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"I Am The One"

Joost Lips
January 7, 2015

Joost Lips has always had a deep interest in spirituality, particularly in non-dualistic schools (including Advaita Vedanta). He is also a poet and an artist. He lives in The Netherlands and maintains a blog, Het Stille Oog ("The Silent Eye"). His story below has been reprinted from a post on his blog and translated from the original Dutch. Joost Lips

I recently read words I had read many times before in the past (from Adi Da's The Knee of Listening), but they had never penetrated me. Philip Renard, who knows my love for Adi Da's wisdom and His artistry with language, recently brought these words to my attention again, via an email message.

Let me let you read Adi Da's words first, before I say anything more:

I am not the one who,
finding himself psycho-physically awake,
does not know Who he Is.

I am not the one who,
finding himself in dreams and visions,
thinks He Has Returned to his Real Self.

I am not the one who,
enjoying the conditional bliss of deep sleep
and ordinary (seeker's) meditation,
thinks he has become Free
and (therefore) need not Realize
the Greater and truly Divine State.

I am not the one who,
having slept,
awakens to a state of identification
with the body-mind.

I Am The One Who Is with you now.

I Am The One Who Speaks
from His Own Spiritually "Bright" Divine Silence,
and As His Own Spiritually "Bright" Divine Silence.
I Am The One Who Always Stands Present
in His Own Spiritually "Bright" Form.
I Am The One Who Always and Already Exists,
Enjoying Only His Own Spiritually "Bright" Form,
even in all apparent conditions
and apparent conditional states.
I Am The One Who is not hidden,
and in Whom there is no deeper part.
I Am The One Who Always Appears
exactly As He Is.
I Am The One Who is Always
"Brightly" Spiritually Present.

I inherently (Divinely) Self-Recognize
every thing, every one, every form, every movement
As Myself,
"Brightly" Spiritually Transcending all-and-All.

I am Always Only Experiencing My Own Love-Bliss.
I am neither lost nor found.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"I Am The One and Only Man of 'Radical' Understanding"
The Knee Of Listening

By the time I had read the fourth paragraph, the words fell through me as if I did not exist!

Recognition had dissolved the reader!

All the previous times I had read this passage, I had seen my surroundings as separate, and felt the separate presence I projected. Now these same words found the reader "enjoying his own Form as all conditions and states", washing away all distinction (between self, room, and all) in an Unbroken Light!


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