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Recognition Of Me Is LiberationTHE DEVOTIONAL YOGA

This class is an immersion in the study and practice of turning whole-bodily to Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj, and on the life of devotion to Him altogether. Classes are intimate and conversational, based on the recitation, discussion, and practice of Bhagavan Adi Da's Instruction to us.

required text: Recognition of Me Is Liberation

start date: Monday, Setember 29, 2014

section time:
Mondays at 7:00 pm Pacific time.
Classes (in English) meet weekly for an hour over the telephone for 17 weeks.

instructor: Anne Henderson

single payment: $300 US / 217 euros / 181 GBP
monthly payments: $60 US / 43 euros / 36 GBP

Please write Anne (at ) or call her (at 707-928-5560) about your interest in this class or if you want to register.

Testimonials from Recent Students

Sign up for Anne Henderson's course, The Devotional Yoga. Beloved Adi Da's Word will draw you in so tenderly. I found this course complemented and encouraged daily practice, and brought me into contact with a wonderful group of people whose heart-surrender to Beloved was touching beyond words. Anne's contribution to the class was invaluable to me. To heart share the sense of being in Beloved Adi Da's Company and to fall into Beloved Adi Da's Instruction week after week and seriously consider the practice of real surrender to Him through weekly group meetings was priceless. I am forever grateful to Beloved Adi Da for this Grace.

Joani McNair, librarian


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