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Daniel Sleeth has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1983. He has worked for many years in the field of human services as a mental health provider. Dan earned a MA in general psychology and in counseling. After receiving his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he wrote The Integral Ego as a vehicle for considering the non-dual perspective possible in the clinical therapeutic setting. Dan has served Adi Da in many different capacities, including public outreach, regional manager, and ashram manager, as well as through his writing and advocacy.
Dan Sleeth

The Integral Ego

The Integral Ego: A New Understanding of the Whole Person That Includes All Ideas on the Nature of God

by D. B. Sleeth

October, 2008
University Press of America
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The Integral Ego provides a plausible account of the operation of the human psyche. The author distinguishes eclectic therapy which "simply accumulates therapeutic interventions" as if on a tool belt, whereas integral therapy organizes interventions into a systematic and interrelated clinical practice related to the underlying structure of the whole person. The author achieves an impressive synthesis of heretofore disparate accounts of the whole person into an "owner's manual of the human psyche" which would be useful for every human being to understand.

After decades of neglect, spirituality is being taken seriously by an increasing number of psychotherapists and clinicians. For me its main contribution is its suggested resolution of the Ego and the Ultimate. Those who read this book will never think or feel the same about God, Reality, or Self again.

Stanley Krippner
author, Becoming Psychic


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