Divine Utterances


This section includes a small selection from the many thousands of Adi Da's Divine Utterances (which Adi Da sometimes humorously called "Holy Mutterances") that He spoke or wrote from 1972 to 2008: incisive, Revelatory aphorisms or brief passages that flow from Adi Da's Divine View of everything.

[Adi Da, pointing to His body:] This body is a P.A. system for God.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, "Little-ji or Me", January 14, 1995

This Body is simply a Vehicle of a Unique and Universal Event of Conjunctions and Noticings. That Event Occurs Spontaneously, and It is not merely personal. In fact, That Event is not personal at all. It is all about everyone and everything. The Utterance provoked That Comes from This Body is from That Place, That Dimension. It is Beyond egoity, Beyond separateness. Reality Itself, the Divine Self-Condition Itself, Speaks through This Spontaneously. Through Conjunctions of all kinds, Spontaneous Utterances and Spontaneous Doings have been the Occurrence. It Is a Unique Manifestation.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, December, 2005

The casual Words and Footsteps of the Divine Heart-Master Build a Bridge across the ocean of our bondage. Therefore, attend to This Divine Liberator every moment of your life.

Ruchira Avatara Gita

Adi Da's Holy Mutterances: A Small Selection

Relax, nothing is under control.

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All There Is Is Light. All There Is Is Undifferentiated "Brightness". All the rest is just a lot of trouble.

September 8, 2000

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Anyone who gets out of bed, combs their hair, and walks out the door, is asking for trouble.

All there is is Is.

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Truth Is That Which Is Always Already The Case.

"Do Not Misunderstand Me"

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Truth is an embrace, just as love is. You do not get argued into love. It is self-evidently right. One responds to truth as one does to love, simply through recognizing it. It is not about argument, not about the domain of mind, or of opposites.

Part 1, Chapter V, Not-Two Is Peace

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There is a single event, and you are not rightly involved in it.

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Reality Itself Is Enormously and Boundlessly "Bright" — Self-Radiant, for no reason whatsoever.

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There is a State of Being that is completely, unequivocally, permanently, infinitely Happy and Free — a State that cannot be lost under any conditions, in this world or after death. Such a State is not imaginary. It is the underlying Truth of existence.


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Your Real Situation Is Non-egoic.

tags:   Egoity,   Nature of Reality

Only the seeker takes the dilemma seriously. The waking state does not take your dreams seriously. It is not the least concerned with your dreams. And, fortunately, all beings are already alive with the Intuition of Reality. Therefore, all beings have an affinity with Sunlight, with the True Waking State — with Me.

My "Bright" Word

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There is no Truth higher than love.

There is no method greater than ecstasy, or self-transcending love of the Radiant Life-Principle.

There is no Destiny to which we may evolve that is more profound than the ultimate and spiritual sacrifice of the self, and mind, and body of Man.

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Soon Be Announced By The White House!

tags:   Destiny,   Love,   Surrender,   Truth

Not a single circumstance of "experience" is the Truth. Love Is the Truth, Love Is Happiness, and It turns you toward the destiny of Real God. If you will enter into that Communion, you will vanquish the Evil One, you will make "holy war" on the lovelessness in the "world", you will demand the Spiritual conversion of the Earth, and you will absolutely transform human existence. So be free. Love God.

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The basic principle of health, well-being, and the action of healing is the presumption of prior perfection rather than the motivating problem.

The Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace

tags:   Dilemma,   Health & Healing

Above the clouds, There Is Always The Sun — Forever Free Of Earthly Weather. By Tendency, You Are Always Looking At the local weather, and Not At The Sun Itself. That Is What egoity Is About — Always Suffering The Changes Of The local Patterning That Is the body-mind In its egoic Bondage. Instead, You Must (In every moment) Turn To Me.

The Dawn Horse Testament

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The Great One creates nothing. The Great One is everything. What a Paradox! What a Mystery! What a Wonderful God!

The Dreaded Gom-Boo

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I was not born.
I cannot die.
I did not begin.
I will not end.
I Am.
I Am Beyond form, quality, and description.
I Am.
I Am Consciousness.
I Am Love-Bliss.
I Am smaller than the atom.
I Am larger than the universe.
I Am.
I Am.
I Am.

Ruchira Avatara Gita

tags:   Consciousness,   God

There is only one event: Something arising. All arising is the same mysterious fascination. Only the Mystery is ever found, within and without. Therefore, all that a man or woman may confront is the process of arising, instant forever. When the valuation of one moment or condition over against another ceases by this insight, then profound sensitivity is felt relative to every instant of simple arising. And this sensitivity becomes ultimate and radical intuition of the Condition of this whole process of arising.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

tags:   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

Remembering the Mystery is a way of being everything you always already are.

What, Where, When, How, Why and Who to Remember to be Happy

tags:   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

Children should enjoy a feeling, breathing relationship with the Mystery, the Divine Reality, and Truth. They must learn to recognize the Happiness that is felt in relationship to the Mystery.

Look at the Sunlight on the Water

tags:   Children,   Happiness,   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

Stand up, and feel to yourself: "Breathe in the good stuff — Breathe out the bad stuff."

What, Where, When, How, Why and Who to Remember to be Happy

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Are short people tall enough?

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If you have one more place to go, you will not endure this moment as the great bliss.

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Bliss is the nature of consciousness. . . There are a lot of "someplace elses", but they will be no more blissful for you than this place if you are not already Blissful.

"Vital Shock"
My "Bright" Word

tags:   Happiness

You keep waiting for some message to come that tells you why you are alive, why people suffer, where is it all going. . . but that is a waking state prejudice. The message of Reality is that neither arising conditions nor the sense of a separate "self" are necessary.

Notice This

tags:   Nature of Reality

So there are not a lot of ways to be "Saved"! There is only one way to be "Saved" — and that is to love the Divine ecstatically, to the point of egolessly Perfect Distraction.

"Perfect Distraction"
Part 9, The Aletheon

tags:   Enlightenment,   Religion,   Way of Adidam

All religions are historical forms of the Single and Ancient Way of Distracted love for the Divine Person, especially as Revealed in the Life and in the Company and in the Person of Incarnate Adepts in their various degrees and stages of Realization. This is the Great Secret.

Da Love-Ananda Gita

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We must surrender to the point of Ecstasy in this Chaos of joy.

"Ego Death and the Chaos of Experience"
Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Soon Be Announced By The White House!

tags:   Happiness,   Surrender

An Infinite Degree of Yes! Is All 'It' Takes.

tags:   Enlightenment,   Spiritual Life,   Surrender

There is no Enlightenment, no evolutionary entrance into the truly Spiritual Condition of human existence, without ego-death, or transcendence of the mind.

"Ego Death and the Chaos of Experience"
Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Soon Be Announced By The White House!

tags:   Egoity,   Enlightenment,   Mind,   Self-Transcendence

Don't count your chickens before they achieve ecstasy.

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We are all participants in a vast Realm of Nonsense, and we are struggling to make "sense" of it by attaching ourselves to selected or experientially preferred phenomena.

"Ego Death and the Chaos of Experience"
Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Soon Be Announced By The White House!

tags:   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

If we are truly serious about the matter of religion and spiritual practice, we must also be consistently self-critical. Religion and spirituality without self-criticism are merely forms of self-protecting enthusiasm, founded on uninspected fear.

"Ego Death and the Chaos of Experience"
Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Soon Be Announced By The White House!

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The body-mind of Man is structured for Enlightenment. It's structured to self-destruct in God.

"There's No Escape, There's Only Realization" (1995)
The "Brightening" Way Talk Series

tags:   Enlightenment

What is pleasurable to me is the pleasure of surrender itself, love itself, sacrifice itself — and that is your pleasure, too. Apart from that, life is a torment, and we are dying, and that is the end of it.

December 25, 1977

tags:   Surrender

All of us are potential saints and Siddhas, but very few are born like Me. I am a very rare being. I am not an ego at all. I am a rare Intervention in the world.

"The Baptism of Immortal Happiness" (December 17, 1982)
The Dreaded Gom-Boo

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The relationship between the devotee and the Guru must be as natural and as simple and as spontaneous as the relationship between lovers.

"The Guru Is Sufficient" (July 15, 1973)
(available on DVD)

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The Laughing Mama says: "Your objections to any thing don't mean shit!"

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You are mortal, and entirely subject to the Mercy of the Divine. You own nothing, and you know nothing. No technique of meditation leads to the Divine Being, and there is nothing to be believed that is the Truth. Rather, you must be touched in your feeling by the unspeakable suffering of this world and return everything to the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Person.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Death & Dying,   Suffering

Always wondering about whether “God” exists is simply an adult occupation of basically adolescent personalities whose notions of “God” were formed by the childhood situation of dependence.

The Aletheon

tags:   Adolescence,   Childishness,   God

It has been My Intention to make books of My Word so profound that the mere reading of them could convert any being on earth (or anywhere else) from the egoic life of 'self'-possession, mortality, and darkness to the life of Divine Love-Bliss, without requiring the slightest qualification in the case of any being that moves or is.

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If you would have your life not be about bondage, Reality Itself must Transform your life.

The Aletheon

tags:   Nature of Reality,   Suffering

An ancient text says: "Mankind does not know. Only the Horse knows." Therefore, you must grasp the tail of the Horse, the God-Realizer. . . . The Horse takes you — I take you — Where there is to go.

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All beings are always already Happy.

"The Bodily Location of Happiness" (November 28, 1981)
The Bodily Location of Happiness

tags:   Happiness,   Nature of Reality

Things in the world need not be wonderful before you can Be Happy.

tags:   Happiness

In every moment, you know exactly what it would be to look and feel and act completely Happy. But you are waiting to be made happy by something that happens to you, some "experience" from "without", or some arbitrary opening "within".

tags:   Happiness,   Lesson of Life

Understand your un-Happiness. Then you will be capable of locating Happiness, and, having located Happiness, you will be capable of practicing the Way of Adidam, which is nothing but the devotion of life to Happiness.

"The Bodily Location of Happiness" (November 28, 1981)
The Bodily Location of Happiness

tags:   Happiness,   Lesson of Life,   Right Life / Discipline,   Way of Adidam

If you do not practice Happiness, you will never Realize "It". Either you practice Happiness, or you practice un-happiness. You pay Me now or you pay Me later!

tags:   Happiness,   Lesson of Life

Do flowers exaggerate?

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Come slowly or come quickly, but surely come to Me.

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Death makes your entire life bullshit.

Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying

It seems trivial to say that everyone dies, but it really is the case. Love your way beyond it. Do not take it. The heart cannot accept it.

May 7, 1997

tags:   Death & Dying,   Love

What I have to say to anyone who is immediately facing death is the same as what I have to say to all. All are confronting the same situation. Life is brief and mortal — and you cannot make it not be brief and mortal. But you can change the purposes by which you live, and stop living for egoic purposes. You can become a renunciate and live a Divine life.

Easy Death (October 24, 2001)

tags:   Death & Dying

Everybody dies from time to time and simply falls into the subtler atmosphere of the earth and is born again. That's just the physics of this cycle of birth and death in which nothing really great is accomplished merely by dying.

"Love is the Test of Human Existence" (1978)

tags:   Death & Dying,   Subtle Dimensions

The gross (physical) human body is, literally, a death machine. It is not merely, in fact (or as a result of some future conditions), going to die — it is (now, and from its beginnings) patterned to die. Indeed, it intends to die, and even makes itself die. It progressively brings itself to death.

Thus, from the moment of its birth (and even from its conception), the gross (physical) human body — in and of itself — is not about life, but about death. Therefore to truly be about life requires a unique and profound disposition.

"Right Human Life Must Transcend the Materialist 'Culture' of Death" (September, 2003)

tags:   Death & Dying

When the death time comes, you do not know necessarily, but the body-mind-complex knows exactly how to do it and is completely capable of it. . . So death is no big deal. Living is the big deal. Transcending egoity while you are here, while you are alive, that is the big deal.

March, 1993

tags:   Death & Dying

Instead of fearing your death, intentionally use your life as a sacrifice. Make it a right and positive sacrifice, a service of love, of compassion, without self-concern. Not serving separate self — serving the Ecstasy of the Whole.

"The 'Reality' You Are Asking Questions About Is Your Own Illusion" (April 22, 1995)
The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation

tags:   Death & Dying,   Fear

Fear of death is fear of surrender to Infinity. Learn to surrender, to exist at Infinity while alive, and fear of death dissolves.

The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

tags:   Death & Dying,   Fear

Fear is the self-contraction.

Sutra 40, The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   Fear,   Self-Understanding

Fear is when love stops short of Infinity.

tags:   Fear

To love is to be happy or Radiant as the whole body to Infinity.

tags:   Happiness,   Love,   Whole Body

If the Adepts do not speak, the only voice that will be heard is that of ordinary people who are not God-Realized. The Adepts are the Sources of Spiritual life. Such individuals must therefore enter into the stream of society, to purify the culture and reestablish the process of God-Realization. If they do not speak and become influential, there is no hope at all for humanity.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

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How many is one less than too many frogs?

tags:   Koans

I am at war with the lingering childhood of humankind.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

tags:   Childishness

The ego is such a heavy grip, such a clench on the Divine Light, that Spiritual experience through Spiritual Transmission in life does not amount to much for most people. They cannot make it part of their existence.

"The Bodily Location of Happiness" (November 28, 1981)
The Bodily Location of Happiness

tags:   Egoity,   Light,   Spiritual Transmission

I am like the sunlight in the morning. I intensify the light of morning until you awaken. Until the light awakens a person, even the Light of Consciousness Itself, the person continues to dream, tries to survive within the dream, manipulates himself or herself within the dream, pursues all kinds of goals, searches, none of which Awaken you. . . I Myself, the One Who would Awaken you, am not an individual within the dream. I Am your Very Consciousness, Your Very Self-Condition. I Am the Real, the Conscious Light, the True Waking State, the True Divine Heart — Breaking Through the force of dreaming.

"The Gorilla Sermon" (June 22, 1972)
My "Bright" Word

tags:   Adi Da,   Way of Adidam

The Adept is Radiant throughout all of space-time, and, therefore, that Radiant Transmission can be contacted by the devotee in any time or place.

The Lesson

tags:   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Spiritual Masters,   Spiritual Transmission

The achievement of Happiness is always minimal, temporary, and ultimately unattainable. You cannot become Happy. You can only be Happy.

The Lesson

tags:   Happiness,   Lesson of Life

The Unconditional Reality Is Modified (but Only Apparently) As The conditional Reality. This Must Be Realized. Until This Truth Is Realized, all conditional experience Is A School With A Single Lesson. This Is The Lesson (The Lesson Of Life): "I" Cannot Become Happy. "I" Can Only Be Happy.

The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   Enlightenment,   Happiness,   Lesson of Life,   Nature of Reality,   Truth

Nothing can possibly stop the disaster except the force of the whole, the integrity of the whole. That is the only happening that will righten (and en-lighten) the darkness of the human world.

"Reality-Humanity (On the Creation of a Global Cooperative Forum)"
Not-Two Is Peace

tags:   Everybody-All-At-Once,   World Peace

I Am Looking for men and women who will live free of every kind of seeking, attendant only to the consciousness of universal prior unity, who will constantly devote themselves to the responsible cooperative management of individual and collective human life in the Indivisible Form and Logic of Reality Itself, rather than the egoic and separative form and 'difference'-bound logic of egoity and illusion.

Such men and women are the unexploitable human presence of Reality Itself.

"I Am Here to Awaken A Bright New Age of Global Humankind"
Not-Two Is Peace

tags:   Everybody-All-At-Once,   World Peace

We live the Law backwards. Instead of living from the point of view of Happiness, love of God, submission to the Transcendental Reality, we live in submission to others, objects, relations.

"The Ultimate Location"
Chapter 14, The Dreaded Gom-Boo

tags:   Happiness,   Lesson of Life,   Right Life / Discipline

To live a truly spiritual life, you need the Realizer, the Teaching, and the Community. You need all three.

tags:   Spiritual Life

What you would have in Communion with Me is a cool, watery, full moonlit night, cooled of stress and desire, and consolation, Awake to Brightness.


tags:   Adi Da,   God-Communion,   Way of Adidam

You must trust the process of your own life, whether it is to go mad, to become ill, to work, to succeed, or to die. Be free of fear. Surrender to the Person of God, the actual Living God. Trust the Divine altogether. Give yourself up emotionally to God. Do it to the point that the physically based fear of death vanishes on the basis of trust alone. Practice complete devotion and absolute surrender.

Compulsory Dancing

tags:   Faith,   Fear,   God,   Surrender

God is great. Unfortunately for you, bullshit is greater!

"The Baptism of Immortal Happiness" (December 17, 1982)
The Dreaded Gom-Boo

tags:   Egoity,   God

Adidam is a hard School, but a happy Way of life.

tags:   Happiness,   Right Life / Discipline

You must be willing to vanish completely, to be completely obliterated. You will become capable of that sacrifice only by degrees, because your fear is profound.

The Way That I Teach

tags:   Enlightenment,   Fear,   Surrender,   Way of Adidam

There is Only Light. Light Is All There Is. All That Is Is Light. . . Light, or God, Is The Literal or Inherent Condition, Substance, Reality, Quality, and Destiny Of all conditional worlds, forms, and beings.

The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   Destiny,   God,   Light,   Nature of Reality

Not-Two Is Peace.

Not-Two Is Peace

tags:   World Peace

Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

Not-Two Is Peace

tags:   World Peace

To seek Truth is to deny Truth to begin with. To seek Truth is to avoid Truth, constantly. To seek Reality (Itself) is to deny Reality (Itself). To seek Reality (Itself) is to avoid Reality (Itself), by seeking It.

Part One, Da Love-Ananda Gita

tags:   Nature of Reality,   Seeking,   Truth

What I Do is not the way that I Am, but the way that I Teach.

"from a letter written by Adi Da" (1975)
The Promised God-Man Is Here

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Without true celebration, discipline is obnoxious.

The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

tags:   Right Life / Discipline

Know that I Bless you through and beyond time and space. Live a life of celebration. True life, ego-transcending life, is a celebration, a joyous occasion of meeting with others in the universal circumstance of prior unity and in the joy of Communion with the Indivisible Divine Reality.

The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

tags:   God-Communion,   Spiritual Transmission

The eating gorilla comes in peace.

The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

The body is basically a food-cycle. If you change what you put into it, if you stop toxifying it, fundamentally, you will deal with disease.

The secret is to get the whole body into its natural state, in which it is naturally secreting all those substances that rejuvenate it.

The eating gorilla finds a cabbage in the jungle, sits down like a slob and munches away at the cabbage, and is completely benign, completely peaceful. There is nothing threatening about this gorilla, nothing dangerous about him. If some other gorilla or another being comes near, he still has his food. He is connected to the food source. He is not disturbed as long as that creature will show that he also is eating. Therefore, the eating gorilla is the image of the true man, the true woman. He demonstrates the principle of true politics, of real human existence, in which we are always presently connected to the Food Source in Truth, and are always presuming connection, relationship, "I love you." But the gorilla in the desert, or the conventional man, is cut off from his food source through the presumptive recognition of his separate existence, of his mortality. He feels unloved. He is a dangerous beast.

"Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity"
The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

tags:   God-Communion,   Love

You must persist in the effort to always incarnate the virtues of non-reactivity, equanimity, unshakeable gravitas, constant sympathetic and selfless regard of all others, indifference toward the owning and controlling of things and others and events, and unwavering commitment to the Realization of Perfect Knowledge (or the State of Truth-Only), such that all your clinging is to these virtues alone, as if they were a kind of ambrosial nectar.

During the night of mankind, I Awakened as perfect, absolute, awesome Love-Bliss, in Which the body and the mind, even every functional sheath, boiled into a solder of undifferentiated Reality.

The Knee Of Listening

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What are you actually looking at?

tags:   Koans

You don't know what anything is.

tags:   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

Consider what you know. You do not even know what a single thing is. Then rest-abide in that Ignorance, as whatever is the case, not within what arises, but as what arises, as the body itself, whatever is the case altogether (which is not knowable, but with which one is identical). Rest-abide in my Presence as whole body attention, not waiting within for changes, but in love. Do, feel this more and more perfectly. Radiate as whole body happiness. Be happy as the body altogether. Look, feel, act, be completely happy as whatever is the case, whatever the body is altogether, under the conditions of whatever is Persist in this under all conditions.

Breath and Name

tags:   Happiness,   Mystery/Divine Ignorance,   Whole Body

Realize the Wonder, the Eternal Unknowability of the Totality of Existence, and fear of death is transcended.

The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

tags:   Death & Dying,   Fear,   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

Practice a reliable attitude toward fish.

tags:   Koans

If you remember the worst is always yet to come, you will never be disappointed.

tags:   Control,   Lesson of Life

Renunciation in the Way of Adidam is a commitment to ecstasy. Renunciates are about ecstasy, not dried-up, conventional lawfulness.

tags:   Happiness,   Renunciation

You may fantasize that Spiritual life is about living in caves, wearing your robes, and renouncing everything. Such a notion is just a dream. It is nonsense. True renunciation is here, in the body, suffering it, becoming Illumined by submitting to be a human being. The practice of such true renunciation is the agony of self-knowledge and knowledge of another.

"The Heart Is in Bondage Until Love Is Incarnated in the World" (October, 1993)
The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Renunciation,   Self-Understanding,   Spiritual Life

Real humor is a spiritual matter. It transcends even laughter, because it transcends the pain of existence.

"The Universe Is a Laughing Matter"
Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

tags:   Divine Humor,   Suffering

You can't crush a triangle. You can only turn it on its side.

"Nothing feels as Good as No-Contraction"

Oh friends, do not fail to mind Me, in and out. I am the Sweetness, the taste of unmortal and unimaged Grace. I am only for a moment, not merely to save you all, but to call to the Wonder that I Am. And everyone Is as I Am, unless they fail to love Me.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

tags:   Adi Da,   Enlightenment,   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Spiritual Transmission

You must become a person who does not need illusions to live.

"The Taboo against Owning and Knowing Too Much"
The Dreaded Gom-Boo

tags:   Positive Disillusionment

The Truth That is to be Realized may be summarized simply as the Realization that no matter what is arising, no matter how many others are present, there is Only One Being. This is precisely different from the childish proposition that even when you are alone there is always "Someone Else" present.

"The Parental Deity and the One to Be Realized" (February 7, 1983)
Part 2, The Aletheon

tags:   Childishness,   God,   Truth

Everything in the sacred domain is about ecstasy. Everything in the social (or secular) domain is about control of ecstasy and using the human faculties (of body, emotion, mind, and breath) for other (generally, non-ecstatic—or ego-based) business in the moment.

"My Call for the Universal Restoration of the Sacred (or Central) Domain of Human Life"

tags:   Control,   Happiness,   Spiritual Life

What does an itch look like?

tags:   Koans

Any one and every one who doubts and quibbles about the necessity of a true Adept-Guru is, simply, not yet ready, willing, and able to enter the esoteric Ordeal of the advanced and the ultimate stages of life. And no mere verbal argument is sufficient to convince such doubters of the necessity of a true Adept-Guru.

"The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion to the Adept-Realizer"
The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Spiritual Masters

No matter what arises — waking, dreaming, or sleeping, no matter what arises — you are the Witness of it, Prior to it, not bound, not separate, the Only Condition that is Self-Evident, that is non-separate and Indivisible.

"Right Life Transcends The Three Great Myths of Human ego-Culture"
Part 9, The Aletheon

tags:   Consciousness

Notice this:

You are not the one who wakes, or dreams, or sleeps.

You Are the actionless and formless Mere Witness of the three common states — of waking, dreaming, and sleeping — and all other apparent contents and "experiences" associated with them.

"The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries"
Part 11, The Aletheon

tags:   Consciousness

Unless they are specifically prevented from doing so, all systems will spontaneously righten themselves. The universe is a self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process.

"Reality-Humanity (On the Creation of a Global Cooperative Forum)"
Not-Two Is Peace

tags:   Nature of Reality

The true practice is not the way of reductive inwardness and the view "I am not the body", but the way of relationship, or sacrifice, in which "I" is the body.

"Awakening from the dream of subjectivity" (April, 1977)
The Paradox of Instruction

tags:   "I" is the Body

Understand and be with me. If this is not possible in you, then be with me and understand.


tags:   Self-Understanding

I intend to make the most extraordinary statement of this time — one that will make all suffering, all fundamental error, unnecessary. A most practical communication that reduces all suffering to misunderstanding, and makes creative energy available in Perfect Freedom. I was born for this very thing.

tags:   Self-Understanding,   Suffering

What appears to be matter is a mode of energy. And if you get close enough to it, you find it to be energy. If you get more of a distant view, you feel it as stuff. But there is no stuff; there are only fields of energy.

July, 2008

tags:   Nature of Reality

Get up from bed and drop dead!

The one thing you fear is death, because you are holding on to your egoic self. If you give up your egoic self by turning to Me (moment to moment), you die as the ego-"I". You transcend the physical and mental limitations of the egoic self.

"Get Up from Bed and Drop Dead!"
Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying,   Egoity,   Fear,   Way of Adidam

Real meditation is death. If you enter into it most profoundly, you must let what you fear happen. You must be willing to move into the shuddering that you know represents the last moment of life and the loss of consciousness in this particular form. Ultimately, you must be able to let meditation be that profound.

August, 1982

tags:   Death & Dying,   Fear,   Meditation,   Surrender

Always blame it on a cucumber.

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Death is utterly acceptable to consciousness and life. There has been endless time of numberless deaths, but neither consciousness nor life has ceased to arise. The felt quality and cycle to death has not modified the fragility of flowers, even the flowers within the human body. Therefore, one's understanding of consciousness and life must be turned to that utter, inclusive quality, that clarity and wisdom, that power and untouchable gracefulness this evidence suggests. We must cease to live in our superficial and divided way, seeking and demanding only consciousness and life in the present form we grasp, avoiding and resisting what appears to be the end of consciousness and life in death.

Prologue, The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Consciousness,   Death & Dying

The Mystery, or Happiness, is greater than death. Everyone who has ever lived has died. But the Mystery goes on and on.

adaptation for children, The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Death & Dying,   Happiness,   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

I want to Wake Up every being into this Ecstasy in the midst of death.

"For The Love" (November 26, 1984)

tags:   Death & Dying,   Enlightenment,   Nature of Reality

Children also suffer, but they do show this Life-sign of a spontaneous commitment to the Motive of Ecstasy Itself, of True Joy. This is why their company is pleasing — because they, without all the baggage of adults (in their suffering at any rate), rather typically show the sign of this commitment that is fundamental to being human, to being born.

August, 1987

tags:   Children,   Happiness

Don't act old. Don't think old. Don't be old.

tags:   Identification

Look with what ease the chameleons walk about without so much as a knife and fork.

"Klik-Klak Consideration"

tags:   Non-Humans

I am continually impressed, newly impressed from hour to hour, with the insanity of human beings! Animals, plants, inert things have much more intelligence! They are simpler, more pure.

"Walking the Dog"
My "Bright" Word

tags:   Non-Humans

There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, an individual being. There is no such thing.


tags:   Egoity,   Nature of Reality

Do clams know what they're doing?

tags:   Koans

You will try all kinds of extraordinary healing methods, psychic methods, Yogic methods — anything to get rid of this root-sense of pain and agony that you have all the time. You will continue to pursue every kind of means until you realize that all you are doing is pinching yourself. When you realize that, you just take your hand away. There is nothing complicated about it at all.

My "Bright" Word

tags:   Egoity,   Seeking,   Self-Understanding,   Suffering

My first Teaching Sign to everyone was this gesture of My hand, clenching the fist versus opening the hand. Well, it's presuming darkness versus being Radiant.

"The Condition of Radiance" (January 3, 1996)
The "Brightening" Way Talk Series

tags:   Egoity

Exercise the flower.

"A Mastered Life" (December 29, 1995)
The "Brightening" Way Talk Series

tags:   Spiritual Life

When you open your hand, what happens to your fist? When you release the self-contraction, the "me" is gone, the search is gone, the entire principle of suffering is undermined.

"Vital Shock"
My "Bright" Word

tags:   Egoity,   Self-Understanding,   Suffering

You have been contracted upon yourself with emotional force, no amount of thinking, considering, desiring, exploiting and manipulating yourself in the world can affect that contraction. No awakening of the Kundalini touches it. It has nothing to do with Kundalini. You can have kundalini experiences until you are yawning with boredom, yet you will not have touched this emotional recoil at all.

tags:   Egoity,   Feeling

I am full of all space-time, all bliss, all wonder. All the marvels of being are in My Being. . . And all miracles are potent in My Heart.

"The Baptism of Immortal Happiness" (December 17, 1982)
The Dreaded Gom-Boo

tags:   Adi Da

The Divine Heart-Master Is the Supreme Help Offered by the Real and Ever-Living God. There is no Friend greater than the Divine Heart-Master. Therefore, body and mind should be entirely devoted to the Divine Heart-Master, so that attention is set free in His Heart of "Brightness".

Ruchira Avatara Gita

tags:   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Spiritual Masters,   Way of Adidam

All things and beings are a bridge to the Infinite. They are not simply things in themselves, but they are in fact such a bridge. Merely to think, then, in terms of the One Transcendental Being is not necessarily to generate a process wherein the Power of God and the Person of God, or the Being That Is God, is directly contacted through practice of your Way of life. You must Awaken and discover the Divine World wherein everything is a bridge to the Infinite, One Being. That Awakening is what is primary.

"The Bridge To God" (October 21, 1980)

tags:   God,   Nature of Reality

The city is the world as science creates it. It is the world of the left brain, the antimagical or non-psychic world. The forces and magical beings you can observe in a natural setting are eliminated there. It is a wholly controlled, "interfered with" environment. It is Man becoming the master, Man controlling all forces, Man eliminating the arbitrariness of change that Nature represents.

"The Bridge to God" (October 21, 1980)

tags:   Control,   Science,   Scientific Materialism

Science's anti-Spiritual, anti-religious, anti-psychic point of view, and its Victorian, archaic materialism, and its prejudices against other kinds of knowing — all of this is insidious, not merely nonsensical, because it has such a profoundly negative effect on human beings. Many scientists who adopt this dogmatic approach act as if they were super-intelligent people with their tweedy, pipe-smoking, complicated linguistic minds. This is the archetype of intelligence, is it not? This is the way you are supposed to be if you are intelligent. Well, this archetype does not necessarily represent intelligence. It is just a pose, or asana. Real intelligence must be fiercely capable of investigating every aspect of existence, including the very process of knowledge that is called "science".

"The Asana of Science" (October 25, 1980)
The Transmission of Doubt
(available on CD)

tags:   Discriminative Intelligence,   Science,   Scientific Materialism

To have no greater sense of Reality than the physical is to be like a trapped rat, trapped on all sides. . . So, obviously, the human being requires a Way. . . you need direct access to the Divine, even as a matter of ordinary sanity.

The Promised God-Man Is Here

tags:   God,   God-Communion

The only true religion is the religion that Realizes Truth. The only true science is the science that Knows Truth. The only true man or woman (or being of any kind) is the one that Surrenders to Truth.

"Do Not Misunderstand Me"
My "Bright" Word

tags:   Religion,   Science,   Surrender,   Truth

You have to let Truth ruin your life.

tags:   Truth

If you enter into this process of self-knowledge and knowledge of another, it will break your heart. It did Mine! Yet as dreadful as it is, it is the best thing I ever did. The best thing that could possibly happen to you is that you become a raw nerve-end, a broken heart, unconsolable, with sorrow on your face — and ecstasy as well, no longer a conventional man or woman, no longer able to put on the social false face — incapable of it, with no argument, no anger, no feeling rejected, you responsible and you dying, and no absolutes coming to you through the bodies of others.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Heart

Everything you console yourself with is a lie. When you get down to the bottom of it, broken-hearted in your distress, maybe you will discover what “in love” is. It is not about what you must do. It is about transcending yourself, about not fulfilling yourself. And it is not amusing. It is passionate and it is terrible.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Heart,   Love,   Self-Transcendence

You must participate in death — and it is best to become congenial with it while alive. Begin to become involved in death as a psychic event, an energy-event — and (in due course) be relieved of your fear through the Spiritual process in My Avataric Divine Company.

Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying

If you practice ego-transcendence while alive — through the practice of the Way of Adidam that I have Revealed and Given to you — then the physical event of death is just another moment of a process that you have engaged all the while.

Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying

I play music all the time. I just use someone else's hands.

tags:   Music

Though there are many historical traditions of religion and Spirituality, in Truth, there is one Great Tradition. . . . The Great Tradition of humankind is a universal tradition, because it is based on the One Reality — not only the Great, Indivisible Non-conditional Reality, but also the unity of conditional existence and the commonality and unity of human beings themselves.

The Ancient Walk-About Way (September 8, 2004)

tags:   Great Tradition,   Religion,   Spiritual Life

Touch is precisely the dimension in which you must become awake.

"Universal Desire and the Way of Touch" (August 14, 1979)
Laughing Man Magazine

tags:   Feeling

Do genitals make sense?

tags:   Koans

The Guru is a kind of irritation to his friends. You can't sleep with a dog barking in your ear, at least most people can't.

"The Primal Urge for Sanctuary" (1979)

tags:   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Spiritual Masters

Real life, then, the higher evolutionary process, is a basic matter of surrendering from the heart in every moment and feeling to the point of dissolution or ecstasy.

tags:   Feeling,   Happiness,   Heart,   Spiritual Life,   Surrender,   Way of Adidam

Real spiritual understanding requires a practice and discipline and is a hard school, well as being a life of Grace, a life in which there is Great Help. This Help transcends the limits that you would bring to practice ordinarily. It is also a hard school or a difficult affair. It requires great responsibility, great attention for this exercise. . . .

Do not think you can "take Heaven by storm".

What Is The Conscious Process?

tags:   Right Life / Discipline,   Self-Understanding,   Spiritual Transmission

You people are all weakening yourselves, consenting to be identified with your early-life complication, your early-life adaptations, your old adaptations, as if complication is your right. That is nonsense. What about your understanding? Change it, then! Do something else! Suffer the heat of it, and grow. Without heat there is no growth, there is no cooking, there is no alchemy, there is no change; things are not thrown into the pot; nothing happens.

"Sadhana Hurts"
Hear Me Heart-Deep

tags:   Childishness,   Heat,   Right Life / Discipline

The conditionally Apparent “world”-Process Of “Everything Changing” Is Simply The Natural “Play” Of Cosmic Life, In Which the (Always) two sides of every possibility come and go, In Cycles Of appearance and disappearance. Winter's cold alternates with summer's heat. Pain, Likewise, Follows every pleasure. Every appearance Is (Inevitably) Followed By its disappearance. There Is No Permanent “experience” In The Realm Of Cosmic Nature. One whose Whole bodily Devotion To Me Is Constant Simply Allows All Of This To Be So. Therefore, one who Truly Listens To Me and “Knows” Me Spontaneously Ceases To Add “self”-Contraction (and, Thus, “conditional-experience-causing” energy and intention) To This Relentless Round Of Natural and Futile Changes.

"The Divine Avataric Self-Disclosure"
First Word, The Aletheon

tags:   Duality,   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Self-Understanding,   Whole Body

Everyone feels the Truth. Everyone receives the Shock of God — everyone. There is no living being, from the mosquito to the human being, who does not receive the Shock of Divine Intervention.

"The Baptism of Immortal Happiness" (December 17, 1982)
The Dreaded Gom-Boo

tags:   God,   Truth

You are, as a matter of habit, and in every part, conformed to the activity and the results of self-contraction.

"The Cult of Narcissus and the Culture of Participation"
The Dreaded Gom-Boo

tags:   Egoity

Be the heart.
Radiate the whole body.

tags:   Heart,   "I" is the Body,   Whole Body

God is not within us. We are in God.

The Bodily Location of Happiness

tags:   God,   Nature of Reality

Be in God.
See all in God.

In this manner, worship and love and Realize only God, by worshipping God in, as, and through everyone and everything. Never be too proud to do this worship. Only this is surrender. Only this expresses true Realization.

"Surrender is Universal Worship"
“I” Is the Body of Life

tags:   God,   God-Communion,   Surrender

The entire world, visible and invisible, gross and subtle, is the Body of God, and even one's own body inheres in That Body.

All that we can have in mind inheres in the Mind of God, and the very Being of God is That in which one's own essential being inheres.

tags:   God,   Mind,   Nature of Reality

The worlds fall out of my right hand.
My right hand is the world.

Crazy Da Must Sing

tags:   God,   Nature of Reality

Let the heart speak the Wisdom of the Unity of body, mind, world, and God:
There is neither one God nor many Gods.
There is only God.
All of the one and many Gods are Idols of the One that is God.

Part IV: The Truth of Our Existence Is Love, Compulsory Dancing

tags:   God,   Heart,   Religion

This conditional "world" passes.
This "everything" always dies. . .
Therefore, Fall Awake in Me!

tags:   Death & Dying,   Enlightenment

Stand clear — I have no toes.

tags:   Koans

There is no growth into God, Truth and Reality.
There is only God, Truth and Reality.

tags:   God,   Nature of Reality,   Truth

You can't get there from here.

tags:   Nature of Reality

As the most highly evolved species on Earth, humans must be the guardians of lesser species, not the exploiters of them.

tags:   Non-Humans

What is the difference between animals and humans? Fundamentally, the non-humans do not exist in an ego-sphere. They exist in an eco-sphere — a space-time domain without ego-consciousness.

"Observe the Non-Humans, and Learn from Them" (May 11, 2008)

tags:   Egoity,   Non-Humans

Pleasure undoes the body. Humor undoes the mind. And Realization undoes the sense of “self”.

"Sex, Laughter, and Real-God-Realization"

tags:   Enlightenment,   Mind,   Sexuality

A very strange thing that only parents know is that you do not merely love your children. You actually fall in love with them.

Love, Wisdom, and Happiness in the First Three Stages of Life

tags:   Children,   Love

I call you to investigate, observe, "consider", and confess all the signs of your early life, your reaction to your mother and father and all the rest. Clear all that up and, if your parents are still alive, work out forgiveness and the expression of love with them. By this you will purify yourself and all your future relations, and you will purify your parents as well.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Oedipal Patterning

Spiritual life is like having sex with a gorilla. You're not finished until the gorilla is.

tags:   Spiritual Life

Transcend Reactivity, but Do Not Lose the Virtue of Your Emotion.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Feeling,   Self-Transcendence

I refuse to be angerless. One who is angerless is exploitable. One who is angerless gives himself or herself up the Parent-State.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Feeling

Touch My Divine Heart, and I Will Widen You To God-Knows-Where.

Epilogue, The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   Adi Da,   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Heart

I'm a Realization Machine. You want Realization? Then move Me.

tags:   Adi Da

The body-mind of Man
is like A Seed,
That lies Asleep
Within the Dark and Depth
of Earth's Unconsciousness.

And I Am Like A Thunderstorm
Of Fresh, Down-Crashing Sound and Light,
That Weathers Me
Into The Earth-World
With A Flood of True and Living Water.

"The Garden of Indestructible Light"
The Only Complete Way To Realize The Unbroken Light Of Real God

tags:   Adi Da

The ego, or the essence of every person (personified as "I"), is not an inner entity or subtle essence. The ego is the activity of self-contraction.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Egoity

Go beyond. There is no "soul" in the heart. There is only the Divine Person, the Divine Reality. By going beyond yourself, you Realize.

tags:   God,   Nature of Reality

Narcissus is a good symbol for suffering. He has separated himself from all relationships, especially the primary relationships of mother, father, loved-one, and environment. He confronts only his own image, which he does not re-cognize as such. Obviously, Narcissus doesn't know that the face in the water is his own image. He does not recognize his own image or quality as such. And suffering is in the failure of a man to re-cognize, to know again, his own distraction, which is his own state, his own quality,his own modification. When he re-cognizes it, he ceases to be enamored, fascinated and distracted. His drama is undone by simple and yet radical knowledge. If Narcissus understands his fundamental activity, his insane condition will come to an end.

My "Bright" Word

tags:   Egoity,   Self-Understanding

So all that a man is suffering is fascination with the force of his own activity and experience, which represents to him the separate self sense (identification or "ego"), the field of differentiation (the conceptualized world), and the endless adventure of seeking (mysterious motivation or desire).

My "Bright" Word

tags:   Egoity,   Identification,   Seeking,   Suffering

The "I"-thought (or the presumed-to-be-independent ego-self), and the world, and the "God"-idea are the three fundamental categories of Reality-as-reflection. As such, "ego-'I'", "world-out-there", and "God-everywhere" are the essential categories of egoic bondage — the tripartite package of world-mummery.

"The Three Elements of Conventional Religious Thinking"
Religion and Reality

tags:   Egoity

When you see that you are always seeking, understanding is emerging. When you see the pattern of Narcissus as all your motives, all your acts, all your seeking, understanding is emerging. When you see you are always suffering, understanding is emerging. When you see that every moment is a process in dilemma, understanding is emerging. When you see that every moment is a process of identification, differentiation and desire, understanding is emerging. When you see that every moment, when you are at your best as well as when you are at your worst, you are only avoiding relationship, then you understand. When you see that which already is, apart from the avoidance of relationship, which already absorbs consciousness prior to the whole dilemma, motivation and activity of avoidance, then you have finally understood.

The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Dilemma,   Identification,   Seeking,   Self-Understanding,   Suffering

The search for the "nice day" is the essence of ordinary self-deception.

tags:   Seeking

Remove the TV stupidity from life, absolutely remove it. Do not submit to the universal doubt, the vision that the Earth is corrupt and is ultimately dominated by stupidity. Be strong. Be bright-foreheaded, God-Realized. Make the Earth sacred. To absolutely change everything is the ultimate Teaching.

tags:   Sexuality

True art heals. True art restores equanimity. Art must regenerate the sense of well-being. That is its true purpose.

tags:   Art,   Health & Healing

True art makes more art inevitable.

Transcendental Realism

tags:   Art

Right and true visual art is wordless silence.

Transcendental Realism

tags:   Art

The body-mind is a mere appearance floating in the Infinite Sea of Undifferentiated Happiness Which you visit, by My Grace, in Communion with Me, and even touch upon daily in the Grace of sleep. So much for death, then. So much for the daily news.

"The Infinite Sea of Undifferentiated Happiness" (August 15, 1995)
The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation

tags:   Death & Dying,   God-Communion,   Happiness,   Spiritual Transmission

First, surrender all stressful intentions to control, manipulate, change, escape, diminish, maintain, expand, or otherwise confront the experiential states of the body-mind. Let body and mind be as they will. Let physical states come and stay or go. Let states of mind come and stay or go. Let states of emotion come and stay or go. Just be aware of whatever is arising.

The Bodily Worship of the Living God

tags:   Control,   Mind,   Surrender

In and of itself, money is neither positive nor negative. Money is simply a sign of human energy. Money is made into a positive or negative sign depending on one's disposition toward it and toward life altogether.

"The Necessary Foundation of Right Life"
Part 9, The Aletheon

tags:   Money

Do not blame anybody ever again. Embrace the discipline of blamelessness. Never blame anything or anyone ever again. You have no right to blame anybody. It is all your personal business.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Human Maturity,   Right Life / Discipline,   Self-Understanding

The ego is an addict. Ego is itself addiction to the body-mind. So the transcending of the body-mind point of view is the transcending of addiction.

April 24, 2005

tags:   Egoity,   Self-Transcendence

The human individual in the midst of reality is like a camera in a room — perceiving everything from a fixed "point of view." But what does the room really look like? The room can be viewed from every possible "point of view" in space-time — not merely from any particular "point of view," or even a finite collection of "points of view." Therefore, no "point of view" can reveal the room, or reality itself, because every "point of view" is limited and essentially self-referring.

"Transcending the Camera: The Bright Reality Beyond 'Point of View"
The Quandra Loka Suite

tags:   Egoity,   Nature of Reality,   Point of View

The compassionate Master does not do for others everything He can do within the bounds of propriety. The compassionate Master will do everything, whether in the realm of propriety or not, for the sake of Awakening others.

Volume IV, The Lesson

tags:   Enlightenment,   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Spiritual Masters

There is not anything that anyone does or has done that gives you a "right" — based on any principle whatsoever — to dissociate from that person or to deny yourself the quality of sympathy and compassion relative to that person. Never wish anyone eternal suffering — anyone!

"The Repenting of egoity"
Part 9, The Aletheon

tags:   Egoity,   Human Maturity,   Love,   Right Life / Discipline

Love Does Not Fail For You When You Are Rejected or Betrayed or Apparently Not Loved. Love Fails For You When You Reject, Betray, and Do Not Love. . . Therefore, Love. Do This Rather Than Make Any Effort To Get Rid Of The Feeling Of Being Rejected.

The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   Love

For those who Are Committed To Love (and who, Therefore, Always Commune With Me, The One Who Is Love-Bliss Itself), Even Rejection By others Is Received and Accepted As A Wound, Not An Insult. Even The Heart-Necessity To Love and To Be Loved Is A Wound. And Even The Fullest Realization Of My Love-Bliss Is A Wound That Never Heals.

The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   Enlightenment,   Heart,   Love

Those who Love Are Love, and others Inevitably Love them. Those who Seek For Love Are Not themselves Active Love, and So they Do Not Find It. (And, Even If they Are Loved, they Do Not Get The Knowledge Of It.) Only The Lover Is Lovable.

The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   Seeking

The Most Direct Way To "Know" Love In every moment Is To Be Love In every moment. Do This By Means Of Devotional (and, In Due Course, Transcendental Spiritual) Communion With Me.

The Dawn Horse Testament

tags:   God-Communion,   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Love

Your First Philosophical Gesture Is "You Do Not Love Me".

Your First Philosophical Gesture Is "You Do Not Love Me"

tags:   Egoity,   Love

You must become responsible as love in all relations, under all conditions, and as early in your life as possible.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Human Maturity,   Love,   Right Life / Discipline

All doubt, despair and fear become insignificant, once the intention of life becomes Love, rather than the dependence on being loved.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

tags:   Love

Love is action. It is not action by an other or a part of a separate one. It is not merely action of the body, or feeling, or thought. It is action of the whole body.

The Paradox of Instruction

tags:   Love,   Whole Body

Do not just live a moral life. Live a life of love.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Love,   Right Life / Discipline

The heart is in bondage until love is incarnated in the world. Therefore, you must incarnate love.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Heart,   Love

Love is not mere attachment, or any kind of fascination with objects or others that represent the possibility of self-fulfillment. Love itself is renunciation of separate and separative self, in relationship to another.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Love,   Renunciation,   Self-Transcendence

Love is disillusionment, or freedom from recoil and modification, subject and object, under all conditions.

The Paradox of Instruction

tags:   Love,   Self-Transcendence,   Self-Understanding

The only cure is love. All the rest is bullshit.

tags:   Love

You can suffer, or you can love. You can complain, or you can surrender. You can abuse, or you can bless. It is really just that simple.

"You Can Suffer Or You Can Love"

tags:   Love,   Suffering,   Surrender

No individual should live as the superior, or the inferior, or even the equal, of all others. Rather, each should live as the intimate servant of others through love.

The true politics of human relationships is the politics of servants everywhere — every one serving, and every one served.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Love

What is the Truth? We are Happy. We live in God. The Great One is our very Being. We inhere in the Blissful, Forceful Being of the Starry God, the Wonder, the Mystery, the Person of Love. This is our Situation and our Destiny.

The Dreaded Gom-Boo

tags:   Destiny,   God,   Happiness,   Mystery/Divine Ignorance,   Truth

For human beings, death Is A Proposition and A Puzzle That Must Be Understood and Transcended (By Correct and Revealing Information, or Fullest Education, and By The Real Process Of self-Transcendence). There Is No Peace For human beings Until This Matter Is Resolved.


tags:   Death & Dying,   Self-Transcendence

The true man or woman yields to the process of experience as to a lover. . . Experience, whether positive or negative, coincides with ecstasy in the case of devotees of the Real. They are sacrificed in any case, spoiled with wounds, and ultimately eaten by a mysterious lover. Lovers do not fear dissolution. . .

For such a one, knowledge is only a convention of ordinary order and thinking, whereas love is the method whereby the secret purposes of the universe are fulfilled.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

tags:   Happiness,   Love,   Surrender

My Room is Larger than you think. I close My eyes and I am in My Room, Infinitely beyond. This is just a small version of It. But this place is good for love.

The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Adi Da,   Human Maturity,   Love

Life is not leading anywhere. The earth has not been created in order ultimately to evolve into the Divine state. The earth is just what it is. It may become more glamorous, or it may just fall apart. It could become more glamorous, but that wouldn't make it Divine. This world is just a limitation like all of the endless infinities of billions of other worlds All of them are just limitations. Apart from all of that, and also absolutely coincident with it, is the Divine, and those who know the Divine, in whatever world they appear, are free, and that world becomes Divine theatre for them. They don't always look to go to some other world. They live in God and play out the present event. Such is the habit of wise men.


tags:   Lesson of Life,   Nature of Reality

The thing that makes you unhappy is your own contraction. That's it, absolutely!

The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Egoity,   Happiness

Come to Me when you are already Happy.

"Come to Me When You Are Already Happy"
The Way That I Teach

tags:   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Happiness,   Way of Adidam

Emotion and sexuality are exactly the same thing. There is absolutely no difference between them. Whatever you are emotionally, you are sexually. Whatever you are sexually, you are emotionally. And whatever you are emotionally and sexually, that is what you are as a living presence.

Love of the Two-Armed Form

tags:   Feeling,   Sexuality

The joy of God-Communion must exceed the pleasure of sex.

tags:   God-Communion,   Happiness,   Sexuality

Light is a great temptation.

Epilogue, Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun

tags:   Light

The "Midnight Sun" Is the Hole in the universe. It is not (Itself) black. It Is the Hole in the black. It is Divine Being objectified, the Divine Self-Condition objectified. When there is passage into That Place (or the Divine Self-Condition Itself), there is nothing more to say.


tags:   God,   Nature of Reality

The (Ultimate) Nature of the world (and how it is arising) is inherently (and tacitly) obvious, if you remain in a state of total psycho-physical oneness with whatever and all that presently arises.

Da Love-Ananda Gita

tags:   Nature of Reality,   Self-Transcendence

The Man of Understanding is not "entranced". He is not "elsewhere". He is not having an "experience". He is not passionless and inoffensive. He is Awake. He is Merely and "Brightly" Present. He knows no obstruction in the form of mind, identity, differentiation, and desire. He uses mind, identity, differentiation, and desire. He is passionate. His quality is an offense to those who are entranced, elsewhere, contained in the mechanics of experience, asleep, living as various forms of identity separation, and dependence. He is acceptable only to those who understand.

The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Adi Da,   Identification,   Mind

The Man of Understanding is constantly Happy with you. He is overwhelmed with Happiness. . . He smiles at you. You notice a sudden "Brightness". Everything has already died. This is the "other" world.

The Knee Of Listening

tags:   Adi Da,   Happiness

The Horse Is Happy. Pass the salt.

tags:   Happiness,   Koans

What is simply not used is intrinsically obsolete — whereas what is opposed is constantly kept in front of you. The creative principle of true and positive change is a combination of always relaxed inspection (and discriminating awareness) of existing tendencies and, on that basis, an active, persistent, full feeling-orientation to right, new, and regenerative functional patterns. If this creative principle of true and positive change is practiced consistently and in ecstatic (or intrinsically ego-transcending) resort to Me, the Divine Avataric Master, free growth — demonstrated as habit-transcending true and positive change — is assured.

"Right Principle and Right Self-Management: The Secrets of How To Change"
Part 9, The Aletheon

tags:   Addiction,   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Right Life / Discipline

Everything transmits. The stones transmit, the sky does, the TV does. Since everything and everyone transmits states of existence, since life, or existence itself, is participation in transmissions of all kinds, the best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission. . . You become what you meditate on.

The Knee Of Listening

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True prayer is simply moment to moment surrender or relaxation of the total body-mind-complex (beyond all physical, emotional, mental, and psychic contraction or recoiling tension), into the Infinite Being-Energy That Pervades you and your "experience" and the entire "world". If this is done moment to moment, then the All-Accomplishing Power of the Eternally Living Divine Reality becomes the Master and the Beloved and the Destiny of your existence.

Bodily Worship of The Living God (October 7, 1979)

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You cannot bypass the fire. There is no way into the Light except through surrender of "self", ecstasy, love in all your acts, in every moment of life.

"The Fire Must Have Its Way" (July 17, 1978)

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The life of devotion to Me is both a Communion with Light and a Purification by Fire. There may be many years of This Fire-Light in My Divine Avataric Company, and you should welcome all of them.

"The Way of Light Is The Way of Fire"
Part 19, The Aletheon

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Don't be angry and sorrowful and guilty and fearful. Rather, be uncomfortable; in other words, not satisfied, not satisfiable in the framework of ordinary living and you'll find Me, you'll hear Me, you'll practice.

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The Spiritually alive personality is in some ways just like a child — not uninformed as a child is, but free by virtue of transcending adult information. You take your information too seriously and you do not take the Truth seriously enough. You should all be like Mickey Mouse.

Booklet 1: Love, Wisdom, and Happiness in the First Three Stages of Life, Conscious Childrearing Series

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Tat Sundaram! All of this is Sacred, All of this is Beautiful!


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And all of humankind, as one-by-one, became a mob of Mummery. A Clacking! Pattern of mere and Clicking! "individuals" — with murderously reasonable demands!

The Mummery Book

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Even though death rules to here, there is an indivisible eternal Sun over-head. And that eternal Sun is — beyond even all conditional visibility. . . . I Am that eternal Sun — the (Self-"Bright") Midnight Sun, apparently (and infinitely) above all-and-All, and always already free-Standing, beyond (or perfectly prior to) all-and-All.

The Scapegoat Book

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She May Have Kissed you but it's still Klik Klak. Better let go or you'll be back.

The Happenine Book

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A Horse Appears in the Wild Is Always Already The Case. What color Is "It"?

The Happenine Book

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Now, what have you learned in your whole life? Have you learned to feel perfectly? To feel absolutely? Did you ever go through a period of study in which you learned to feel to Infinity, to feel Absolute Divinity? No, you learned all the reactive patterns of life, all the desires for ordinary things.

"The Fire Must Have Its Way" (July 17, 1978)

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You do not feel better because you do not feel better!

"The Fire Must Have Its Way" (July 17, 1978)

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Spiritual life is a crisis. Therefore, Spiritual life involves discomfort at times. . . The individual who is really using this process can be enduring this crisis almost continually, with great frequency and intensity — and, yet, like a soldier on the march, the person never misses a step, never becomes outwardly reactive. Such a person continues to function, and apparently only enjoys life.

My "Bright" Word

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I have not come to satisfy my devotees. A satisfied devotee is still the one he or she was. I am only interested in the utter, "radical" dissolution of that entire limitation that appears as my devotee.

My "Bright" Word

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I am Free in God, and only that Freedom is what I would find in my friends.

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Divine Enlightenment is a literal change of the whole body. . . The changes are as literal as evolving from a dinosaur to a human being, and they are as dramatic as that, but they principally occur at more subtle levels of the physics of the conditional being. There are literal changes in the nervous system, literal changes in the chemistry of the body, literal changes in the structural functioning of the brain.

"The Super-Physics of Divine Enlightenment"
Part 3, The Aletheon

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I am Present in the same kind of bodily form as you — manifested in the same kind of physical condition, the same kind of nervous system, the same kind of brain. But in Me all these things are Raised to an Absolute level of Functioning, so that your entering into Communion with Me brings changes even at the level of the psycho-physical body that you present to Me.

"The Super-Physics of Divine Enlightenment"
Part 3, The Aletheon

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If you really examine the characteristics of conditional Nature (or phenomenal existence), there is no justification for believing in the Parental Deity at all. It is simply not true to the facts of existence altogether that there is a Great Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Being making everything happen. . . It is simply not so.

"The God Who Is Imagined and The God Who Truly Exists"
The Aletheon

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A man went to his Master and said, "Master, I feel like there are two dogs fighting inside me, a good dog and a bad dog. Which one is going to win?" The Master said, "The one that you feed the most."

tags:   Renunciation,   Right Life / Discipline

Your problems and your questions only arise because you forget Consciousness. You presume you are the body — but, in reality, you are only witnessing the body.

"You Presume You Are The Body"
We Are Consciousness Itself

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The answer to every question is devotion.

Remarkably enough, the reason you are so disturbed about the facts of life that might make you fearful, sorrowful, and angry is that whenever something arises that you might appropriately be angry, fearful, or sorrowful about, you do not feel it completely. . . If feeling becomes limitless, if you do not contract, then feeling becomes Being itself — no reaction, no contraction. . . . It is Love-Bliss. . . It is Divine Enlightenment.

Feeling Without Limitation

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Love is alive only in one who is completely in touch with his or her own fear, sorrow, and anger.

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The Divine Reality, or God, is not ultimately the Savior of our lives. The Divine is That to which our lives must be a sacrifice. Indeed, it is the intuition of the Divine that permits us to live as a sacrifice rather than a Narcissistic, reactive, and self-possessed struggle for ultimate survival.

"The Creative Function of Life-Frustration in the Process of Self-Sacrifice"
Vol 1. No. 10, Vision Mound Magazine

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There is nothing as obnoxious as a gleeful asshole.

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While you live in conditional form, you make mind — you create the psyche, through associations, repetitions, reinforcement. When you die and the body drops off, mind makes you — after death, you live in the world of mind as you have created it while alive.

"This Liberating Impulse" (February 1, 1985)
Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying,   Mind,   Subtle Dimensions

Spiritual life is about Realizing utter Love-Bliss, greater Bliss than is realized through sex or any other conditional experience.

"This Liberating Impulse" (February 1, 1985)
Easy Death

tags:   Enlightenment,   Happiness,   Sexuality,   Spiritual Life

Love, not reason, should make decisions. Decisions based on reason and not on love are karmic. Therefore, let the heart be your intelligence. The heart is unreasonable. The heart is "mad". And the heart is the ground I Call you to walk on.

June, 1992

tags:   Discriminative Intelligence,   Heart,   Love

True Wisdom is the capacity for perfect madness.

Therefore, only the practice of love has the capacity to keep the Wise sane.

tags:   Love,   Wisdom

The people who went to Jesus or Mohammed or Moses wanted to know what they should be doing to enjoy a future that would be Blessed by God. . . In the Orient, on the other hand, if they went looking for a Master, they wanted to know how the hell they could get out of here and bring an end to all this torment!

"The Religious Ambivalence of the West" (November 3, 1977)

tags:   Destiny,   Enlightenment

The question "Is there a God?" reflects an immature, self-contracted state in human beings for which they must become responsible. When one's own self-contracted state is transcended, the reality of God is overwhelmingly obvious.

November 3, 1977

tags:   Childishness,   Egoity,   God,   Human Maturity

The essence of un-Enlightenment is concern for "self" — for its survival, well-being, pleasure, amusement, perpetuation, and so on. Enlightenment is not merely the transcending of "self" or the concern for "self". It is a matter of the Realization of Reality Itself, Which Is Always Already The Case. It is Inherently, in other words, without "self" and without a concern for "self".

January 19, 1997

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True poetry cannot be exhausted. A great Teaching cannot be exhausted. You can approach it every day of your life, all day, every day, as long as you have the attention and energy for it, and still it cannot be exhausted. You could occupy yourself with only portions of My Wisdom-Teaching for your entire lifetime and still not exhaust it, because the Song of God is Infinite and cannot be contained.

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Reduce your life to intimacy.

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Insight is when you break through the molecular confusion associated with your own biological existence and Realize the "Intoxicated" Glory of Mere Existence.

September, 1982

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You are seeing the results of all kinds of individuated activities, all kinds of wills — the "play", the "creative" force of beings, of "gods", not God. Thus, to worship them is to worship your unhappiness and your death. You must understand this, you must penetrate this, you must enjoy insight into this. Then you will See the Divine, Who Transcends "cause" and "effect", Who Is the "Substance", the Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of all-and-All.

September, 1982

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You are never in danger of knowing what anything is.

tags:   Mystery/Divine Ignorance

You can’t teach anyone anything without love, and without being happy with them.

Discipline is an Act of Love

tags:   Children,   Right Life / Discipline

Change your act, and your subjectivity will follow.

tags:   Right Life / Discipline

Love is the only God-damned God there is!

"The Baptism of Immortal Happiness" (December 17, 1982)
The Dreaded Gom-Boo

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A different mode of My Work is Emerging. That is what My Divine Avataric Self-"Emergence" Time is about — Moving out of Submission into Standing Free, and Working with people who devotionally recognize Me and devotionally respond to Me, Working in a "world" in which I am devotionally recognized. It is a different kind of Work.

August 8, 2007

tags:   Adi Da

All have been Meditated by Me. All have been Embraced by Me. Now, on the basis of whole-bodily-responsive devotional recognition of Me, all limitations can be shed. This is how the Process Works in My Divine Avataric Company. That is the Process for the future.

Vol. 7, The Aletheon

tags:   Adi Da

You must love one another, have compassion for your limitations and the limitations of others, and forget about the fact that you are not perfect, and neither is anyone else.

The Incarnation of Love

tags:   Love

Consciousness is not located until it is utterly set free from identification with separateness, with egoity, with the knot of self-contraction, the knot of the body-mind.

"What Consciousness Is"
Part 16, The Aletheon

tags:   Consciousness,   Egoity,   Identification

You do not have to disappear from here in order to find egolessness and No-"difference".

The Aletheon

tags:   Identification,   Mystery/Divine Ignorance,   Seeking

You (necessarily) become (or conform to the likeness of) whatever you Behold, or Contemplate, or Meditate on, or even think about. Therefore. . . Contemplate Me, and always transcend even all thought by Meditating on Me.

Da Love-Ananda Gita

tags:   Guru-Devotee Relationship,   Identification,   Meditation

Truth Is That Which, when fully Realized (and, Thus, "Known", even via the transcending of all conditional knowledge and all conditional experience), Sets you Free from all bondage and all seeking.


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The ego-transcending "point of view" actively acknowledges the principle of love.  The individual who is functioning in an ego-transcending fashion presumes himself or herself to live in a "world" of love.  In the "world" of relations, that one is alive in the Domain of Love.  Love is the principle of functioning.  It is the principle of relationship.  Love is what is to be realized and expressed.  You must overcome all limits upon it.  Spiritual life is many things, but at the level of human relations, its essence is love.

Gathering on Nukubati Island, Fiji (June 29, 1983)

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Death is a living process. It is not an ending. It is a very profound transformation.

"Death Is a Living Process"
Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying

Above all, tension and fear must be relaxed during the death process (as it must be in the case of a woman in childbirth). You must relax and release, as when going to sleep — in a feeling of deep trust, love, and surrender to the Divine Reality on Which the process depends.

"The Truth About Death"
Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying

There is Truth — but you have to deal with death. If it does not touch death, then it has nothing to do with Truth. Truth has to deal with death now — because "now" is a potential moment of death.

December 21, 2004

tags:   Death & Dying

Therefore, in order for death to be an ecstatic transition for you, you must not only study and prepare for the specific and terminal process of death itself, but (while alive) you must also devote yourself to an ecstatic (or ego-transcending) way of life.

"The Truth About Death"
Easy Death

tags:   Death & Dying

This is Wisdom: Always relax into the pains and circumstances of experience, and so remain in Communion with Life, rather than in confrontation with the modifications of Life. Relax into Life rather than react to experience. Do this consistently, under all circumstances, and thus remain always free, happy, Full of Life, and disposed toward loving self-release in all relationships. This is the Human Foundation of Morality.

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

tags:   God-Communion,   Happiness,   Right Life / Discipline,   Wisdom

Let us surrender into Infinity with all our friends and hold on to no thing or condition that ever appears. Let us forget all things in present Happiness, and so forgive the universe for all its playful changes. Let us always love one another, and so forgive one another for appearing, for changing, and for passing out of present sight. So be it.

"Death is a Perfect Insult"
The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

tags:   Happiness,   Love,   Surrender


Adi Da not only gave us countless, Divinely brilliant and often humorous aphorisms. He also gave us the following caveat, based on the ego's enamorment with aphorisms, mistaking the reading of brief passages for the gaining of true wisdom.

DEVOTEE: It is like the left and right (or the world of opposites). . . Life is suffering, and then there is God.

ADI DA: That is one way of putting it, in your humble one-liner fashion.

Humble one-liners are sufficient for most people to generate in them a sense of feeling consoled. They are like teddy bears.

So a lot of people reduce the religious life to something like one-liners that they pull out to snuggle with. But how can one settle for that couple of sentences worth of comprehension as the attitude of one's existence? It is a profound matter.

The only way to save yourselves from the destiny of religious one-linerism is to constantly and directly study My Teaching, read the great traditions, study them. Stay in the process of this great "consideration", instead of just sitting around and "smoking the pipe", rapping out dharma and consoling yourselves with your teddy bear knowledge.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

There's no one-liner that is My Revelation. There's one Me that is My Revelation. But there is a lot of words, and a lot of responsive practice required.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, November 25, 2004
CD 2, Track 4, Myths, Realizers, and Divine Realization

Thus, Adi Da's Divine Utterances are wonderful invitations and goads, as "entry points" for learning more about His Wisdom-Teaching. They also can serve as brief "summaries" of much larger considerations that a devotee has gone through (each considering some aspect of Adi Da's Teaching) leading the devotee to practice on the basis of that extended Teaching. What these aphorisms cannot and should not become is a substitute for that much more substantive exploration and consideration of Adi Da's Teaching, and the inevitable change of life and practice that comes about when one truly combines oneself with Adi Da's Teaching.

To bypass Adi Da's full Teaching (and its full embrace in one's life) is to miss His Gift. So if, in reading this page of quotes, you have enjoyed dipping your toes in the Ocean of Adi Da's Wisdom, do what comes naturally, next: Dive in!


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