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Hurricane Iwa

Carolyn Lee

This story was taken from Chapter 11 of The Promised God-Man Is Here, by Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.

Hurricane Iwa

A motorist dodges damage in Mokuleia after Hurricane Iwa hit in November 1982.

On November 23, 1982, news reached devotees at Da Love-Ananda Mahal of a hurricane that had blown up in the Pacific and was heading straight for the island of Kauai. By 4:30 in the afternoon, huge trees were down across the road and a sixty-foot lychee tree lay in splinters at the Sanctuary. Electric power lines were whipping in the wind, and the rain was coming down in sheets. The river below the Sanctuary was swollen brown and raging, and outside the windows of Free Standing Man (Avatar Adi Da's residence, where He was gathered with His devotees), leaves, branches, and debris swept past in the howling storm.

Devotees were doing whatever they could to secure the Sanctuary. Adi Da placed His Hands on the badly bruised neck of a devotee who had injured herself running to safety. Through the healing power of His touch, she could soon swallow painlessly, her breathing normalized, and the bruise disappeared.

Hurricane IwaNot long afterwards, there was a new storm report threatening wind-speeds of over one hundred miles per hour. At that point, Avatar Adi Da rose and went to His library. He returned in a few minutes with a small volume of poems in honor of Kali, the Hindu vision of the Divine Goddess in Her terrible, destructive form. Unperturbed by the deafening roar outside, He began to read poem after poem that teased, scolded, and reverenced Kali as the trickster, the Mother of illusions, awesome in Her devastating play. Devotees looked on in amazement and joy. They knew that Adi Da was addressing Hurricane Iwa directly, asserting His Mastery over this terrifying manifestation of the Goddess-Power.

Finally, Avatar Adi Da put the book down. He said: "She has done it." Then He went on:

This storm is the great picture. This is life capsulized. Life is obliteration not birth and survival and glorification. It is death! The "Goddess" is the sign of Nature, the Word of Nature, the Person of Nature Kali, the bloody Goddess with long teeth and blood pouring out of her mouth. You poor people are deceived by Nature.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, November 23, 1982

Avatar Adi Da continued speaking, Calling His devotees to Invoke Him and resort to Him, the only One Who could Liberate them from the effects of Nature. He spoke ecstatically of His Mastery of the Goddess, and of His Power to calm Her wildness and Her potentially destructive influence. The weather reports indicated that much worse was yet to come, but, following their Beloved Guru, whose mood became light, devotees began to celebrate, watching the storm gradually subside.

The next morning, the newspapers reported on the storm damage. They described the fact that no one on the island had been killed as a "miracle".

from the Mariners Weather Log, Spring 1983:

During the afternoon and evening of November 23, 1982 hurricane Iwa swept northward out of the tropical Central Pacific and lashed the Hawaiian Islands of Niihau, Kauai, and Oahu with high winds and damaging surf. This was the first hurricane to seriously affect the Hawaiian Islands for nearly a quarter of a century. . . . In view of the large amount of destruction by wind and waves, it seems miraculous that injuries and loss of life were so small.

Later reports and satellite photographs from the U.S. weather service showed that, at the very hour when Avatar Adi Da had begun to read the poems to Kali, the hurricane suddenly doubled the speed at which it was moving along its course, for no apparent meteorological reason. As a result, Hurricane Iwa spent its force and "aged" prematurely, changing shape and blowing itself out. Thus, the worst of its fury never reached the Hawaiian Islands.

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