"He Then Held His Hands Over You for the Longest Time"

Ren-ai Lindley

Ren-ai Lindley has been a formal devotee of Adi Da since 1991. She has lived and served at Adi Da Samrajashram for many years, principally working with Adi Da's Art. She currently lives in New Zealand.

Ren-ai tells the story of Jennifer S's passing.

Ren-ai Lindley

Jennifer SJennifer S. was a New Zealand devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. She was forty-eight years old, a single mother, fiercely independent, and a very intelligent and capable woman with a strong heart-connection with Adi Da.

At the end of December 2004, around the time of the disastrous tsunami that killed a quarter of a million people in Asia, Jennifer's personal tsunami hit: she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Three months later, she passed away.

During those three months, Adi Da Samraj Granted "Blessing Pujas" (His Responsive-Regard to a request for Blessing) for Jennifer a number of times. Jennifer was always most grateful for these Blessings. In mid-February, she wrote a letter in her now-wobbly handwriting that was scanned and sent as a digital picture to Avatar Adi Da:

My Beloved Guru Adi Da, Love-Ananda, My heart is full of You so often today. I am broken with Joy at times. I have been Graced to feel the radically relieving Truth of the "I Am" parts of Your Ruchira Avatara Gita, first when I listened to Naamleela singing it a few days ago, and then again when Ren-ai was laying hands on me. I "knew" something of Your All-Pervasiveness. I felt You in and as the whole world. I am truly grateful, Beloved. I love You.

Your devotee,

Dr. Daniel B., one of the physicians who serves Adi Da Samraj, wrote to Jennifer describing in detail how Avatar Adi Da had performed a Blessing Puja for her on March 26, 2005 (the day before she died), at His principal Sanctuary in Fiji:

Avatar Adi Da becomes very focused as He receives the tray with your photographs on it. He regards you with Intensity and Completeness, through and through. One cannot help but raise one's hands in the presence of such Compassion and Loving Regard. Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur and Charles relate to Him what you have been going through at this moment of your medical condition. At one point, He places His right Hand into the water [in a bowl beside Him] and douses you via your photographs, thoroughly, three times. He then does the laying on of hands over you completely, in complete Regard of you. This is followed with His water Blessing of you three times again.

He then slowly, graciously, and with a lot of Intention wipes His Hands and says very softly and with great emotion to Charles, "Let Jennifer know I send My Love and Blessings." It is so pregnant with Feeling, it is as if He is about to cry. The room is Watery and "Bright", as if we are underwater and in the direct Light of the Sun. We prostrate, our hearts filled with love and gratitude, then leave. Jennifer, may you receive Beloved Adi Da's Blessing as Given.

Jennifer received this communication verbally on the last night of her bodily life. She asked a devotee friend visiting her to go home and print it. He did so, and she summoned up all her energy to hold it in her hand and read it, in order to feel tangibly the Love-Blissful Blessings of her Beloved Heart-Master.

On March 27, Avatar Adi Da Granted Jennifer another Blessing Puja, just one hour before she passed out of the body. Again, Daniel described the occasion:

This morning Adi Da Samraj rose later than He has been lately. In the past He has told us this may be because He is working with someone and it is more congenial to do this without waking-state limitations.

Avatar Adi Da spoke to us about how He is open psychically to all beings, things, and the world. He relates to us all Prior to the body from His State and we need to intuitively be sensitive to this. I could not help but feel how this was relevant to this moment you are in, physically and also in relationship with Him as your Master.

It was clear to us that as soon as He finished speaking, He wanted to do His Blessing of you. Again He is very Focused, initially Regarding you fully (up and down, left and right, with one finger around your feet), listening closely to the summary of your health and the seriousness of this crisis. At times He asked of your age and your awareness. Then He began the initial water Blessing. His Blessing dousing was very strong, three times, and then repeated three times. It was very strong and penetrating.

He then held His Hands over you for the longest time up, down, side to side, focused on each of the centers as He went down your frontal line and all around you. Adi Da was very Benign and Compassionate and poured this into you and throughout, attracting us all to His Perfect "Bright" Domain. In this dissolved Condition came more water Blessing and extremely Loving Gaze. Again as He is drying His Hands, Adi Da Samraj speaks deliberately and lovingly His Love and Blessings of you.

My intimate and I were very grateful that Jennifer's family allowed us to be in intensive care with her and them at the end. He wrote to Adi Da Samraj about Jennifer's passing:

It was a completely benign event, full of Your Divine Grace. Jennifer was coherent up until about an hour before she died, and said to say to You, "I love Him." She turned to Your photo and smiled, and raised her hands as best as she could. Jennifer's breath simply slowed down until it stopped. There was no struggle, and it was apparent that she was completely surrendered to You and to the process.

The hospital staff allowed us to stay with her undisturbed for five hours, while we read her Your Instructions, played chanting tapes, and recited to her from "Death Is a Living Process" and Easy Death. I felt it was a very peaceful process for her. We Invoked You strongly, and devotees and non-devotees alike commented on how wonderful it felt in the room. Over the time we were there, Your Love-Blissful Presence grew more powerful and pervasive.

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