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Comparisons with Other Traditions

Questions about how Adidam compares with other religious, spiritual, or philosophical traditions. This section will become much fuller over time!

The Uniqueness of the Way of Adidam


Adi Da as First, Last, and only Seventh Stage Adept

Question: How can we make sense of Adi Da's statement that He is "the First, Last, and only Seventh Stage Adept?"

Brief answer: Shortly after His Re-Awakening in September, 1970, Adi Da began a decades-long consideration (concluded finally in 1993) about whether there had been any other seventh stage Realizers among all the great Spiritual Masters throughout history. In this article, we lay out Adi Da's search for a historical precedent. This consideration would first lead Him to a greatly clarified set of criteria for assessing whether the teaching and life story of a great Realizer or Master indicated that they were in the seventh stage of life. Ultimately, it led Him to conclude that He was in fact the first such Realizer; and further, that, for functional reasons, He was the first, last, and only seventh stage Adept — His appearance and work as seventh stage Adept has opened a "hole in the universe" that now makes possible endless numbers of seventh stage Realizers.

Having laid out (in this article) Adi Da's criteria for assessing whether a Realizer is a seventh Stage Realizer or whether a seventh stage Realizer is also a seventh stage Adept, any readers of this article who fully understand these criteria can duplicate Adi Da's consideration. They can go through the thousands of Spiritual Realizers in the Great Tradition, apply these criteria to the teaching and life story of each Realizer, and confirm Adi Da's conclusions for themselves.


Adidam and Sixth Stage Traditions

Adi Da's "Seven Stages" Framework:
Spiritual Traditions and Esoteric Anatomy


Adidam and Postmodernism

How does Adidam compare with postmodernism? Doesn't postmodernism reject the view that there is an ultimate Reality? Isn't Adidam oriented around the view that there is an Ultimate Reality?

Brief answer: Adidam is a post-postmodern tradition. Like postmodernism, Adidam rejects all egoic viewpoints as limited. But this is because it identifies the ego as the source of all limited viewpoints (which postmodernism fails to do). The immediate (and profoundly consequential) implication is that there is a Viewpoint that is not limited: if one transcends the ego perfectly, then "limited viewpoint" is also transcended in the Prior Unity that is revealed. Thus, unlike postmodernism, Adidam claims that there is a Prior Unity, and an ego-transcending (non-separative) Viewpoint associated with the Consciousness that is that Prior Unity. Adidam also provides a means for Realizing that Consciousness (and Prior Unity) directly (not merely "knowing" it egoically, or forming limited viewpoints about it), and consequently, for transcending egoity altogether and all the limited points of view so greatly criticized by postmodernism.



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