A Sphere of Love and Compassion

Mary Anne DiFranco

Mary Anne DiFranco is a 59-year-old nutritionist. She has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since 1999.

Mary Anne diFranco
In 2001, my intimate partner and I were going through a very intense and difficult time in our relationship. I felt hurt emotionally, and had a hard time forgiving him. I had been considering leaving the relationship.

One day while we were meditating together at our home, the meditation had become quite deep. During the meditation, I felt myself become part of a Sphere that seemed to me to be Beloved Adi Da Himself. It felt as though we were One in a "Spherical Domain" of energy and light and beingness that is hard to explain. In that place of consciousness and existence, I felt the most compassion that I have ever felt. At one point, I felt as though Adi Da Gestured toward my partner, who was sitting beside me, having me notice his closed and sad heart in a way that I felt the pain of it. I began to also feel a deep love and compassion for him in his pain.

I then opened my eyes and looked at my partner in a way that I probably never had. Tears streamed down my face, and I stroked his face, feeling deep love. This one experience is undoubtedly the most profound experience I have ever had in relationship to my Beloved Master. I feel Adi Da Graced me with this experience so that I could understand the Wound of Love, and forgive. I felt my partner's pain, not my own, and all I could do was love. I felt that Adi Da Showed me something of His State, and I am so grateful.

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