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Everything Looked Like Love

Anne Henderson
January, 2013

Anne Henderson has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da since 1976. She has served Adidam as a writer, editor, educator, and public speaker since 1982, and as a chronicler of Bhagavan Adi Da's Life and Spiritual Work between 1993 and 1999. Anne currently hosts and directs the Adidam Study Group program and serves the Third Congregation of Adidam. She is also an instructor for the Adidam Academy, where she teaches several courses, including a course on The Knee Of Listening.

Anne HendersonIt was a Friday evening and I was sitting, with my husband, reading to him from The Knee of Listening. At one point, we came to a passage that I had always — for decades — had a negative reaction to, stuck in the sense that Adi Da was "aggrandizing Himself" in the words.[1] And I hesitated, thinking I would just skip over it — as usual — to avoid the confrontation.

Suddenly, I felt Bhagavan Adi Da in the room.

I glanced up from the book — just as you would if someone had walked in the door. There was only the room to be seen. The room, however, was mysteriously transformed. There was an indescribable "depth" and "richness" to all the simple furnishings and colors. Everything looked like love. I was completely happy. And, also, trapped! There was no possibility now of avoiding the passage and all the reaction to it. My Master was fully present and there wasn’t a centimeter of "space" in which to dramatize the ego's disturbance.

All of this had happened in the blink of an eye. I read the several pages, with care and intention. There was a quiet profundity about it all. By the time we finished the section, the entire reaction had been lifted off me. I could "see" — and it really was like a visual phenomenon — the total absence of everything I had, for so long, presumed was in those words. And there was a simple, wordless comprehension that the entire reaction had been a projection of my own ego's self-aggrandizing tendencies.

When I told this story to the students in my Knee of Listening class, one of them exclaimed, "He's very active, isn't He?"

He most certainly is.

I bow in love and gratitude to my Beloved Master, Adi Da Samraj.

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For readers who may find it strange that a longtime devotee like Anne could be having reactions to Adi Da's Word, read our article on Doubt Mind, which makes the point that as long as one has a mind, that mind will generate doubts. Once Revelation, self-understanding, or intelligence show doubts to be groundless, one no longer is compelled to take those doubts seriously.

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