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The Sacred Literature and Theater
of Adi Da and Adidam

Adi Da's principal literary work [1] is His trilogy entitled The Orpheum. In the late 1990s, poet Robert Lax said of The Mummery Book (the opening volume of the Orpheum trilogy), “Living and working as a writer for many decades, I have not encountered a book like this, that mysteriously and unselfconsciously conveys so much of the Unspeakable Reality.” The other two books in the trilogy are The Scapegoat Book and The Happenine Book.

The Orpheum is also presented in theatrical form. The primary theatre is located in Middletown, California, a two-and-a–half hour drive north from San Francisco.

The Mummery Book

The Mummery Book

The Mummery Book: Book One of The Orpheum

The Mummery Book as a theatrical enactment is an absolute delight for the senses: the visual, aural, emotional and intellectual challenges are constant. In essence, this is a theatrical experience of accomplished beauty. With love/light/bliss as its core message, it truly resonates in the heart and reverberates in the mind in a theatrically unique manner. A stunningly brilliant mise-en-scene that has imprinted itself upon my consciousness for days, if not forever.

Tony Curiel
Member, Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers (NYC)
Associate Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Diego




Adi Da uses the word "literature" in a specific sense, distinguishing His literary works from the many books He has created about the Adidam Revelation and the Way of Adidam.


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