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Avatar Adi Da's Extraordinary Connection
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Bill Dunkelberger, Lt. Col. US Army, ret.

Bill Dunkelberger was the devotee principally responsible for the flow of news to Avatar Adi Da during the Kosovo war. He is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant-colonel, experienced in writing strategic military estimates and in intelligence operations. Bill is a veteran of the Vietnam War, where he led an intelligence battalion.

Bill DunkelbergerWhat Bill describes below took place in conjunction with one of the most intense periods of Avatar Adi Da's life. After rushing back to Adi Da Samrajashram from California, Avatar Adi Da secluded Himself for 43 days and nights in one of His Most Potent Temples on the Island, the Outshining Brightness, for what would be revealed to be His Intentional Spiritual Work with the crisis occurring in Kosovo. All He asked to be brought with Him was a shortwave radio for listening to the world news. As a prelude to Bill's story, to give you a feel for the setting, we include some material from the complete accounting of His Spiritual Ordeal that time, excerpted from The Promised God-Man Is Here.


Avatar Adi Da arrived at Naitauba in the evening of March 7th. He stood on the deck of the Turaga Dau Loloma [the Hermitage's boat], dressed in orange, His Staff in hand, waiting to disembark. There was a feeling of profound vulnerability in Him, of stillness and transparency. And there was a fragility and exhaustion.

On March 10, Avatar Adi Da told Ruchiradama Nadikanta that He was suffering severe symptoms of heart stress. He passionately urged her to feel and communicate the gravity of His physical state and the threatening situation in the world. Minutes later, Avatar Adi Da called for a car, put on orange sannyasin attire, and asked to be driven to the Brightness, the temple that He had (at the time) designated as His Mahasamadhi Site [the burial site of a Spiritual Master].

Avatar Adi Da was so fiercely involved in His Spiritual Work during this time that He would often not allow His devotees to do even basic services for Him. He Himself would pull the cart that contained His food up the hill, lift the food bins, serve His own meals, and clean His room.

Ruchiradama Nadikanta: One night, it was physically as if the war were occurring at the Brightness. I was sleeping at some distance from the Brightness Temple, and it was like being on the front line of a battlefield. A few times, I had to go up to the field of the Brightness to serve Beloved Adi Da, and the thunder was so loud it shook my body like a barrage of artillery fire. And the lightning was so bright, just blasting across the sky the whole field lit up, as if from explosives.

During the night, the winds were so strong it felt as though the tent was going to be lifted right off the ground. The agitation in the atmosphere altogether was extreme. It felt like the war was occurring right in Beloved Adi Da's Domain.

Between 4:30 and 4:45 A.M. on April 2, a terrific bolt of lightning struck, immediately followed by a vast thunderous cracking noise, as if the sky were splitting. The ground shook. The entire dome of sky over the Brightness was lit, for a few seconds, by the blinding light.

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani: I was about halfway down the path in the middle of the Brightness field, when the most intense moment of the entire storm occurred. The lightning ran around the sky in a circle. And the circle of lightning established a dome over the Brightness. It was unbelievable. There was a loud crackling electrical sound all around the Brightness.
By mid-April, Avatar Adi Da was rarely leaving His room except to cross the field to His bathhouse. Ruchiradama Nadikanta describes Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Ordeal at this point in the war when some 650 air strikes a day were bearing down on Serbian targets.
Ruchiradama Nadikanta: After dinner, Beloved Adi Da would sometimes permit me to anoint His skin rashes and to rub healing ointment into His Feet for ten minutes, if that. His Body felt battered and bruised, and at the same time completely Translucent to His Divine Siddhi, which He was Pulling down into this plane with such Forceful Intention that He was barely even aware of His Body. I could feel that it was painful for Him to be touched, even in that simple manner. Any drawing of His attention into the physical was painful, because He was taking into His own Body the pain and suffering of all those who are dying and being tormented in Eastern Europe and all over the world. His tapas [spiritual ordeal] was so extreme that attention in the physical dimension was excruciating for Him.
Shortly after leaving The "Brightness" Avatar Adi Da Samraj's physical symptoms eased. He communicated the following:

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: Since I entered the Brightness forty-three days ago, I have been minimally associated with the Body. The Force of My Spiritual Work has been almost entirely above the Body. So there has been a tremendous Force of Pressure in the Head, resulting in constant external signs of thunder and lightning and heat-lightning in the environment.

All of these symptoms occurring presently in this Body are spontaneous, and they are signs of the end of this particular Struggle of Mine, and of what My Work has been to this point.


For the duration of the Kosovo conflict in 1999 it was my responsibility to provide Avatar Adi Da Samraj with daily updates on the evolving military and diplomatic situation. In addition, I would write my own summary and analysis of the developments for Him.

On June 7, the day that seemed, on the surface, to spell peace, I received a communication from Avatar Adi Da, in which He said, "The outcome of the situation is not written yet, and it has every potential of becoming a terrible conflagration. There is every sign that a ground war is going to take place, and is, in fact, being intended."

I must confess that, at the time, I thought that Avatar Adi Da was, to say the least, greatly overstating the case. The framework of the peace agreement had already been agreed to by all parties, and I could find no evidence at all in the daily news that supported His point of view. Not understanding why He was talking about a ground war, I did not respond to that point in my letter to Him.

Then, on July 18, I made an astonishing discovery. An article appeared in The London Observer documenting that on June 7 a top-secret planning session had been held in England to finalize plans for a NATO ground invasion of Yugoslavia. This confirmed to me that Avatar Adi Da Samraj never speaks casually, and that His connection to this world extends far beyond ordinary human perception.


The complete accounting of Beloved Adi Da's extraordinary involvement in the Kosovo crisis from His "Seat" in the Outshining Brightness Temple at Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji, can be found in the 2004 edition of The Knee Of Listening. This story was taken from that section of the book, p. 653. There are literally hundreds of such and similar stories by hundreds of devotees in all areas of their lives and of their service to Adi Da Samraj, stories which point to His coincidence with all dimensions of our lives and experience, not limited by time or space.

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