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The Secret


Timothy has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj for many years.

We all have secrets, some we want to keep hidden, others we wish we could explain, but there's a secret I have that I want to share with everyone, but I'm like a mute trying to shout to a crowd — only a few can understand me.

My secret sets me free. Utterly and in place. My secret sets me free of the constant jailer: myself. I have locked myself in with all my programs, plans and patterns, my reactions, preferences and desires, so that I cannot find myself anymore, other than a hopelessly bound ball of twine that can never be untied. I can walk around but I cannot escape myself. My life is disappearing in the sagging lines of my face, and soon this body will be dead and all for what?

But my secret disappears all of this, so that I am present in the moment of life arising, exquisitely beyond the trap of my life. That secret is the Divine Guru.

No, the Divine Guru is not the one to be afraid of, suspicious of, will not limit you, take your freedom, or at least your money, not manipulate you, trick you, exploit you, or make you surrender your strength. The Divine Guru, for those who know this secret, sets you free, in place, right now, instantly, perfectly. The Divine Guru is the “Bright” Force of Love, and is called the Heart Itself. Don’t you want to know this?

Just now, I rise from sleep, body not well, and I sit on the floor in front of His very large photograph, almost as big as His physical person. I bow down to Him, I place my head at His Feet and I contemplate with feeling His physical form, now no longer physically alive, but very much alive in His Feeling-Presence, so that I am drawn naturally into that Feeling, to the extent that I gradually feel beyond the limits of my body and mind to the point where these is no difference between me and Him and anything else. There is the sense of a powerful, clear and steady Reality, and Communion with that Reality, as the Condition of Feeling in which everything arises. I arise in this same Reality, and so does everyone else. There is no separation in this Great Space, even if there is the pain of arising, providing if what arises is not held onto, not identified with, but let go. This Feeling, this Space, is the Guru. It is not the Guru separate, though indeed He gives this Feeling from His Very Person, no question — it is the Divine Guru Secret. This is what devotees of Divine Gurus know and want to share, but like mutes shouting at a crowd, only those who have seen and understood, can hear and understand.

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