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Lonavla Lake, India
Lonavla Lake, India


Adidam India Retreat
Dates: Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015
Place: Lonavla, India
Who: Open to the public

Da Jayanthi Pujas
Dates: Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Place: Ganeshpuri, India

Retreat Overview

When life becomes overwhelming, you must stand apart, go on retreat, fast, readdress the fundamentals of life, the real purpose. Get the Great Instruction. Embrace it truly. And then leave your retreat. People take retreats for just this purpose. It has traditionally been understood that retreat is completely necessary. You cannot make simplicity out of confusion. You must step aside.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This three-day retreat will be filled with the Revelation and Spiritual Presence of Adi Da Samraj. The location is Lonavla, a beautiful locale situated between Mumbai and Pune. Longtime devotee, James Steinberg, author of two books on the guru-devotee relationship, will be the retreat host.

The retreat will also include:

  • Chanting
  • Darshan
  • Discourses
  • Good Company
  • Indian Vegetarian Food

If you would like to attend, please email info@adidam.in.

Please feel free to send this web page to any friends or family who may be interested in attending, or post a link to this page on your Facebook wall.

If you're interested, please know that devotees in India are available to help you make travel arrangements in case you wish to visit other sacred pilgrimage sites.

Retreat Host

James SteinbergJames Steinberg has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj since 1973. He has been personally schooled by Adi Da in the entire Great Tradition of humankind's religious and spiritual literature. He is the author of the books, Love of the God-Man and Divine Distraction, both about the Guru-devotee relationship (on which he is a world authority). James has been Graced to live with Adi Da Samraj in His Island Hermitage, Adi Da Samrajashram in Fiji, and at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in California. He has represented Adi Da Samraj in meetings with some of the most famous Spiritual figures in the world, and is a regular visitor to India in completion of a variety of Sacred projects. James attended Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley, graduating in 1972. He has two daughters and lives in California.

James will speak to us not only from the perspective of his extensive study of the Spiritual traditions via books and personal encounters with many genuine gurus in India and elsewhere, but also, and more significantly, from his grace-filled life as a devotee of Adi Da Samraj.

James talks about Adi Da's life and work
James talks about how he found Adi Da



If one wishes to understand the sea, ask a sailor, a lover of the sea. By the same token, if one wishes to understand the heart and nature of the Guru-devotee relationship, ask a real devotee devoted to a real Guru, a teacher and Master of the heart. James Steinberg is such a devotee, whose scholarship bows before insights and knowledge that could only be gained from this living relationship.

William M. Kennedy, Ed.D., Psychologist


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