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A Laser-Like “Beam” of Energy
Shot Out of My Heart

Anne Henderson

Anne Henderson has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da since 1976. She has served Adidam as a writer, editor, educator, and public speaker since 1982, and as a chronicler of Bhagavan Adi Da's Life and Spiritual Work between 1993 and 1999. In addition to being part of the teaching staff at the Adidam Academy, Anne currently hosts and directs the Adidam Study Group program and serves the Third Congregation of Adidam.

Anne HendersonFrom 2000 to 2004, I spent many months out of each year travelling as a missionary for Adidam. At one point, I went to Los Angeles to give a presentation at the Bodhi Tree bookstore — probably the best-known spiritual bookstore in the US, which Adi Da had visited frequently when He first moved to LA in 1970. It was the first time I’d done a presentation in a truly public venue, outside of an Adidam ashram or center.

Someone once told me that a sociological survey was taken in which people responding to a questionnaire rated “public speaking” as more frightening than “death” — and I knew just how they felt! The fact that this was my first truly public presentation made it even more stressful than usual. Then, to top it off, I heard that someone had posted a comment on a certain website saying that they were going to attend the event and ask an “embarrassing question” — an obvious reference to the lawsuit against Adi Da in 1985. But I soon forgot about this in the flurry to get ready and go.

I gave my presentation about Bhagavan Adi Da and His teaching to a packed room and then asked if there were any questions. From the very back of the room, a man spoke up. He spoke too quietly for me to actually hear what he said, but I instantly knew that this was the “embarrassing question”. By this time, however, I was relaxed and feeling no fear.

As I took a breath to begin to explain and advocate my beloved Master’s extraordinary teaching work of those earlier years to liberate human beings from the loveless tyranny of unhappy early-life patterning, something totally unexpected took place: a brilliant, laser-like “beam” of energy, which had the quality of pure love and absolute compassion, shot out of the heart region of my chest and went directly to this man in the back of the room. I had previously experienced these qualities in Adi Da’s physical company — but I had never experienced an actual event of such perceptible, tangible "transmission-blessing" before.

It had nothing to do with me. I was simply concentrated on the task at hand — not trying to send “love vibes” to the questioner! And even if I had been attempting to do such a thing, what had just emerged from my chest at what felt like the speed of light, would certainly not have been the result. But there was no time to think about what had just occurred; I had to start talking. So I did. Apparently, the answer was persuasive because the man signed up for a course given by the local Adidam center.

Later, when I was alone, I tried to figure out what had happened. The whole thing was so utterly mysterious and unprecedented for me, and seemed so not-of-this-world, that I really had no way to “process” it. In fact, it didn’t even occur to me to tell anyone about it until more than a year had passed.

The only possibility seemed to me to be that my Divine Guru had manifested to serve the stranger and that this man's and my attention on Adi Da that evening (actually everyone's attention) served as a vehicle for the invocation of His very direct Blessing.

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