Spiritual Transmission:
Adi Da as Spiritual Transmission Master

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The Offering: The One before you now is that Uncaused Space, Self-Radiant without limit. This is why you find Me Attractive, if you do. Even without knowing altogether why, this is your intuition. This is what you are responding to. This Body is a unique Signal, a unique Sign, the Doorway to Who I Am and to Realization Itself. All you need to do in any moment is relinquish all other preoccupations and Contemplate Me. Then you are in my Seat and Place, and My Realization is yours.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
New Year's Eve, 1997/1998

The Way: With two tuning forks of the same pitch, you may strike one and the other will start to vibrate in resonance. The Spiritual Master is the first fork. The devotee is the second. The devotee has only to release his or her grip on the tines of the second fork and it will start to vibrate at the same pitch as the first.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

[The same point, with more detail:]

If You Consistently Turn The psycho-physical Faculties To Me, You Are (Thus and Thereby By Surrendering, Forgetting, and Transcending the ego-"I") Sympathetically Attuned To Me. If a tuning fork Is Struck (or, Thereby, or Otherwise, Caused To Vibrate At its Characteristic Frequency), and Then a Second tuning fork (Of Similar Structure, Capable Of Resonating With the First) Is Brought Into Proximity With the First tuning fork, the Second tuning fork (Even If it Is Not Already Vibrating, and Not, Otherwise, Struck) Will Begin To Vibrate Sympathetically (or "In Sympathy" With the First tuning fork).

I Am Like the (First) Vibrating tuning fork and You (As My Rightly Prepared Devotee) Are Like the (Second) Non-Vibrating tuning fork that Begins To Vibrate By Coming Into Proximity With the Already Vibrating tuning fork. Thus, By Coming Into True Sympathetic Association With Me, You Begin To Vibrate "In Sympathy" With Me Until (In Due Course) You Become Completely Resonant With Me.

If the tuning fork that is Your body-mind-"self" Is Vibrated By Me, I Can (In Due Course) Make it Vibrate To The Degree Of Absolute Intensity.

But If You Are Gripping the tines of the tuning fork, I Cannot Do My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Work With You.

Therefore, Take Your hand Off the tines and Come To Me.

Be Always Attuned To Me and Vibrated By Me.

I Vibrate You By Merely Being.

Therefore, You Must Come To Me To Merely Be With Me.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Recognition of Me Is Liberation

The very first time Adi Da watched a video of Himself, He beamed and exclaimed, "It transmits!" It is fortunate for all of us and for all future generations that it turned out that way. We can receive His Transmission without Him needing to be humanly alive.

The Spiritual Transmission MasterThe Spiritual Transmission Master
If there is a single greatest point of confusion about Adidam and Avatar Adi Da, it is this: the idea and the tradition of the Spiritual Transmission Master is completely absent from contemporary culture. This article explains how Spiritual Transmission Masters transmit their Spiritual Realization to their devotees, and how devotees Realize the Master's State by duplication, in accord with the principle: "you become what you meditate on."
The Need for a Spiritual Transmission MasterThe Need for a Spiritual Transmission Master
Q: I had an extraordinary Spiritual Revelation without the help of any Spiritual Master. I'm not sure why a Spiritual Master is necessary?
A: That was a moment, and now you have a wonderful memory. But if you want not just a momentary Revelation (or just the memory of it), but a permanent Realization, you need a Spiritual Transmission Master, and a practice that enables you to meditate on His or Her Transmission, while transcending your "self", for however long it takes in your case (generally many years; often, many lifetimes) to Realize what is being Transmitted. In general, the more profound the Realization, the more profound the help required, and Adi Da's Revelation is the ultimate (seventh-stage) Revelation of Divine Enlightenment.

Stories From Devotees and Appreciators of Adi Da's Wisdom

Spiritual Transmission as Teaching Work: "Garbage and the Goddess". The period in the Sacred History of Adidam known as "Garbage and the Goddess" occurring during the first half of 1974 was a time when Adi Da deliberately intensified His Spiritual Transmission, and communicated it in powerfully tangible ways, to make a variety of Teaching points. One of those points was the basis for the name, "Garbage and the Goddess": He was demonstrating that what He humorously called "the bangles of the Goddess" meaning all the fascinating Spiritual experiences that were manifesting around Him were really only "garbage" compared with the Prior Happiness Revealed in His Divine Company, and, like all garbage, should be "thrown away", rather than held onto or valued in themselves:

Every one succumbs to the "Goddess" on one level or another. Some succumb in very subtle ways but most people succumb in very ordinary ways, without even knowing the "Goddess" (as Such). They succumb to the mass of experiences, of accumulations, of consolations. Every one is looking to be consoled. When your consolations are ripped off, you find something else to be consoled by one thing after the next. The reason you do not surrender whatever you find consoling is that you do not recognize it for what it is. Therefore, part of My Avataric Function is to undermine all of this, to make the world show itself. I make the "Goddess" the "Shakti", or Universal Energy, experienced as "Maya" [illusion] show you what She is really all about. . . .

From the beginning of My time of Teaching, I have said that the Way in My Company is Satsang [devotional and Spiritual relationship] with Me, the Satsang of the inherently egoless Divine Heart Itself not the Satsang of the "Kundalini", of the Cosmic "Shakti", of the "un-'Husbanded' Goddess". [See our article below on Hridaya-Shakti versus Kundalini Shakti.]


Garbage and the Goddess, Part 1 Newcomers to The Mountain Of Attention during the first half of 1974 found themselves entering a place of Divine Power. They became immersed in a sea of energy, visions, and other psychic experiences, awakened through contact with the Spirit-Force of Adi Da Samraj. But, as their stories show, what was fundamentally occurring was the utter and overwhelming Revelation of Real God and, therefore, of the true Nature and Power of Avatar Adi Da.

Garbage and the Goddess, Part 2: Guru Enters Devotee Aniello Panico describes his personal experiences of the "Garbage and the Goddess" period: "I felt the Divine Force literally, tremendous Light and Force Coming Down and Filling my entire body, Consuming me, as if it was turning every part of me inside out."
Aniello Panico

Hridaya-Shakti versus Kundalini Shakti
Hridaya-Shakti versus Kundalini Shakti More about the distinction between the traditional Kundalini transmission and Adi Da's Hridaya-Shaktipat, or "Transmission of the Heart".

There have been many people who have come to Me and very quickly became involved in the experiential dimensions stimulated by the yogic aspect of the Divine Power. They had all kinds of experiences. But it did not change them one iota. They were just as stupid, just as committed to their arsehole destiny in the midst of kriyas, blisses, visions as they were before they ever heard of kundalini. They failed to understand just as completely, and they were very quick to leave as soon as some fascination in their personal life or somewhere in the world presented itself.

My Teaching Work over the last two and a half years has thus been associated with inner and outer miracles, but it was all a way to demonstrate how the fulfillment of experiential life in individuals does not amount in any sense whatsoever to Illumination. The arising of miraculous or extraordinary experiential phenomena does not produce the Enlightened Man, the Wise Man. Enlightenment or Radical Understanding depends entirely on the conscious process, not on the experiential one.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, August 11, 1974

Spiritual Transmission as initiation. Apart from special periods or occasions like Garbage and the Goddess, the reception of Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission is the regular experience of every devotee. Each will have their own story of the first time they experienced It, what that was like, and how that experience supports their understanding and recognition of Who Adi Da is.

Leroy Stilwell

When There Is Surrender An account of Leroy Stilwell's first direct, tangible experience of Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission.

Perfect Love Touched My Heart Meg Fortune McDonnell describes what occurred the first time she sat with Adi Da (then named "Bubba Free John").

Meg Fortune McDonnell

Spiritual Transmission as purification. Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission serves many purposes. One of its functions is purification: relieving the body-mind of the devotee of the force of a lifetime (or even many lifetimes) of egoic patterning. The following stories are dramatic examples of such purification. To be free of the force of a limiting character pattern whether it is shyness, difficulty in feeling, chronic anger, or whatever is something all of us would appreciate, even from the conventional standpoint of an ordinary life. But in the Way of Adidam, in the context of a life dedicated to Spiritual Realization, such purification serves a greater purpose. To the very same degree that one's energy and attention is bound by such limiting egoic patterns, one cannot devote one's energy and attention to Something Greater. Thus there is an entire phase of the Way of Adidam during which Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission serves this purpose of purification. As Adi Da puts it, the "dog" is washed from "head" to "tail" (as His Transmission "Crashes down" from above the devotee's head to the bodily base, cleansing what He refers to as the "frontal line", and all the associated egoic patterns).


Never Has God Revealed Himself So Fully Maksim Igorevich Rykov: "Later that year, my friend told me of a dream he had in which he saw me going through a process of purification that Adi Da would be involved in. Purification didn't sound too appealing to me, but it soon manifested in full force in the form of chicken pox! . . . I decided to put on a video of Adi Da granting Darshan, and the moment the video started, my heart was broken by the immensity of Divine Force emanating from Him. I wept and wept, my body radiating with His Spiritual Transmission."

Maksim Igorevich Rykov
Toni Vidor

An Immense Burden Had Been Lifted from Me Toni Vidor tells a story of the impact of Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission on her: "When it was finally over, I felt as if an immense burden eighty tons of whatever it was I had been carrying around all my life without even realizing it had been lifted from me."


"That is My Work" Elizabeth Lowe tells a similar story of being washed through Adi Da's Power: "I suddenly found myself kneeling in front of His feet on the chaise, with my head buried between His knees. I was weeping and then screaming with enormous force, my hands resting on His Divine legs for strength and reassurance. I could hardly believe my own ears as the screams seemed to fall out of me into the chaise and the ground below, filling the air with the horror that has always resided in me. There was no particular content just generalized agony over the horrors of the world."

Elizabeth Lowe
Dan Sleeth

My First Retreat and a Miraculous Healing Dan Sleeth: "Suddenly, I was howling with utter abandon. . . . The sounds felt torn from my intestines, and sent scuttling out through my lungs in a gruff and horrific shriek. It was obvious to me that something was being pulled out from of the depths of my being, perhaps even demonic. I could literally feel the blackness, coarse and oily, like a mechanic's rag, passing through my throat. Beyond any doubt, I was being purified of some horrible foulness which I could not even name."
A Sphere of Love and Compassion Mary Anne diFranco tells of being drawn in meditation into a Sphere of love and compassion, which purified the difficulties in her relationship with her intimate partner.

Mary Anne diFranco
Dennis Bumstead

Divine Love Heals Everything Dennis Bumstead's story about gathering with Adi Da on Naitauba in 1992, the Divine Love poured out endlessly by Adi Da, and how that Divine Love healed Dennis at a profound level.


See also: Adi Da and Instantaneous Liberation from Karma

Descriptions of Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission. Adi Da always transmits His Divine State to all beings. Ultimately, the devotees who "receive" this Transmission most perfectly are Awakened to the same Divine State, as their permanent Realization. But until that moment of Divine Enlightenment, the very same Transmission is experienced differently (in "stepped-down" versions) by different devotees. What exactly they experience is a reflection of their particular body-mind and their level of practice. It should be noted that Adi Da's Transmission remains completely available to all devotees after the passing of His human form. Indeed, the conscious purpose of Adi Da's finite human life was to make His Transmission available to all beings in perpetuity.

Leroy Stilwell

After Darshan The letters included here were written to Avatar Adi Da after occasions in which He sat in Darshan with devotees, transmitting His Divine State to them.
Everything Was Love-Bliss Radiance Adi Da's dentist, John Metcalfe, was once so overwhelmed by Adi Da's Transmission of Love-Bliss that he completely forgot he was there to do some dental work for Adi Da!

John Metcalfe

The Silver Hall Transmission Sittings. There is a room in Adi Da's residence, Aham Da Asmi Sthan, on the island of Naitauba, Fiji, that houses a meditation hall for use by His devotees. The room is formally called Danavira Peetha. More commonly it is referred to as "The Silver Hall", because many of the objects which surround Adi Da's Chair and Murti Image in the hall are made of silver. It is a place especially potent with His Divine Transmission. The unique import of The Silver Hall, however, is that it is where Adi Da Samraj initiates His First Congregation devotees into the Transcendental Spiritual practice in His Company, a practice that has no precedent in the history of religious and spiritual traditions. The Silver Hall process, as it is called, is the leading edge of practice in the Reality-Way of Adidam. The confessions of those participating in this process are (in a very real sense) "mind-blowing". Not only inspiring, they are proof that Avatar Adi Da's Gifts are like those of no other teacher or teaching, and a possibility for all His devotees.

The doors to the Silver Hall
The doors to the Silver Hall
(click to enlarge)

It was Avatar Adi Da's Intention that this most potent Hall always be the Place of His (formal) Transcendental Spiritual Initiation. Beginning in 2006, Avatar Adi Da began to sit regularly in the Silver Hall, Granting His Transcendental Spiritual Initiation to those who were prepared to participate in this process. By sitting with devotees on so many occasions in this Holy Place, His Divine Presence deeply Empowered the Silver Hall as the circumstance for His unique Initiatory Transmission-Work with His devotees.

the outer courtyard to Aham Da Asmi Sthan - entry to the Silver Hall
The outer courtyard to Aham Da Asmi Sthan.
To enter the Silver Hall, devotees go through the center gates and turn left.

devotees entering the Silver Hall
devotees entering the Silver Hall
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Adi Da described the Silver Hall as part of the Transcendental Spiritual "Paradise" that He Established on Earth:

To Me, the Sukra Kendras are Paradise. There are no other places like them.

The Silver Hall is part of that Paradise, because of how I am able to Set It apart nothing else goes on there. The Silver Hall is a Pure place, Full of Me, and I can Work with It as if It is My Own Body.

I Work with everybody. I am always Working. I am never fixated in the boundaries of this bodily (human) Form. I am the Same all the time. There is never a moment in which I am not Transmitting Myself, My State. My Transmission does not begin, My Transmission does not end. My Transmission is simply The Case. The Silver Hall is not something that "self" is to receive.

The process in My Company is about transformation in My Person. It is about Coincidence with Me not about something that is going to happen to a "self", or that is going to get into a "self", or that is going to give something to a "self".

At the "Root", there is an Infinite, Formless, Breath.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Ripples in the Deep of Feeling Bill Somers: "Sitting in the Silver Hall is the most extraordinary circumstance I have experienced in this life. To be with Avatar Adi Da in that concentrated pure place is to leave the world and be immersed in His Divine Transcendental Spiritual Presence." . .
Bill Somers
Michael Shaw

The Divine Mahasamadhi of Adi Da Samraj Longtime devotee Michael Shaw talks about the significance of the Silver Hall sittings, in the context of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi.
The Graceful Touch of My Master Paul Litchfield tells the story of his time with Adi Da on Naitauba, during October and November, 2008, up to and beyond the day of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, including his sittings in the Silver Hall.

The Graceful Touch of My Master

People will become more and more aware of how the Divine Siddhi manifests and what it is. It is greater than anybody could possibly comprehend. There is a profound mystery and technical process involved in life. There is far more involved in life than that of which people have even a little awareness.

The relationship between the Guru in the world and his external devotee is really just a play. The relationship between the Guru and the devotee exists on another plane entirely and is ongoing. My relationship to devotees is an eternal one, already fulfilled on another level. The drama that appears on this side is the transforming cosmic process.

There are some who are not involved with this work yet, but with whom I have an ongoing spiritual relationship, and with whom I work directly, who come and sit with Me in subtle form. Just so, all of you who are already with me in the body exist in another form entirely of which you are not aware, or are perhaps only mysteriously aware on occasion.

This world in itself and as it is, does not have any capacity whatsoever for enduring the Divine Presence. It is wedded through centuries of ritual, cultic, separative living so that every piece of the psyche, every cell in every manifest body is determined to separate itself and resist the Divine Influence.The Divine manifestation is not permitted in this world. it is the ultimate taboo. Happiness, ecstasy, freedom are taboo even in purely social terms. That resistance exists in the very material of life, and we are only reflecting it socially. The world is a massive resister of the Divine Event.

I have always looked for one thing from everyone with whom I have ever worked, and that is their attention. That attention is the connecting link. The more intense, unwavering, and constant that attention, the more the spiritual process is served in that relationship.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, "Franklin Jones Is a Fictional Character"


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