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He Is Certainly the First

George Greer

George Greer was trained as a US Navy pilot. He has a Ph.D. in psychology and led a professional career as a senior manager for one of the giant US aerospace companies. He has served as a senior manager for Adidam and has been a principal Adidam missionary in the United States.

George GreerWhen Beloved Avatar Adi Da Samraj Proclaimed that He Is the First, the Last, and the Only Seventh Stage Adept Realizer, I actually had no problem with "First" but I had to go through something to deal with "Last" and "Only".

I had already handled "First" to a significant degree by the time I broke with my professional life in l978 and went to Him at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary.

I first heard of Him through a friend and engineering colleague of mine in late 1975 or early l976, and spent the next 2 plus years "sizing Him up". At first I was very skeptical, but after I started reading The Method of the Siddhas, and The Knee Of Listening, I knew He was someone absolutely unique. He Expressed the Enlightenment process in such clear, pure, and full detail that I was convinced there wasn't now, nor had there ever been, any Realizer with the scope and depth of His Realization.

I went to see Him several times, becoming more and more clear about the exquisitely perfect integrity of this Remarkable Being. Finally in l978 I remember stating to my wife, at that time: "This Being, Bubba Free John, is exactly what He says He IS. I know that. I simply have to understand better exactly what that Is". And in October of that year I wrapped up my professional life and went down to the Mountain Of Attention where He was residing. I began by serving as His CEO, and have been with Him, now 28 years, ever since, in full time Adidam service since l990.

As for "Last" and "Only", I recognized quickly that He was talking about a Seventh Stage Adept, not just a Seventh Stager, so the difficulty I had was what will happen when He drops the body. What will happen with regards to His Awakening and Revelation function?

He did address this matter, assuring us all that He would always be "There" after His body was dropped and that He would make provisions in terms of creating Spiritual Agency through the Empowered Holy Sites in His Hermitages and Sanctuaries, His written Word, and His Divine Image Art. There will also be the Instrumentality of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order.

While I have yet to fully comprehend how He will Do this, I can acknowledge the power of these holy places and the collective force of groups of devotees even now. I am so utterly convinced of Adi Da's Integrity and His Unique and Unprecedented Degree of Realization and Spiritual Powers that I have no doubt that He will see to it.

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