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"Open Yourself to Become My Instrument"

from Chapter 18
The Promised God-Man Is Here

A critical aspect of Avatar Adi Da's Divine world-Work takes place through His direct association with individuals who function in the realm of politics, government, and social welfare. Avatar Adi Da's Work in this area is made even more potent when such individuals become His devotees. A striking and moving example of this is the relationship between Avatar Adi Da and a high ranking senior representative of an international relief organization who requested a private audience with Avatar Adi Da regarding some crucial issues related to his work in a poor and politically volatile part of the world. Avatar Adi Da accepted his request.

Avatar Adi Da received this man (who is also a devotee of Adi Da Samraj) in a private house where He was staying at the time. He had not seen Beloved Adi Da for several years and when they met in the living room of this lovely home, just minutes before a piano recital was to be offered to Avatar Adi Da, Avatar Adi Da's humorous first words to him "Long time, no see" were the perfectly intimate greeting. They each extended their hands to one another and, with obvious love and delight, beamed into one another's face. After the recital, there was dinner and then two separate Darshan occasions to accommodate the many devotees who had come to see Avatar Adi Da. It was nearly four in the morning when we were escorted into Avatar Adi Da's private quarters.

This devotee-diplomat has dedicated his professional life to ameliorating the conditions of the world's poorest children. He is a tireless, innovative, and unusually effective servant in this regard, who performs his work with a light touch but great passion. Avatar Adi Da sat Blissfully on a divan as he prostrated at Adi Da's Feet and then addressed Him from his heart. He spoke movingly of his lifelong commitment to serving the children of the world and of his slow-dawning recognition that the reason why they continue to suffer unnecessary, if not obscene, privations reveals much more of a Spiritual fault in humankind than any practical limitations upon our economic resources.  He pointed out to Avatar Adi Da that "For less money than the world spends every year on golf, we could dispense with most of the unnecessary childhood diseases that kill millions every year." He concluded by asking for Avatar Adi Da's Guidance and Blessing in his own important service.

There was something about this occasion an important international official requesting Avatar Adi Da's Help in the mode of the devotee that seemed to cross an important threshold. Avatar Adi Da Addressed him in a unique and uncommon manner. He Spoke slowly and extremely quietly with profound feeling, pausing after each sentence. At the same time, His Instruction reflected a completely current appreciation of the actual circumstance of the country that he was then serving, and also of its neighbors.

ADI DA: Unfortunately, this country is limited in its ability to control many aspects even of its natural circumstance. It's terribly vulnerable to many things natural disasters and all the rest. There has to be better cooperation from neighboring countries, cooperation relative to things like water. The ecological situation needs to get stabilized there. There is some movement in that direction now. Your coming to see Me more often is fundamental to it, together with your becoming altogether more communicative in your relationship to Me.


ADI DA: And tell Me things about it from time to time. But know that those children and that country do have My Regard. There are all kinds of things to be done that are matters of education benign education, not just school education public communications to the people and communications to those who are in a position to make changes. All the means you have to make such communications are important to use. Of course, ultimately, it is not a place on its own it is part of, a piece of, this world struggle.        

Communicate about Me, whenever you have an ear to listen about Me, but stay in devotional Communion with Me so that you become means, instrument, and then I will Do it.

The children in that country (as is also the case with non-human beings all over the world) are being excluded from consideration by those in control of the resources. And those who know that this is wrong must speak about it, and use every means to change minds and redirect attention and financial resources.

Just do that work. Go through all the doors that become available to you. Stay in the Process, and let it happen. Resort to Me. Your devotion to Me is what you have to add to it.

And then, in your heart-Communion with Me, more opportunities will come to you also. You will notice things happening simultaneously. Just be available to notice them.

In every way, at heart, open yourself to become My instrument openly, without added strategy. Just this openness, this continuity with Me. And then you give Me more means to accomplish My Purpose.

Let Me hear about things. Come to see Me more often. Let Me hear from you about these kinds of things what you are observing, what you are noticing. Indicate specifics for Me to Bless. Just a simple line about this and that here and there. It helps to make My Regard specific.


ADI DA: Do your work with love and humor, but firmly. And, as I said, keep looking for the opportunities, the doorways. The more you are true to devotional Communion with Me, the more you will notice of that. This is how I Work.

DEVOTEE-DIPLOMAT: I have already noticed many times that things happen that were just inexplicable, except that I was just Your instrument.

ADI DA: I Work on the pattern that is prior to the pattern that seems, or the pattern that is concrete at the moment. I Work on the pattern that is invisible, prior, not yet observed. And then I Breathe it down into the world. And the more people there are who know Me and know this is What I am Doing, and who enter into devotional Communion with Me, the more means I have in the concrete field.

There is no utopia about this. It is a struggle. So you have to make use of every positive opening, every positive opportunity.

I also want to help the adults, along with the children. Adults are just older children. And the adults have to do much of the service that will change things. Not only because of their sympathy with children, and with the perpetuation of their kind altogether, but because their hearts are opening.

Help people to have a sense that they can do something collectively. Speak to everyone's altruism positively. Give people something to do that is good.

DEVOTEE-DIPLOMAT: Thank You, thank You.

ADI DA: Tcha.

When it was clear that Avatar Adi Da had finished, this man began to get up to leave, expressing his gratitude. At that moment, Avatar Adi Da motioned him to come forward. Avatar Adi Da then put his head in His lap. And He reached over and placed His hands on his back, stroking him up and down the back with both His palms for a long time. At the end, He placed His hands on his head, finishing His Blessing.

As it turned out, shortly thereafter this man again requested Avatar Adi Da's specific Blessing Intervention in several situations facing the whole area he was serving. One was a longterm, and seemingly intractable, dispute between the nation and a group of its indigenous peoples. The other concerned a regional conference on child labor. Both the negotiation and the conference surprised all their participants by being successful. At the conference, where this diplomat-devotee said you could tangibly feel Avatar Adi Da's Blessing Infuse the room, the head of one delegation, notorious for its resistance to fundamental reform, reversed his own delegation's position saying, "I can no longer deny the feeling I have at this conference." Then, against his subordinates' public objections, he pledged his country's compliance with a new protocol that would protect children's rights.

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