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The Celebration of Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

On May 18, 2007, at Adi Da Samrajashram, Avatar Adi Da took the title, "Sapta Na", and established the Sapta Na Sannyasin Order.

"Sapta Na" is a combination of the Sanskrit for "seven" ("Sapta"), referring to the seventh stage of life, and "Na" being a short form of reference for "Naitauba". So, altogether, it refers to a seventh-stage Sannyasin.

On July 10, 2007, Avatar Adi Da's Impulse to continue working in the manner of Self-Submission conclusively vanished, leaving only the Sign of His Divine Self-"Emergence" Work. Only His Divine Self-Revelation, and not any address to the ego in its presumed separateness, enables the process of Transcendental Spiritual Awakening. This Event is now celebrated as the Great Sovereign-Avataric Holy Day of Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas.

Beginning in My Infancy, I Demonstrated a Fundamental Impulse to Teach by Means of Self-Submission — with the Intention of Awakening all, through the “Method” of Submitting Myself to the ordinary context of human mind and life. Thus, It was My Intention to Reflect people to themselves, and to Address them relative to their egoic characteristics — not just by Means of verbal Instruction, but also by Living all of this with people and Showing My Revelation Teaching to them via My Own Bodily Demonstration and Sign.

In Doing all of this, My Intention was to Awaken human beings to Reality Itself, Truth Itself, the Divine Itself — by Means of the right and true devotional relationship to Me. My Intention was to Awaken human beings to rightly and truly devotionally recognize Me — as the basis for practicing “radical” devotion to Me, together with the practice of right life and “Perfect Knowledge” that necessarily accompanies “radical” devotion to Me.

However, My Love-Impulse to Submit — as the Means by Which to Teach and Awaken others — was (over the course of many years) proven to be absolutely fruitless. That Inclination, That Purpose, and That “Method” of My Self-Submission did not — and cannot — work. The only result of My Self-Submission was the “scapegoating” of My Person — while those who came to Me persisted in their bondage and suffering. . .

Throughout all the Years of My Self-Submission-Effort, I was “Walking About” to everyone, Submitting Myself to everyone.

Now, My Self-Submission-Time has come to an end — and everybody must start “walking about” to Me.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"Walk-About To Me: My Self-Submission-Time Has Come To An End"
Part 22, The Aletheon

It was absolutely Necessary that I Do everything, in order to See if My Blessing and Liberation of beings were possible by Means of My Self-Submission. I have Demonstrated, with Absolute Conclusiveness, that Such is not possible. Therefore, there is no purpose in any continuation of My Self-Submission. . . My Impulse to continue Working in the Manner of Self-Submission utterly Vanished — most conclusively, on July 10, 2007. The fruitlessness of My Self-Submission became so overwhelmingly obvious that That Effort entirely Fell Away.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

[Now] I Am a Sapta-Na Sannyasin, Utterly Free. I Did My Submission Work — and This Is How I now Am — As I Am [and the] Blessing [of all and All] Is simply My Nature, My State, My Intrinsic Condition of Self-Radiance.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Aletheon

On June 6, 2008, at Adi Da Samrajashram, Adi Da took "Parama-Sapta-Na" as His unique title. Since "Sapta Na" is a reference that will be used for seventh stage devotees who are most profoundly involved in the Divine Indifference stage of the seventh stage of life, a special form of the term was created for using in reference to Bhagavan Himself: "Parama-Sapta-Na" ("Supreme seventh stage Sannyasin").

I Am the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin.

There are no ego-patterns in Me.

There is no intrinsic content in Me.

If I Demonstrate modes of apparent Responsiveness, in relationship to that with which I am brought into conjunction, those modes of apparent Responsiveness come about because of the conjunction— not because of any ego-patterning or intrinsic content in Me, Divinely Avatarically Born to here in bodily (human) Divine Form.

Thus, even though This Divine Avataric Body-Form here can Show various signs, in conjunction with apparent “others” and “things”, I (Myself) have no ego-patterning or intrinsic content.

Therefore, I do not have the “karmic” energy, or the egoic “self”-capability, to generate and maintain My Own bodily Existence here.

There is no energy of ego-patterning that can sustain This Divine Avataric Body-Form.

The sustaining of This Divine Avataric Body-Form can only come about through devotion to Me, through the provision of My devotees.

As the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin, I Am Demonstrating the Ultimate Manifestation of the seventh stage of life.

As the Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin, I have no ego-patterning, or conditionally patterned “self”-identity, whatsoever—none.

Therefore, if you are My devotee, rightly understand and fully accept My Revelation-Demonstration of Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas.

If you are My devotee, accept Me on Sight.

Only My devotees can give Me the Circumstance That belongs to My Parama-Sapta-Na State.

I Am As I Am.

Sighting of Me Is How It Works.

And That Is That.

from "I Stand Free Apart and Not In The Middle Here"
Part 1, The Aletheon

Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyas, then, is the ultimate mode of Adi Da's Divine Self-Revelation and, He affirms, the entirely sufficient means for the Most Perfect Realization of Reality and Truth. Nevertheless, devotees recognize that the practical teachings and wisdom-revelations given by Adi Da during His years of Self-Submission remain among His essential gifts to humankind. His considerations, insights, instructions, and revelations about ordinary life (the "money-food-and-sex ego") are available to humankind, now and in perpetuity.




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