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Adidam Australia Retreat

6:00pm, Friday, February 6 - 3:00pm, Sunday, February 8, 2015
Place: Maitripa Centre

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Retreat Overview

We are delighted to invite you to our Adidam Australia Retreat, a live-in weekend retreat in the beautiful mountains just outside Healesville in Victoria.

Take this opportunity to explore further the Spiritual Wisdom of Adi Da Samraj, or simply come and Bathe in His "Bright" Divine Light.

There will also be plenty of time for chanting, meditation, Sacred Sightings of Adi Da from our video archives, listening to and study of His Divine Words of instruction, and breath and energy practices.

This retreat is the perfect occasion for discovering your relationship to the Divine.

The focus of this retreat will be Aesthetic Ecstasy: Sacred Art and Sacred Culture.

Rather than talking about the art, interpreting it, explaining it, simply look at it, and — by means of perceptually-governed feeling — openly participate in it. That simple looking and participating is how you gain real access to the "aesthetic experience" of "significant form". Indeed, the "aesthetic experience" — which is a kind of ecstasy (or of standing prior to separateness, prior to the ego-"I", prior to the space-time-"locatedness" of "point of view", prior to "objects", and prior to the limits of "objectified" world) — is the fundamental and necessary purpose of right and true art.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Transcendental Realism

Retreat Location: Maitripa Centre

The retreat will be held at the Maitripa Centre in the heart of the beautiful Upper Yarra Valley. The Centre's 53 acres of forest and gardens are an ideal venue for contemplative retreats. The grounds are home to wombats, wallabies, deer, and beautiful red and green king parrots.

Maitripa Centre is an hour and a quarter easy drive from Melbourne CBD.

Maitripa Centre
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Maitripa Centre
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Maitripa Centre
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Maitripa Centre
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Retreat Host

This retreat will be hosted by longtime devotee Robert Mignuilt.

Robert Mignault

Robert Mignuilt has spent many years developing Sacred art under Adi Da's guidance and instruction. Robert has been a member of the First Room Sacred Theatre Guild for many years and now runs his own theatre company in New Zealand.

More Information

Maitripa Centre
Myers Creek Rd.
Healesville, VIC

Each attendee will have a comfortable and warm single room. We will be serving delicious vegetarian meals throughout the retreat.

For further information on the retreat centre please click here.
Bookings and enquiries:
call: 1-800-234-326 or
email: info@adidamaustralia.org or
register online: here.

COST: We offer the following alternatives:

  • Early Bird — Book now and get $50 off the full price.
  • Full Price — 2 nights accommodation + food = $450.
    $50 non refundable deposit is optional to secure your place.
    Cancellation fees apply within 2 weeks of retreat commencement.

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