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Charmian Anderson is a therapist whose work has been featured in USA Today and Fortune Magazine. She is also the author of The Heart of Success, and Bridging Heaven and Earth. Click here to visit her website.
Charmian Anderson

The Heart Of Success

The Heart Of Success:
The impact of non-judgment and integrity in business as told by men and women working throughout the world

by Charmian Anderson, Ph.D.

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This book contains over 20 short stories, each taken from a different career field. The purpose of these true stories is to show that, no matter where one works in the world, or what profession one is in, and no matter what socio-economic class, age, gender, religion, or family background, Problems give way, every sort of problem gives way, when one suspends his or her limited opinions.

"I was moved by the inspiring stories and core values that are mirrored in The Heart of Success. They are healing and magical."

Alise Agar
Director, Institute of Noetic Sciences


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