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The Celebration of
the Sovereign-Avataric Holy Day of
the Initiation of Free Light-Imagery

The Celebration of the Sovereign-Avataric Holy Day of the Initiation of Free Light-Imagery

Every year in the Adidam calendar, Da Image-Art (the Sovereign-Avataric Holy Month of June) honors Avatar Adi Da's Gift to the world of His "Bright"-Field Imagery, or His Revelation of Reality as Indivisible Light through the medium of His Divine Image-Art. Avatar Adi Da's Divine Image-Art is the visual equivalent of His Written Teaching.

In late June 2000, while walking in the redwoods near Tat Sundaram Hermitage, Avatar Adi Da was Impulsed to a crucial change in His Artistic Process: He began to allow more freedom in His use of the camera. The result was that the subjects of His Images — the forest and the devotees with Him — were no longer recognizable as defined objects, but were imbued with a great influx of light and motion.

Adi Da

Therefore, June 22 (concluding on June 24) is the moment of our annual Celebration of the Divine Leela of the Avataric Artwork of Adi Da Samraj — the anniversary of the day when Avatar Adi Da made this shift in His Image-making, which was the first in a series of artistic breakthroughs that culminated in His final digitally-based Artworks.

Come to the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary
to Celebrate the Sovereign-Avataric Holy Day of the Initiation of Free Light-Imagery

Sunday, June 24, 2018
the Mountain Of Attention, Lake County, California

This event is for devotees in all Congregations.
(Some of the other celebrations each year are open to the public as well.)
3rd Congregation devotees are invited to attend the Celebration at the Mountain Of Attention, Maria Hoop, and in the regions. They are also invited to receive the live broadcast of the Celebration presentation.

If you have an Adidam Gateway account, you can register online.
Or you can register at the door.

The fee for the Celebration is $35 regular entrance and $25 for full-time servers. (No meal is being served.)

If you need a discount and/or if you have any questions, please write to Rodney Grisso on the Matrix, or email Rodney at RGrisso@Adidam.org.

The Murti of Adi Da at the front of Land Bridge Pavilion
The Murti of Adi Da at the front of Land Bridge Pavilion

The Murti of Adi Da at the front of Land Bridge Pavilion
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About the Mountain Of Attention. Spend a day at the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary, where Adi Da lived and taught and Blessed His devotees for many years. It is a rare opportunity to participate in depth with Adi Da in an extraordinarily Holy Place eternally imbued by Him with His Blessing-Transmission. This Spiritually Empowered Seat of Adi Da's Transmission, where Adi Da spent many years doing His Teaching and Blessing Work before His Divine Mahasamadhi in 2008, is one of five Adidam Hermitage Sanctuaries around the world.

We hope to see you at the Mountain Of Attention for the Celebration!

Adi Da

Special Immersive Retreat: The "Bright" Room

Continuing this month's Celebration of Da Image-Art, "The 'Bright' Room" is an Immersive Retreat in the Art of Adi Da Samraj that will be offered to devotees from June 29th to July 1st.

You are invited to an intensive retreat dedicated to in-depth participation in Bhagavan Adi Da's Art. Adi Da Samraj Calls for a new culture to emerge in response to His Imagesówith an entirely different relationship to Art, beyond the mind, ego, and "knowledge". Each one's response to Adi Da's art as Agency occurs via His unique process of "Aesthetic Ecstasy", in His Own Words: "art without a mediator." The profound process of freely participating in Adi Da's Art beyond conceptual mind, either your own, or the explanation of "experts", is an extraordinary discovery. The retreat and consideration will be served by Mei-Ling Israel and Ruy Carpenter.

Retreatants will spend significant time immersed in Adi Da's Art, while deeply considering His Instruction, some as yet unpublished, in how to truly participate in His Images. The retreat circumstance provides the ideal depth, time and space for Bhagavan to initiate this process with every one in a personal and unique way; a true "Happening"!

For more information, or to register, please contact the MOA Retreat Registrar (MOA_retreat_registrar@adidam.org).

Adi Da's Art
Spectra Three: Quandra Contemplating
The Fruits of Perfect Knowledge
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