Perfect Love Touched My Heart

Meg Fortune McDonnell

Meg Fortune McDonnell has been Adi Da's devotee for many years. She has worked as a writer and editor, international speaker, stage and film producer, schoolteacher, priest, war-time vigil correspondent, fine art photographic subject, event manager, dance teacher, personal assistant, legal aide, book indexer, caterer, and street performer. More at her website,

In the following excerpt from her book, Tasting The Moon: Adventures in the Meaning of Life, Meg describes the first time she sat with Adi Da (then named "Bubba Free John").

At the end of this story is a video clip of Meg reading a longer excerpt that includes this excerpt.

Meg McDonnellSitting in the eyes-closed quiet, without my doing a thing to make it so (as if I could), my breathing lengthened and got unusually luxurious-feeling. Kind of like I was a fish and could breathe the water I was swimming in, if the water itself was life-giving nectar. My body started to feel fluid too, because it was being filled and buoyed up by the same invisible water — somehow, mysteriously, the ambrosial buoyancy was all around and through me and in me and even as me. I started to feel boundary-less, continuous with everyone around me since we were all floating in this sustaining, watery medium of joy. My ordinary sense of myself was dissolving in the water like a sugar cube, and it was unbelievably delicious and stress-free.


After some time of this, I felt Bubba reach into my chest and touch my heart. Obviously, he didn’t do this physically. He was still sitting in his chair at the head of the room without moving, I was just one among hundreds in the room who were also not moving. But it was a touch as tangible as if he had done it physically — I could feel it that definitively. It was as though he’d taken his thumb and pressed it on my heart — if his thumb were God’s perfect love, that is. Perfect love touched my heart. Like a rosebud opening to sunlight, like a desert blooming after rain, like a fairytale princess waking up when a kiss breaks her spell, my parched sleeping baby heart woke up to the knowledge of his sweeping spiritual love, to the certainty that perfect, complete, unqualified love is the basis of my existence, the basis of all existence.


Maybe this sounds tacky, or even twinky. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. But if it does, the problem is with the limitations in my ability to convey what happened, because there sure wasn’t any such shortcoming in his spiritual touch at the time.



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