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Bill Gottlieb is the former editor-in-chief of Rodale Books and Prevention Magazine Health Books, and the author of five books on health and healing, including the 1.5 million-copy bestseller, Alternative Cures (Rodale, 2000). Click here to visit his website.
Bill Gottleib

Love and Blessings

Love and Blessings: The Divine Compassionate Miracles of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

compiled and edited by Bill Gottlieb

March, 2006
Dawn Horse Press
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In Love and Blessings, twenty-five of His devotees tell heart-breaking stories of human need and Divine Response. A soldier in Iraq, a woman going blind in Holland, a son with his dying father in Australia, a woman with cancer in America — these and others tell how they asked Adi Da Samraj for His Blessing-Regard and the miraculous process that ensued. These stories are are also about Adi Da's Liberating Blessing-Grace, which He offers as a Gift for the sake of Awakening all beings beyond any suffering of the body and mind to the Prior Condition of Eternal Freedom and Happiness.


Alternative Cures: More than 1,000 of the Most Effective Natural Home Remedies

by Bill Gottlieb

August 2008
Ballantine Books
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Alternative Cures is the most complete and effective compendium of natural remedies ever collected in one resource. Unlike most books on alternative healing, which feature the perspective of just one expert and discuss just one problem, Alternative Cures features the expertise of 300 practitioners of alternative care and provides natural home remedies for 160 health problems. Enjoy it in good health!

A must for everyone’s home library.

Earl L. Mindell, PhD
author of Vitamin Bible for the 21st Century

Alternative Cures is a valuable resource of alternative and integrated medicines — a great mixture of therapies from excellent expert clinicians makes it an essential book for your health library.

Elson M. Haas, M.D.
author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition,
The New Detox Diet, and The False Fat Diet


Breakthroughs in Drug-Free Healing

by Bill Gottlieb

Bottom Line
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Breakthroughs in Drug-Free Healing will end any doubts you may harbor about the superiority of natural remedies. Here’s the research that gives you the complete confidence to “just say no” to risky pharmaceutical drugs and dangerous medical procedures. Show your doctor the clinical proof about what really works best to bring better health to your family and friend. The myth-smashing book also debunks today’s utterly mistaken health advice — about red meat, alcohol, sweets, caffeine, weight loss, exercise, and more — that has us terrified to “eat, drink and be merry,” lest we suffer some horrible fate.


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