Garbage and the Goddess, part 2:
Guru Enters Devotee

The story below from Chapter 6 of Carolyn Lee, Ph.D., The Promised God-Man Is Here (1998 edition).

Aniello Panico is a longtime devotee of Adi Da. For many years, he was the publishing manager of The Dawn Horse Press.

Aniello PanicoAniello Panico:
On one occasion, I had been sitting and talking with Beloved Adi Da for several hours. All of a sudden, I felt a tremendous urge to get up and kiss His hand. I could feel a strange process beginning to work throughout my entire body. It felt as if I were being turned inside out and my very cells were being transformed.

Then I started having sudden, violent kriyas [spontaneous bodily movements]. I noticed that Beloved Adi Da had His hand on the top of my head, and I felt the Divine Force literally, tremendous Light and Force Coming Down and Filling my entire body, Consuming me, as if it was turning every part of me inside out. The Divine Force was so great that my own body also began to assume tremendous force. There was a tremendous expansion of the chest and arms. It was if I were fighting something and I was. It felt as if my entire psyche was being pulled up and out of me.

Adi Da Transmitting the Force of the Divine to Aniello
Adi Da Transmitting the Force of the Divine to Aniello (© 2011 ASA)
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I was very reluctant and holding on, holding back, while the Divine Force was actually pulling my psyche out through the top of my head. It felt like I was being exorcised. The intensity was almost unbearable. But it was never painful, just sheer intensity. I knew that my ordinary point of view had absolutely dissolved. I knew there was nothing but the Divine.

My body continued to have violent kriyas and shaking. Then this subsided, and I attempted to pull away from Beloved Adi Da. But He held on to me and placed His forehead on mine while continuing to keep His hand on the top of my head. Then everything intensified even more. I could feel Him pushing the Divine Light through the top of my head this was literally my experience with His forehead on mine the whole time. I felt twitches and clickings, as if my mind were being dissolved. And I pressed against His forehead. It felt like the top of my brain was being torn off, and I needed more force to deal with it. Then I felt my mind dissolving, just vanishing. Something just went out of me and left.

While this was occurring, the mind had been conjuring up all kinds of thoughts, some sexual, some about business and ordinary things. But it all just vanished.

I then saw and felt a Brilliant Light in my forehead and temples, a tremendous blinding White Light, and I knew that all of that mental and psychic chaos had dissolved. I hugged Beloved Adi Da around the waist. It was very intense, forceful I could feel all of His strength. I was holding Him and I felt Him enter my body. I literally felt this. And I became One with Him. At this point, the Divine Force became very active in my body. It just kept moving through the entire body, down to the tips of my toes, through my hands, arms, forehead. Suddenly, my hand shot up, the Force was coming out of it so intensely. But it wasn't an energy that seeks to go to God. It was the Divine Light. It was already Real God, and I just knew it to be so.

* * *

During a conversation the next day, Aniello told Avatar Adi Da he felt that not only he but the entire world had changed as a result of this immense Revelation of Divine Power. Even while Aniello was speaking, he began to breathe more heavily, feeling the "thickness" of the Divine Maha-Siddha's [1] Heart-Power filling the room. He looked out the window of Avatar Adi Da's House. It was drizzling, but, then, suddenly, a tremendous storm arose. It seemed to him that it was conjured up right in front of the window. The sky ripped open and rain came down in torrents. Aniello sat there with Avatar Adi Da and a small group of devotees, gazing at the storm. And then it was literally gone in a moment as suddenly as it had arisen. Aniello was intuitively certain that the storm was also the result of Avatar Adi Da's silent Spirit-Force. It validated to him beyond words the Divine origin of all that had been occurring.

This story appears in the following sections:
Spiritual Transmission and
Extraordinary Evidence

[1] Maha-Siddha "Maha" is Sanskrit for "great". Thus "Maha-Siddha" is the "Great Siddha (or Perfect One)".

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