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Rita GordonRita Gordon Siglain has been Bhagavan Adi Da's devotee since 1975, serving for many years as managing editor of The Dawn Horse Press and as an editor in large publishing companies around the United States. In 1995, she was drawn into Bhagavan's intimate circle of servers in the Dasya Mandala and became His Personal Cook in His house, traveling with Him and other servers for several years throughout the country. One day Rita had the opportunity to ride Jingle Baba the camel at Fear-No-More Zoo on the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary and she fell in love with him. She began helping out at the zoo when she could, and started sharing her love of the camels with her young grandchildren and other children. Soon she began to “talk” to Jingle Baba about a children's book she wanted to write about him and Bhagavan, and in 2005 she sent the first version of the story to Bhagavan as a gift. He offered many suggestions and instructions. Now, after more than 13 years the story is finally available for sale in a beautiful picture-book format! Rita lives on the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary and serves as chef/kitchen manager, continuing to help out with the camels and the other non-humans on the Sanctuary as much as possible in her spare time.
A New Children's Book
There are hundreds of stories that could be told to children about Bhagavan Adi Da’s Play with humans and non-humans alike. Now there is a children's book about Bhagavan and His first camel Jingle Baba — with 55 awesome color photographs!

Jingle Baba:
The Happiest Camel

by Rita Gordon Siglain

November, 2018
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Jingle Baba: the Happiest Camel is a heart-warming story about the love between a camel from the London Zoo and the Unique Spiritual Master and World-Teacher Adi Da Samraj. Bhagavan spent a lot of time with Jingle Baba whenever He was residing at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. He considered Jingle Baba a close intimate of His, and Jingle Baba exhibited such devotion and sensitivity to Bhagavan throughout the years that Bhagavan honored him profoundly by calling him His “Messenger”!

Adi Da with Jingle Baba
Adi Da with Jingle Baba
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Throughout history there have been many inspiring stories about non-humans who have sought the company of great saints and spiritual beings—for example, Ramana Maharshi's beloved cow Lakshmi, Meher Baba's dogs, as well as the many non-humans who flocked to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Stories about non-humans with exceptional sensitivity to the Spirit, to what is beyond and greater than conventional life, have appealed to all people, no matter what culture or religion. Just so, I'm sure that the story about the camel Jingle Baba and Bhagavan Adi Da's Love and Compassion for all beings will delight children and people of all ages and cultures.

For the holiday season, purchase copies for those special children in your life, for friends, for neighbors, and for yourself.

JUST SO YOU KNOW — All profit from the sale of this book is being donated to the ongoing care of the sacred camel herd and the other non-humans at Fear-No-More Zoo.

I just read your book. Tears came to my eyes. I think it is great! Thank you for all your efforts to bring it into being. I picture it being translated in many languages!

Bonnie Siniakin

It is really wonderful. What a great way to tell children about Jingle Baba, and also to honor the other animals that Beloved had a relationship with at Fear-No-More Zoo on the Sanctuary. So sweet.

Naamleela Free Jones

To Purchase: You can purchase copies now from The Dawn Horse Press here. Or you can call 707-928-6590, Ext. 101 to order.


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