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Going to the Source

by Jane Yang

Jane Yang
is a Chi-Gong Master of the Wu Ji Chi Gong style school. With her husband, Paul Litchfield, she runs the Chi Gong Therapy Centre in Melbourne, Australia. She has been privileged to study with a number great Chi-Gong Masters over the last 40 years, and she is very grateful to them all. The following is Jane's story of how she came to acknowledge Avatar Adi Da Samraj as the ultimate source of power and healing central to all of Chi-Gong.

Jane Yang I began learning Chi-Gong of the Tai Ji 5 Elements School in Beijing China, where I grew up. I studied for 25 plus years with various teachers learning many different styles of Healing Chi Gong or External Chi Healing or Wai Chi. My interest has been always been in healing, rather than any attaining any of the powers one can acquire in Chi-Gong for the martial arts.

In 1996, while living in Australia, I heard of a particular Chi-Gong Master who was practicing a form of Chi-Gong called Wu-Ji Chi-Gong. His name is Master Li. He currently lives in the northern part of China. The words "Wu-Ji" mean "the Purest Original Force". It is depicted as an Empty Circle. My feeling about the Wu-Ji is that it truly is not just an empty force as depicted by the empty circle, but a field of Energy full of Blessing, Beauty, and Great Peacefulness. This field is indeed the Source of all things.

Master Li had invited me and other Chi-Gong Masters from China and from all over the world to attend an intensive series of lectures and practice sessions in Wu-Ji Chi-Gong. Almost all of the Masters attending this class were of the highest level of attainment in their own particular style of Chi-Gong, be it an external style such as Iron Shirt Chi-Gong in which an Impenetrable Shield of Chi is built up around and inside the body to protect from it from external harm, even to the degree of being able to absorb massive blows to the body or even repelling sharp instruments such as knives, etc, or other Masters who practiced the more Internal meditative arts and were able to stand extreme temperatures and had great psychic powers.

Even though these were some of the greatest Chi-Gong Masters of the time, most were not able to grasp what Master Li was trying to teach. He found it extremely frustrating because they had all come to increase their own particular powers in Chi-Gong, and were not really interest in Wu-Ji.

Master Li felt Wu-Ji Chi-Gong as a field of Energy full of Blessing, Beauty, and Great Peacefulness (and not an empty force as typically depicted by the empty circle). He also felt that this field was indeed the source of all things living. Master Li had found that He could rest in this great field and all kinds of changes at the human level would occur. When his earlier students were able to find and consciously rest in this Wu-Ji field, they too started to experience what he was talking about.

On this retreat I was able to contact this Wu-Ji through meditating with Master Li. I believe it was a form of direct transmission from Master Li. But as I said, most of the other Masters were unable to make contact with this Wu-Ji field, and Master Li was not interested in teaching the other things, as he felt that they could not truly be of benefit to ordinary people.

One of the problems I felt while listening to Master Li teach was his cultural limitations. He was unable to truly describe this Wu-Ji field in a way that conveyed its mystery and wonder, and its underlying Reality. He was trying to describe it as similar to the love a mother might feel for her loved ones. However, since I had already been studying Adi Da Samrajís Teaching I was immediately able to feel beyond Master Li's descriptions to the truth behind them. As I spoke to Master Li about this, he acknowledged that I was able to contact this Wu-Ji Field in a deeper way than even he himself was able to. He was delighted.

However, the great revelation that I eventually experienced was that Beloved Adi Da Samraj Himself is this Wu Ji Field incarnated in Human Form. Before I first saw Adi Da Samraj, I had always kept a part of myself safely locked away hidden from the world, even from myself. This part of myself is something like an egg but with rough edges not smooth. During my life, to this time, only my intimate partner has ever touched this part, even smoothing out the edges somewhat. On the occasion of my first Darshan in 2001, Beloved Adi Da completely shattered this egg and everything that I had kept inside came rushing out, particularly my fear and anger. Over the next year, I would come to see great changes in my fundamental personality that were very beneficial and lasting.

In July of 2002, I went on retreat at the Adidam Sanctuary in Hawaii. We were hoping Beloved Adi Da would returned there for the July celebration. He decided to come. Even at the very moment His plane was touching down on the island I felt a great shaking occurring in my body. As He arrived at the Sanctuary, my heart exploded with joy, and I knew beyond doubt that He is the Great One in human form. I could see Him completely shining with golden brightness, and this brightness was what I knew as the Wu Ji. That day, Beloved Adi Da healed a great pain in my heart and body that I will never forget and always value. I threw myself at His Feet, and cried till my heart was stilled by His deep silence. I Love Him and always want to be with Him.
I became a formal devotee in November, 2002. It was clear to me after my time in Hawaii that I had found my Master. After this time, whenever it was possible I would go and see Him.

In my healing practice, I too have found that I can come to rest in this great field and all kinds of changes at the human level occur. Benign changes occur in people's lives including healings at the physical level, at the emotional level, even at the mental level. I have also noticed wonderful changes in peopleís fundamental personality.

I realize that Beloved Adi Da Samraj Himself is this Ultimate Reality I was connecting with (and do connect with), but had no experiential understanding of at the time. That is why I fall at His feet in recognition of who He is. I know that the relationship with the Human Guru is the only true healing required for any being. I see this confirmed in my healing practice time and time again.


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