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Michele Krueger has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj for many years. She is the Lake County Coordinator for California Poets In The Schools. She also is the manager of the Adidam Bookstore at The Mountain Of Attention.
Michelle Krueger

Arias of Ecstasy

Arias of Ecstasy: Devotional Poems Dedicated to Adi Da Samraj

by Michele Krueger

June 29, 2014 edition
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Arias of Ecstasy is a collection of 108 devotional poems written as a contemplation on the nature of the living transformative relationship between the devotee and the Spiritual Master. For thousands of years poets have been declaring the ecstasy of this unique relationship, of the surrender of self to the Divine in the Company of a Realizer, and Michele is one of the newest contributors to that Great Tradition.

From Arias of Ecstasy:

All Along

for years
I ran to Darshan
to catch a glimpse of Him,
to prostrate at His Feet
with fragrant offerings

but I did not renounce my life

I walked back home to be a wife
and write a rural fiction

I neglected Him

it was not until
my husband turned to ash
scattered on an ocean reef

that I heard Him
Whisper in my ear
Louder than my grief
that He'd been Waiting here
All Along

And he Chaperoned me
to be His Own

In the deep tradition of ecstatic love poems written by devotees of the Living Divine Person, Michele's odes to Adi Da Samraj awaken the feeling heart to love of the One and Only Being Who Is Love, Truth and the Reality of all.

—Terry Cafferty

The True Guru appears because no being falls in love with an abstract Divine. It is apparent that the author has been touched by a love most passionate and profound and she responds with the simple heartfelt ecstasy of the lover, beyond theology and belief.

—Mark Harris

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