True Water

Wayne Owens

Devotee Wayne Owens came to see Avatar Adi Da Samraj while He was visiting Los Angeles in May, 2000. The following is an excerpt from a letter Wayne wrote to Adi Da in mid-May about his brother, who had recently suffered a heart attack.

Beloved Guru, I want to tell you the story of my younger brother, which illustrates how Your Graceful Presence washes the suffering inherent in human life. My brother has suffered a heart attack and is seriously ill. He has been in a very depressed and angry state because he can only recover through a complete heart transplant, but other health complications put him in a very high-risk category for even that operation. Hence his not inconsiderable depression and gloom, which is what was really concerning me. I did not want him to be so negative and fearful as his death comes nearer. So I prayed to You, Beloved Bhagavan, to somehow intervene in his life, and give my brother a taste of Your transformative Blessing and Love.

Then, about two weeks ago, my brother came to me. He was calm. The anger was not in him. He quietly — serenely — told me of a dream he had.

* * *

He was walking along the shores of Mono Lake, a place he has always cherished and loves to visit. He saw a group of people dancing on the shore, and went to see what was going on. As he came closer, he saw that their faces were shining with love and delight, and that they radiated a health and a lightness of being. There was an eight-inch pipe gushing pure, clear water into the dry bed, filling the ancient lakebed with this intoxicatingly clear water.

He asked the people who they were, and they told him they were "the Adidam people", and that they were celebrating the Spiritual renewal of the earth. They told him that only this "True Water" could revive the lake, and that the "True Water" was created by running ocean water through a unique, fuel-free engine that converted salt water to "True Water".

My brother asked to see this marvelous engine. In response to his request, Avatar Adi Da appeared out on the lake, walking on the water with His arms held out wide. He rose up in the air and light began cascading from His hands. The light was made of brilliant points of white light, very bright, which fell into the "True Water".

Then everyone on the shore entered the water and began swimming about, happy and free. My brother looked into the water, and saw that the points of light were in fact perfect little rainbow trout fishes, swimming merrily in the rising "True Water" of the now refilling and regenerated lake.

* * *

As he related this marvelous dream to me, I realized that my prayer for him had been answered. Calm had fallen over him with a quiet Grace. I immediately recognized You, Beloved Guru, and I was tearfully silent with my brother.

Beloved Guru, how can we thank You enough, You who love us so utterly and so unceasingly?

The body-mind Of Man Is Like A Seed, That Lies Asleep Within The Dark and Depth Of Earth's Unconsciousness. And I Am Like A Thunderstorm Of Fresh Down-Crashing Sound and Light, That Weathers Me Into The Earth-World With A Flood Of True and Living Water. And When The True Water Of My Love-Bliss-Presence Flows Deep Into the body-mind, The "Brightest" Sound and Shape Of Me Strikes Through The Germ Of Mankind's Seed within. It Is The Heart That Breaks By My Divine Invasion there. Its Germ Of Me-"Bright" Suddenness Un-Knots The Seed Of body-mind, When I Crash Down Into The Earthen Core. And When The Heart Un-Locks, the body-mind Becomes A Flower In The Tangible Garden Of My Divine Domain.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
from "The Garden of Indestructible Light"
in The Only Complete Way To Realize The Unbroken Light Of Real God

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