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Reality as Happiness as Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Kathleen Ewart

Kathleen Ewart has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since 1979. She has lived and served Adi Da mainly on Naitauba Island, Fiji since 1986. Her principal services have included transcribing Adi Da Samraj's spoken communications and tending the most sacred holy sites established by Adi Da.

Kathleen EwartIn 1991, I was living on the Mountain Of Attention in Northern California. The event that I will describe occurred the morning after a heartbreaking goodbye with my husband of many years. We were separating by choice, both of us being devotees of Beloved Adi Da, and both of us choosing at that time to simplify our lives as single people in service and devotion to our Master.

When I awoke early that morning the light was just barely entering the room. For a few seconds it was like any other morning. Then suddenly I remembered what I had chosen. However obvious it had been to make that decision, it still was not without profound feeling, and the heartbreak penetrated me deeply.

Still lying in bed, I turned my head to the side to be able to see Beloved Adi Da's photograph on my bedside table. When I looked at His Form, the One Who He Is became suddenly alive and Present to me. My heart was instantly opened and filled with His Love-Blissful Energy, and I was soon filled with the feeling of Him from head to toe.

I sat up and gazed around the room in awe. What I saw and felt was a different reality than I had ever experienced. Beloved Adi Da permeated my whole body and mind with Love-Blissful energy, and as I looked around, I felt that same Energy surrounding and permeating every single particle of the room. Everything literally visually sparked with the Delight, the Happiness of Beloved Adi Da's Divine Love-Bliss! This was no idea or thought. The air was thick with it!

All there was was the Presence of Beloved Adi Da! There was no problem anywhere! My entire being was flooded with this Reality! What is true and real is Beloved Adi Da, Present literally everywhere as Happiness Itself, Love-Bliss Itself!

I dressed quietly and walked to the meditation hall, still receiving this remarkable Revelation as I crossed the Sanctuary, grateful beyond words, devotional Love of Beloved Adi Da overwhelming my heart.

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