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Death Is A Living Process:
A Free Webinar on Death and Dying
based on the Wisdom of Adi Da

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Webinar Leader: Angelo Druda

Death and Dying Webinar

Fear of death is fear of surrender to Infinity. Learn to surrender, to exist at Infinity while alive, and fear of death dissolves. Fear of death is fear of the Unknown. Realize the Eternal Unknowability of the Totality of Existence, and fear of death is transcended in the Feeling Beyond Wonder.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace


Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Time: 19:00 GMT (New York: 2:00 pm, London: 7:00 pm, Berlin: 8:00 pm, Capetown: 9:00 pm, Auckland 8:00 am Feb. 12) Webinar is one hour long.
If this time doesn't work for you, you can still register for the webinar, and we'll send you a link afterwards, when the free recording of it is available to view at your convenience.
Place: The Web
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About the Webinar.

I truly wish, as a retired hospice nurse, that I had participated in this webinar years ago while I was still working. Wonderful information.

— Ginger Minnick, Havertown, PA

The response to our first death and dying webinar in July, 2014 was overwhelmingly positive. We’ll be covering new material in this second webinar. We’re also making a special effort to make this second webinar easy to follow for participants for whom English is a second language.

Like the first webinar, this new webinar is based on the wisdom in Adi Da's book, Easy Death: Spiritual Wisdom on the Ultimate Transcendence of Death and Everything Else.

About the wisdom in Easy Death:

Easy Death is an exciting, stimulating and thought provoking book that adds immensely to the ever-increasing literature on the phenomena of life and death. But more importantly perhaps, it is a confirmation that a life filled with love instead of fear can lead to an ultimately meaningful life and death. Thank you for this masterpiece.

— Elizabeth Kubler Ross
Noted researcher on death and dying
and author of the renowned, pioneering work, On Death and Dying

Since I began reading spiritual literature at the age of nineteen . . . no book has changed my view of the universe more profoundly than Easy Death. Adi Da Samraj has spoken directly to the heart of our human condition — the shocking reality of our brief and unbidden lives. Through his words I have experienced a glimmering of eternal life.

— from the Foreword of Easy Death
by Richard Grossinger
author, Planet Medicine

Adi Da has brought into the world an immense body of wisdom about mortality, death, serving the death transition, and the Divine Reality in which both life and death are occurring. Whether you are approaching your own death, facing the death of a loved one, or are simply in need of understanding the purpose of this brief and mortal life, you will find in Adi Da's wisdom a most extraordinary and unique Help — Real Help, not mere consolation or impermanent philosophy.

Whether you’re an agnostic, atheist, member of an established religion, or are practicing another form of spirituality, this lively webinar, based on the wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, will transform the way you approach death. Topics will include:

  • A different understanding of the stages of death and dying.
  • The cycle of reactivity and the root emotion of fear.
  • Essential instruction for entering the death process consciously.
  • A mother and daughter story of going beyond fear, to a simple and quiet completion of life.

If you still prefer new age fairy tales, go snuggle up to The Five People You Meet in Heaven (and bring your teddy bear too). But if you're beyond pacifiers and ungrounded consolation; if you've learned (probably like me, the hard way) that life (and death) are not as simple and straightforward as the wish fulfillment of a five year old would make them out to be; if you're an adult (like it or not), getting older every day and looking for the real scoop on life and death. . . read [Easy Death].

— Tara VanRuit

As a longtime hospice worker, I've made a habit of reading everything I can find about death and dying. The psychologically-oriented books on bereavement and mourning are interesting and even helpful, but most of them presume that death is just annihilation. The religiously oriented books are more hopeful but, to put it bluntly, most of them are filled with nonsensical dogma.

I know for a fact that death isn't annihilation, because even after people die, you can feel their spirit in the room. In little, out-of-the-way spiritual bookstores I've found several small, pretty marginal books that acknowledge this fact and attempt to describe what happens to a person AFTER they die. But none of them really speak with the authority of the two best books on the entire subject of death and dying, Sogyal Rinpoche's The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and Adi Da Samraj's Easy Death. The good Rinpoche's book is very good indeed and I got a lot of out of it. But Adi Da Samraj's book is of another order entirely.

Adi Da is an American spiritual master who literally accompanies his own devotees through the death process (the book contains some amazing stories about this). Most importantly, he addresses every important aspect of the death and dying in a language that we ordinary mortals can understand, offering us clear, absolutely usable advice that I've never seen anywhere else. You really can and should know what happens after death, and this book will tell you. I've been employing Adi Da Samraj's wisdom in my hospice work for a few years now and it's just totally changed the outcome for those who have died right in front of me — as well as for their families, and even for me. It turns out that what you need to know about death is exactly what you should know about life as well.

I don't know who this man is or where he came from but they ought to give him a medal for this book.

— Will Knoblock, Hospice Worker

Angelo DrudaWebinar Leader. The webinar will be led by Angelo Druda, a longtime devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, who has led many Easy Death seminars over the years, for doctors, nurses, government ministers and thousands of people in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Angelo is a certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (practicing in Cobb, California), a member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association, and a senior educator and minister in Mate Moce, the Ministry established by Adi Da Samraj to instruct human beings about the death process, serve their transition, and provide wisdom and education addressing the fear and suffering that surrounds the death process. He is the author of The Tao of Rejuvenation and The Easy Death Workbook, and numerous articles on health, rejuvenation, and how to serve the dying. For more about Angelo, visit his website, TraditionalBotanicalMedicine.com.

Listen to an audio clip of Angelo being interviewed about serving people in the death process:

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Registration and participation is free.

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