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Adi Da "Heard" My Thoughts

Daniela Morena

Daniela Morena has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1986. She has worn many hats and has done a 360 change twice in her career, living on three different continents. She currently heads Italian Sorrisi and teaches Italian language. She also facilitates using "The Coaching Game", a coaching tool for life and work solutions. Daniela lives in Singapore. Daniela Morena

It was early November, 1992 at Adi Da Samrajashram. We retreatants had heard that our beloved Guru was going to arrive at the beach of Joyful Submission (the retreatants' quarters) in His small boat, the Ngala-Gala. We ran to the beach in joyful excitement.

We could hear the engine noise and could see the outline of the boat in the distance. Our Beloved Adi Da was distinctly silhouetted against the sky. We started shouting our praises to let Him know how happy we were to see Him.

The boat moved closer to shore. . . Suddenly, the engine stopped.

"Oh!", we all went.

The devotee piloting the boat tried to restart the engine, but nothing happened.

"Oh no, no, no!" we all said in unison, aware that any apparent "problem" was a psychophysical sign of devotees' resistance to the Guru. We did not want to succumb to egoic resistances just now! So we all started shouting even louder, with energetic, "counter-egoic" emphasis.

There seemed to be some commotion on the boat. We could see that Beloved Adi Da was moving as though to leave the boat, but one of His Quandra Mai was pleading with Him. There are sharp corals on the seabed, and they feared He might cut Himself.

Suddenly, Adi Da leaped overboard into the water, which reached His chest. We all roared in unison! Our Beloved Adi Da was going to come to us, whatever the obstacles! We were running up and down the beach.

Beloved Adi Da reached high behind Him with His arm, and was handed His staff. He grabbed it with both hands and held it up above His head. Then He proceeded to march through the water like a Divine Warrior. A roar came out of our throats! We were all jumping up and down, in ecstasy.

Adi Da came closer and closer, and we waded out into the water to welcome Him and surround Him with our love.

At last, Beloved Adi Da stepped onto the beach, and the retreatants hit the sand in full prostration, a colourful carpet of bodily devotion. Adi Da received and absorbed it for a timeless moment, and then strode on.

Up we all jumped and again started calling His Name and praising Him.

At this point, my mind kicked in.

"If I run up ahead, I can see Him from the front!" I thought to myself.

Without hesitation, I sprinted on ahead, then turned around to take in the colourful garland of devotees pressed all around the Great One. . . what a marvellous sight!

But then my mind kicked in again. "Oh! Am I being greedy, trying to be clever positioning myself here?!"

I was stumped for a few seconds.

Then my heart leaped forward. "Nah! You know what? I am SO Happy I don't care!!"

As my mind receded in the wake of my heart's upsurge, I saw Adi Da looking right at me. He had a definitely amused look on His Face. . .

He had "heard" my thoughts!

And as I looked into His Face, what had remained of my mind and awareness dissolved into Bliss.

* * *

In this vanished state, I do not recall Adi Da leaving the beach. I was still kneeling in the sand where I had "dropped", when some of my friends came looking for me. They told me He had left the beach a couple of minutes earlier.

That night, Beloved Adi Da called a gathering. When He walked into "Hymns to Me" (one of the buildings where He held gatherings), I noticed that His left foot was bandaged. In responding to our devotion, He HAD cut Himself on the corals to get to us.

It was as He told us long ago:

Mine Is The First Submission.
Mine Is The First Sacrifice. . .
All that I Am is given to you.
I am the Horse-Sacrifice,
the Ashvamedha,
whereby the Truth and the "Bright" Power
of Transcendental Divine Self-Realization
are Transmitted to the Cosmic Mandala of beings.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Epilogue, The Dawn Horse Testament

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