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A Dream Encounter

Hellie Kalogeros

Hellie Kalogeros has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1972. 

Hellie KalogerosBeloved Adi Da has very often Instructed me in the dream state directly. He'll appear to me in the dream state and say, "Read this passage in such and such a book", or "Read this page, paragraph such and such", and, sure enough, when I do that, it's a specific address to what I am dealing with in my life at that moment. These dreams are not like ordinary dreams they are more like visions, or experiences in a subtler dimension than we operate in during the waking state.

At one point, in the mid-1970's, I was asked to be in charge of the transcribing department, where all of Adi Da's Talks are transcribed and archived. I became completely obsessed with the job and discovered that there were some Talks missing from the earliest days of His Work in Los Angeles. We couldn't find the tapes anywhere, and pretty soon I had taken the problem to bed.

That night I had a dream in which I had the capability to go back in time. In my dream, I decided that I would go back in time and recover these Talks, remember what He had said, and transcribe them.

I was instantly transported back through time and space. I found myself sitting at a Prasad Day a day of special celebration when the Ashram first opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

I looked around and everything was exactly as it had been, except that I was sitting right below the dais that held Adi Da's chair, which meant I was sitting right at the Guru's Feet and in front of everyone else in the room. This made me extremely uncomfortable, because I hadn't figured out yet that I was there as a "ghost" no one could see me.

Soon the Master came out and began to speak. I became so absorbed in this Talk that I completely forgot my discomfort about being right up front. The person behind me asked a question and I noticed that Adi Da looked right through my chest to that person. That's when I started to realize that no one could see me. I was invisible. The Master couldn't see me either. I liked the fact that I could just hang out here and enjoy His Company and be so close to Him and not be seen!

But soon I realized that this was not one of the Talks I needed and I immediately moved to another time and place, this time to the home of a devotee, where we had also frequently gathered with Beloved Adi Da. This Talk was also not one I needed, so again I moved. I did this again and again each time moving to a different time and place.

The fourth time, I arrived too late. The Talk was over. Adi Da was sitting in a chair and, again, I was sitting right at His Feet. "I'm not leaving this time," I told myself. I rationalized, "I missed this Talk for a reason. Obviously it means that I should just sit here and be with Him and enjoy His Company." People were getting up to leave and walking right through me. Pretty soon everyone filed out, and there was just me and the Master left in the room. A devotee came in and asked Adi Da what He would like for lunch. And then she left and we were alone.

Adi Da looked off into space and cleared His throat once or twice. After we had sat there for a few minutes, He leaned over and put His elbow on His right knee. Then He looked directly into my eyes for maybe three or four seconds. It seemed like an eternity. I started getting the feeling that He could see me! And I said, "Master!" I was totally shocked. "Master! Can you see me?!"

He burst out laughing. He just roared with laughter He could hardly contain Himself.

I was flabbergasted.

Then He shook His head, looked into my eyes again and said, "When are you going to learn that our relationship doesn't depend on time and space?"


This story appears in Extraordinary Evidence

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