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Understanding Your Emotional-Sexual Life

A Full-Day Seminar

Adi Da
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You must take responsibility for your emotional-sexual life and all of its patterns. All of your human relations — not just your sexual relations — are governed by this patterning of emotional-sexual egoity. That patterning affects virtually every moment of your life. That is why it is such a serious matter to rightly understand the emotional-sexual self.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Date: Saturday, October 24, 2015
Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm (EDT)
Place: Tournesol Wellness Center
26 E. 36th Street (between Park and Madison)
New York, New York 10016 map
Contact Dennis Coccaro at dcoccaro@adidam.org to register.
$125 per person, with early registration now extended thru October 18. Register early and save $25.

Adi Da

About the seminar. This is an all-day seminar based on Avatar Adi Da's wisdom and practical instruction.

Avatar Adi Das Wisdom-Teaching has made it possible for human beings to totally comprehend the emotional-sexual dimension of existence. In this all-day seminar, we will focus on Adi Das instruction on understanding core emotional-sexual patterns and strategies, including:

This seminar is presented and led by Abel Slater and Dina Lautman, long-time devotees of Adi Da who were personally trained by Adi Da in emotional-sexual considerations.

Abel Slater
Dina Lautman
Abel Slater
Dina Lautman

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