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Reality, Truth, and Happiness: A Weekend Retreat  on the Reality-Way of Adidam
Dates: 5 pm, Friday, November 8 - 3 pm, Sunday, November 10, 2013
Place: Windham Retreat Center, Windham, New York.
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Invitational flyer (pdf)

Please mark these dates on your calendar, and register for what will be a profoundly moving and transformative weekend: dropped out of the world and into the Blessing-Grace of Bhagavan Adi Da!

Nestled in the heart of the northern Catskills (at the base of Windham Mountain), the Windham Retreat Center is a beautiful private mansion that affords the opportunity to drop out of your work-a-day life into a serene setting conducive to relaxation, refreshment, and rejuvenation.

The Adidam community invites you to join your East Coast/Eastern Canada devotee and public friends for what is always a life-changing event. Twice yearly, Adidam retreats are held at Windham Retreat Center and each time the Gifts of Bhagavan Adi Da are most profoundly given and received.

This year's Autumn retreat is based on the new book, The Gift Of Truth Itself, and, like all Adidam Events, is founded on the acknowledgment that Adi Da Samraj has appeared in the world to Awaken everyone to Radiant Love, Perfect Freedom, and Indestructible Light.

Retreat amenities include:

  • presentations of Adi Da’s Wisdom Teaching
  • presentations of Adi Da’s "Transcendental Realism" Image-Art
  • videos of Adi Da speaking and granting His Divine Blessing
  • sacred musical offerings
  • leelas (stories) of Adi Da
  • expert instruction in Hatha Yoga and calisthenics
  • guided and open discussion groups
  • study, relaxation, and periods of quiet reflection
  • time for contemplative walks at the retreat center in the heart of the Catskill Mountains
  • open and in-depth discussions about Adi Da's Life and Teachings
  • the good company of Adi Da's devotees
  • finely prepared vegetarian meals

Adi Da Samraj has given the world an incomparable Revelation of Reality and Truth. And He offers all a Spiritual opportunity of the most profound and highest kind. Please join us as we enjoy together the numberless Gifts of practical wisdom, Spiritual Blessing, and Divine Enlightenment that Adi Da continues to shower on humankind, even beyond His physical lifetime.

Windham Retreat Center offers a unique, relaxing and beautiful circumstance to enhance a deep, contemplative experience. All meals (vegetarian) and two nights lodging are included. Please inquire about ride sharing.

Anthony Costabile

The retreat will be hosted by Anthony Costabile. Anthony is a certified Adidam speaker, and the Director of Adidam Midwest. He has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since 1975. He has hosted this Windham Retreat several times before. He has resided in Adidam's Sanctuaries in California, Hawaii, and Fiji, where he received direct guidance from Adi Da, both in practical life-wisdom and esoteric Spiritual practice. Anthony is a professional teacher and school administrator. He is a writer and principal educator for Adidam, traveling internationally to introduce audiences around the world to Adi Da Samraj and The Reality-Way of Adidam.

Responses to past Adidam retreats at Windham:

This was a very moving and heart-felt time in my life. The exquisite art and chanting, the videos and Teaching of Adi Da, the devotees hosting the retreat — all of this beautified existence and moves me to a great depth of gratitude.

–Patty Huffman

When I left that day there was a definite transformational shift in me. Something opened, something broke, something left, something came. What that something was, I don’t know. I just know that it was the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning.

–Yun Li

COST — includes lodgings and meals:

  • US: $285 ($260, if registered by Oct. 25)
  • Canada: US $260 ($235, if registered by Oct. 25)

To pre-register (by Oct. 25, and receive the preregistration discount) or for more information contact:

  • Adidam New York:
    212-726-2820 or email

  • Adidam New England:
    508-650-0136 or email

  • Adidam DC:
    301-762-1057 or email info@adidamdc.org

  • Adidam Eastern Canada:
    • Toronto: 905-265-1995 or email
    • Ottawa: 613-728-2404 or email
    • Montreal: 514-587-7202 or email

Pictures from past Adidam retreats at the Windham Retreat Center:
(click picture for enlargement)

Adidam retreat at the Windham Retreat Center

Adidam retreat at the Windham Retreat Center

Adidam retreat at the Windham Retreat Center

Adidam retreat at the Windham Retreat Center

Adidam retreat at the Windham Retreat Center

Adidam retreat at the Windham Retreat Center

Adidam retreat at the Windham Retreat Center

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