation between degree of esoteric engagement (relative to the spiritual Revelation and Realization possible via that practice) and staying in that tradition. In other words, generally it's not the saints who leave Catholicism, it's the more nominal Catholics. Because the esoteric practice of Adidam is based on recognition of Adi Da as the Divine (and no significant advance in practice is possible without that), we'd expect to see a similar correlation between recognition and staying.


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