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This site is dedicated to providing photographs of Avatar Adi Da Samraj — either photographs specifically empowered as "Murtis" for meditative and sacramental use by devotees; or "Murti"-like images for general use.

Some of the most recently available pictures are displayed here.

Vision Of Mulund Institute
Vision Of Mulund Institute This website is published by our community organization and dedicated to serving children and educating others about Adi Da Samraj's Instruction on children.

see also: our section, Children and Young People in Adidam

Fear-No-More Zoo / Sacred Camel Gardens Fear-No-More Zoo was founded by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and has branches around the world: in Northern California, Hawaii, Holland, and Fiji. The website contains wonderful photographs of its animals, and Avatar Adi Da's commentaries about the need for humans to accomodate and appreciate the planet's non-human population. Adults and children alike are bound to find this a joyous, inspirational website.

The Sacred Camel Gardens emerges from the deep love between the late spiritual teacher, Adi Da Samraj and a large Bactrian bull camel he named "Jingle Baba". The Sacred Camel Gardens is both a place a beautiful nature reserve located in Northern California where the Sacred camels live and a unique retreat process we welcome you into.

see also:
the Camel & blog
our Sacred Camel Gardens videos

Fear-No-More Zoo

Sacred Camel Gardens

The Adidam ArchivesAdidam Archives The Archives contains thousands of hours of Adi Da's talks; more than 200,000 pages of the original, handwritten manuscripts; extensive sacred collections of art; thousands of stories told by devotees; more than 250,000 photographs recording Adi Da's Avataric Incarnation; and much more.

also: Facebook page

Adidam Library A resource for finding great book, music, and movie gifts featured on Adi Da's Basket of Tolerance, and to support the Adidam Library.

The Adidam Library

Fear-No-More Zoo

Adi Da Blogs An up-to-date directory of blogs maintained by a number of Adi Da's devotees.

Adi Da Rasa Adi Da Rasa is the pure oils incense brand developed in India by the spiritual community of Adidam. Each of the four fragrances was created, blended and named under guidance from Adi Da Samraj. "Rasa" means incense. There are four scents: Avabhasa Rose, Sandalwood Rasa, Holy Cat, and Da Sangha.

Adi Da Rasa



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